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Review: Dezmond Xavier vs. “Speedball” Mike Bailey (Alpha-1, 10/30/16)

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There’s an odd intrigue as to how these two matchup. Not just in ring, both being premier athletes bursting through the bubble of indie stardom–it’s how they’ve came to be. What their paths are. To me, Dezmond Xavier’s 2016 is a mini version of Bailey’s 2015. Over a year ago, Bailey won Best of the Best in CZW, he traveled all over the world, even stopping in AAA at the end of the year. He was getting noticed for being so unique. A wrestler that does wrestling like no other wrestler. That may seem the case for many, but for wrestlers like these two, they pop off the page extra. Dezmond Xavier was someone I only was exposed to this year, but he’s as impressive as almost anyone I’ve seen this year. He is Ricochet Jr. in every sense of the positive word. His match vs. Ricochet at AAW was a breakout one. With that being said, the moment the match was announced between these two, in a “home field” aspect with it being Canada, I popped huge. I didn’t want to wait to get my hands on it, but a month later, I’m ready to dig in.

The DNA Grand Prix winner was back in one of his hometown promotions to take on a prodigy, who was making his debut. The two had colored bandana’s on as the match had to have some aspect of Halloween semblance.

If you ever wondered what it’d be like if Bailey was a high-flying lucha maestro who wanted to school Dezmond at his own game, this would be it. From the beginning, the match was way less goofy in the Halloween seasonal sense than I expected it to be. It was all about the wrestling. Every time Dezmond would get the upper hand, hitting any type of pele kick, or dive, or even, A DIVE OVER THE POST–Mike Bailey would still have an answer that extended beyond showcase offense. That’s the beauty in Dezmond’s game right now. He isn’t a complete wrestler. He has all these amazing moves but still needs to implement psychology into things. That’s where his opponents like Ricochet and Bailey come in, to help guide him through a story. It was a question of whether or not Dezmond could pin Bailey with his high-octane moveset.

This spilled everywhere which ended up adding to the ridiculous aura and nature of the contest. It ended up at the bar, where some nasty things have happened in the promotion, like Heidi Lovelace and Kobe Durst piledriving the shit out of each other through tables. Xavier took a backdrop onto the bar and even though Bailey whiffed a first roundhouse kick, he managed to connect with Xavier through vertical leap and lankiness. So beautiful. What ended up back in the ring ended up being more out of this world with smooth offense like no tomorrow. This included the aforementioned over the ring post dive from Scarlet and Graves’ own. Speedball ended up being too smart, too fast, too elite to have to even think of losing this one. He even at one point kicked Dezmond out of mid-air in another cutter attempt that hit the first time. It was continuously the “I’m smarter and better” story told well. In his return he fairly, with ease, put away Xavier with a HUGE shooting star knee drop nearly hitting the ceiling in the process. It was an “oooohhhh, awwwww” type of finish to coincide with a spectacle that launched itself all over the arena–while telling a fitting story of Xavier just not quite being there yet in his debut. Speedball, the ace of Canadian indie wrestling, well, kind of, to me at least; got a sound victory of one of pro wrestling’s finest prospects.

This gets my thumbs up. Although it never got enough time to shine 100% in the way I wanted it to, it was a feather in the cap to both’s year, and it did its job of putting both over while giving the Hamilton crowd some bonkers action to go nuts over before they went nuts on 10/31 the day after. Any Speedball and Xavier I can get that makes video, I’ll take. Them together proves to be a combination that when struck again, can hit the lotto at any given time. This was only the beginning from them as a pairing.

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