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wXw “The Inner Circle” Review (3/10/16)

wXw is an awesome promotion from Germany that has been delivering awesome shows this year. The 16 Carat is awesome and this show took place the day before that event! One thing to note, no English commentary, so if that is a big deal to you, then there is a problem. The card looks great, let’s get into it!

wXw The Inner Circle – 3/10/16

Timothy Thatcher vs. Tyler Bate****

Gosh, Thatcher just seems to get better whenever he is not in EVOLVE, this match was a hoot, and Bate was great. A lot of awesome holds, and grapple galore. Bate is so young but just so talented, this trend of crazy rookies being amazing is awesome. Great grapplefricking, felt like what every Thatcher match in EVOLVE should be. When the strikes finally came in, boy were the uppercuts crazy. The finish was a time limit draw, as Thatcher had Bate in the arm bar but could not get him to tap. Great match, odd choice for an opener, but it was great. Kept both men looking strong.

Toni Storm vs. Melanie Gray**1/2

These girls are currently embroiled in a heated feud, having many matches. This was a pretty average match to be honest. I am not the biggest fan of Gray but she was not that bad here. Toni hits the FisherWOman Suplex (clever name) for the win! After the match, a promo segment happens, but I can’t understand it as I don’t know the language so there was that.

Kim Ray vs. Mike Bailey***1/4

Any time I can see a Speedball match, I will take it! This was a pretty good match. Speedball hit a lot of kicks and Kim Ray is a pretty awesome wrestler if you ask me. Whenever Bailey hits his Cancun Tornado, I love it! Ray wins after hitting an elevated DDT in a very solid bout. I wish it was a bit longer, but that is just a very tiny gripe as the match itself was very good!

Big Daddy Walter vs. Kevin Roadster***

I am too keen on Roadster but I think Walter is awesome. In the beginning, Roadster kept trying to bring the fight to the much bigger man which create some awesome and funny moments. In the middle of the match, they went for a handshake but Kevin kicks Walter in the gut. Walter goes up to the top and he gets thrown off the top, the whole ring shakes and the camera gets out of focus. Walter even hits an awesome Shotgun dropkick. This was a pretty short match as Walter put Roadster in a sleeper and he passes out and gets the win!

Zack Sabre Jr. vs. David Starr****

To be honest, this was the match I was the most excited for. These are two of my favorites and they could have a great match. They started off with amazing grappling, Starr is great at it but Sabre Jr. is a damn wizard. The chops and uppercuts were out of this world. Starr brought a high tempo pace with him and it was great. These two put in a good effort and it really payed off, the grappling was great and the strikes were awesome. Starr taps out to a cross armbreaker after he had tried to pick him up while still in an arm bar. Very good match, just as good as the Thatcher/Bate match from earlier on this show!

Big Daddy Walter & Timothy Thatcher vs. Mike Bailey & Tyler Bate***3/4

On paper, this looks like the weirdest collection of wrestlers in a single match. When Thatcher and Bailey were in the ring together, it was very good, they had a weird dynamic that was great. Bailey would try to avoid the grappling and land smart kicks but Thatcher would keep bring Bailey down to grapple. The Bate/Walter match up was also cool, as it was such a big vs. little type of thing, it was sweet. When Bate and Walter were in a Greco Roman lock and Bate was in a bridge, and Walter jumped on him, Bate did not fold and it was sick. The paced picked up and it was a lot of fun! Bate gets hit with a Thatcher headbutt and Team Bateley lose, that was a very fun main event!

This was a great event, with only one match that I thought was not that great, the rest were hoots, and I loved it. For all your wXw needs and reviews, you are already in the right place, Wrestling With Words!

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