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wXw True Colors Review (04/08/2017)


wXw True Colors on April 8, 2017

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Eventwerk – Dresden, Germany

Precursor: When reviewing I try to give the overall story, feel, and important moments of a match. I try not to veer off into move descriptions. This keeps it fairly short and sweet. I always put the result of the match in italics as well if the champion(s) defended or if there’s a new champion. I don’t use star ratings or any scale because the system doesn’t work for me. I spew out what I think of the match and articulate my thoughts that way. (Evil laugh…) — you’re forced to read my writing and not glance at the stars! Got it? Enjoy.

Bobby Gunns vs. Da Mack

This was a rock solid way to kick off the card. Constant action and Mack’s (girlfriend?) bantering Gunns throughout caused for a fun pace. We explored lots of types of wrestling with Mack’s comeback providing athleticism, Gunns and Mack trading armbars, etc. A ridiculous moment in the match saw Mack’s (girlfriend?) grab onto Gunns tights which led to an apron penalty kick. Gunns kicked out of a cross-legged Michinoku driver. Mack snapped while he had in a tighter armbar for the finish, yet wouldn’t let go. He refused to stop torturing ‘The King of Smoke Style’ which led to Mack having to face a lethal dose of karma. Gunns won after the This is It armbar was locked in past the five count, causing the ref to DQ Mack.

Bad Bones vs. Alpha Kevin

This was an effective (kind of) back and forth match to further the character development of actual Bad Boy, Bad Bones. Or so you’d think. What leaked out in 16 Carat, came with more pressure behind it this time around vs. Kevin. Nearly right away Kevin knew he was outmatched, as he went for a hug. Bones said screw that and began to punish Kevin. It wasn’t the longest match but continued to tell that enjoyable story of Bones playing up his cocky side. After avoiding some minor Kevin offense, it was a fairly easy win for Bones. Bones won after a codebreaker. Yet post-match Bones didn’t do anything extra like with Cody. It’s a tale of half and half personality. Soon I’m waiting for him to break out and destroy someone, no matter who, and no matter what the match.

Jaxon Stone vs. Kim Ray

I hate to do this, but this is the third rock solid match in a row. I probably read as annoying doing this x3, but hell, this didn’t have many problems, but never kicked it into next gear. It was my first time seeing Jaxon Stone — he was very impressive. He seems to have all the mechanics down while having a great body (with a touch of Miz onto his character, with his entrance going Lights, Camera, Jaxon). It ain’t nothing but enjoyable back and forth with Ray seemingly in a feeling out process as he’s back in the ring after a while. He got in his signature offense in as he was on his way towards a babyface comeback victory. Ray won after a jet kick. I want to see a lot more of Jaxon, and I hope Ray has better matches coming soon.

wXw World Tag Team Championship Street Fight: A4 (Absolutely Andy & Marius Al-Ani) (c) vs. The London Riots (Rob Lynch & James Davis)

In the A4 tag team come two of the most versatile wrestlers in the world — and when you combine them, you’ve got a scary adaptable force that can range from TLC/hardcore matches (vs. Starr and Lio Rush in a ladder match, this very match, etc) to traditionalist approaches to great matchups (vs. Ringkampf 2/3 Falls, 16 Carat tag gauntlet, etc). London Riots from the get-go are a tremendous fit in wXw as they work the “small-ish room” environment well, especially with their type of match in mind, the street fight. This spilled all over the venue to no surprise, but a constant remained: A4 being able to adapt to any environment and be beat down, then to make a fantastic comeback. That’s what we got here as even at one point Al-Ani took an INDYTAKER ON THE RAMP! The Riots were able to brawl and get tons of spotlight on them, only for A4 to slowly crawl back in it. Once Ani hits the “clear the turnbuckle like a freak” dive nothing is the same for the other team. An F5 through a table sealed the deal. A4 won after an Al-Ani frog splash off the ladder. A4 are still the wXw World Tag Team Champions.

Francis Kaspin vs. Laurance Roman vs. Marius van Beethoven vs. Scotty Saxon

At first, I was confused as to why the tag title match wouldn’t be, at least, after this — but now it makes sense. This was a showcase for the academy youngsters, but on top of that, it served as a breezy cooldown from the insanity that was the street fight. Makes sense. I’m dumb. It was unremarkable and unmemorable but it played its role on the card well. Marius was chucked by Saxon onto everybody else in what was my favorite part of the match. Saxon was the most impressive new face to me, and Kaspin killed it as usual. Coincidentally, it came down to them in the end. Kaspin won after a springboard bulldog on Saxon.

Grudge Match: Avalanche vs. Ilja Dragunov

This wasn’t better than their 16 Carat match, but it set out to, then achieved, a tough goal in mind: to produce a grudge match that’d have to follow the “no contest” troupe to set up something EVEN bigger. They passed with flying colors. The match was worked at the same intensity with Ilja being a spectacle to watch. The guy is a prodigy in every sense of the term. He’s one of my favorite wrestlers in the world. Whether it’s how he carries himself, how he’s foiled into Avalanche’s power game, how he puts little adjustments on moves or thinks bold with moves like a top rope big boy senton, etc — I LOVE ILJA DRAGUNOV. As I say that, Avalanche is no slouch ever as he kills it when these two meet up as well. We got a tremendous near fall with the Blue Thunder Bomb. For the short time, they went all out, it was a helluva fun ride. Ilja got so mad to the point where he chucked a ref out of the ring. The two went at it only for 8-9 staff to fill the ring and break them up. Karsten Beck was out. The match ended in a no contest. ‘Twas a very good grudge match up until the breakup, which will allow these two to shoot for the stars more and have a truly GREAT match whenever they lock up again.

wXw Unified World Wrestling Championship: Jurn Simmons (c) vs. Axel Dieter Jr. vs. WALTER vs. Speedball Mike Bailey

Coming into the fatal four way, you knew this combo wouldn’t settle for anything less than a great match. They delivered as promised. The teamwork of Ringkampf ended up being marred by Dieter Jr. not realizing what had happened. The match was fast paced, never stopping unless it’s everyone knocked out together. We got so many awesome spots such as Speedball missing double knees only to be locked into the Sr. Special, only for Dieter and Simmons to lock up again. Speedball would continue to try and sneak out with a win, looking like a star in the process. WALTER was highly protected but mattered when it boiled down to the most important moments in the match. It felt like an exciting four-way dance rather than a straight down the middle babyface/heel divide. Hell, Simmons brought out a triple German suplex. A pin occurred only for Simmons to push WALTER into Axel. This led to Axel thinking WALTER betrayed him, leading to “cut down the middle of butter” tension between the two. It was a scarce situation for the team that dominated the company. They were exposed for their greed and jealousy among themselves. Axel hit an uppercut on WALTER but fell into place for the perfect finish. Simmons won after a massive moonsault on Dieter Jr. Jurn Simmons is still the wXw World Unified Wrestling Champion. By far the best match on the show — a match that remained thrilling, telling a few stories at once while giving off a unique intensity of its own as a whole.

  • Strong Effort - 7/10


True Colors 2017 was a strong effort as a whole. Everything delivered, some not as much as I would have liked -- but all in all, it was a two hour show that hit the nail on the head in a lot of aspects. I learned some new names, feuds and characters are to continue in bigger and better ways with this show as a continuing foundation, and lastly, the three important matches (A4 vs. London Riots, Avalanche vs. Ilja, and the main event) all delivered beyond what the expectations were. It's hard for wXw to do anything bad right now in my book. Always a breeze of a product. Check this show out, but most importantly, be sure to watch 16 Carat Gold 2017 first. Or I'll be mad.


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