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wXw Shotgun #298 Review (03/28/2017)


wXw Shotgun #298 airing on March 28, 2017 

Watch: wXwNOW (English) or (German) 

Thomas Giesen is with the new Shotgun Champion, Emil Sitoci. He proposed new changes to the product, as last time he checked, it “sucked”. Quite a hard critique of the best promotion in the world. Among the changes were more guys with abs on the show, stripper week every two weeks, and Jurn Simmons/Karsten Beck never being booked on a show again. Emil is a great awkward douchebag to make you question how the hell he’s even champ.

Highlghts of 16 Carat Gold aired.

Alpha Kevin was walking backstage ranting, only to be intercepted by Bad Bones. He’s been late to training by three hours lately, and Bones gave him a stern push/talking to ahead of their match at True Colors. The match will be a good midcard addition to the show.

The Avalanche vs. Francis KaspinMarch 4 in Dusseldorf

These two played up their roles well, with Avalanche being exposed for not putting away Kaspin early. Like in the long line of recent Kaspin “test/trial” matches, he had to fight to stay in, somehow kicking out of what Avalanche brought to the table. Avalanche worked over the mid-section at times, and the pace stretched out the match a little too far than one would expect it to go. Two of my favorite highlights were Kaspin going for his missile dropkick off the top rope only to be deflected, and then hitting that, only for Avalanche to power out. It was a great showcase for Kaspin who’s sneakily becoming one of the best faces in peril in wXw. This wasn’t a big show. It makes sense to give the match more time. Avalanche won after a Vader bomb.

Avalanche was on his phone backstage (which kind of seems uncharacteristic) when Julian Nero approached. “You, Ilja, and me”. The original Cerberus is now left over from the fallout. Him and Ilja were put over as the future pace of wXw. The intensity of the convo was raised a bit as we got a handshake.

CMJ announced the rest of the schedule for 2017 like last week. Great promotion for the company.

Dirty Dragan was hustling on his Android device backstage. He’s talking to a mysterious man. He wants him to help rule the world and party. “We’ll see you later brother” was followed by a pepped up Dragan not knowing which way the exit was.

Highlights of Inner Circle aired

Thomas Giesen was with Ringkampf before CMJ hijacked the interview. He inserted WALTER and Axel Dieter Jr. into the World Unified Wrestling Championship main event at True Colors, thus making it a four way with Mike Bailey and Jurn Simmons. “And that interview thing, we might try that again later.”

Ringkampf (Axel Dieter Jr. & Timothy Thatcher) vs. Massive Product (Jurn Simmons & David Starr)March 4 in Dusseldorf

Alan4L described CMJ as a dad who’s son scored a hat trick at the football match, akin to him watching over Ringkampf in this match. I couldn’t agree more with that comparison, as it fits into the foundation of the match perfectly. Ringkampf: Menacing, brutally straight forward, disgustingly obsessed with limbwork provided an unexpectedly great foil to Massive Product. To kick things off with a negative though, I wish Massive Product worked a lot more as a team rather than individual stars. We’d get a few “yeah, let’s do this” moments, but nothing that made me believe they’re a well oiled machine. On the other hand, Ringkampf were, as they worked over Starr’s arm and kept Simmons from tagging in. It was built around the Simmons hot tag and to the champion and challenger from 16 Carat Gold Day Two eliminating each other from the match. Also, CMJ got involved only to be thrown out with led to a pleasing finish. I loved the finish with Thatcher locking in the Fujiwara arm bar and continuing to decimate Starr, yet Starr snuck away with a win in his Shotgun sendoff. You know a match between two units is good when it’s a great downgrade from a MOTYC tag formula in February (Starr/Simmons vs. Axel/WALTER). Starr won after a JML Driver.

WALTER and CMJ bantered over drinks to end the show. You couldn’t have asked for a better ending.

  • Strong Effort - 7/10


Yet another good Shotgun this week. We're making our way towards a nice looking True Colors card, and the stakes only just got higher with Ringkampf members Dieter Jr. and WALTER being added into the four way. Kaspin vs. Avalanche was a neat showcase match, and the main event aka Starr's sendoff until June & July was an excellent "TV" main event that provided a lot of what worked in the Dead End main event, to a lesser degree. Clocking in at less than 50 minutes, I'd recommend watching the show this week to get in the mood for some True Colors action once post-'Mania weekend April hits.


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