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wXw MtW Tour: Limbach Review (4/1/16)

This show contains the Mitteldeutschland Cup 2016, which had a pretty cool lineup, and wXw has not let me down this year so I was excited to watch. To start off the show, all the competitors walk out to the ring for a cool opening segment.

(Mitteldeutschland Cup 2016 First Round) Axel Dieter Jr. vs. Julian Nero***

They start off the first match of the first round with some grappling. Dieter Jr. is really good at it. Nero then brought the heat with a sweet big boot. He hit another after an attempted dive from Axel Dieter Jr. It picked up and Nero kept trying to get the win, getting many 2 counts but Dieter Jr. made a comeback and reversed a Fireman Carry into a sweet submission and won. Fun way to start us off with a very solid match.

(Mitteldeutschland Cup 2016 First Round) Bad Bones John Klinger vs. Black Fire***

A styles clash here; Black Fire is a luchadore but Bad Bones is a huge dude who can hit some awesome looking big power moves. Black Fire was very impressive and hit a sweet hurricanrana on Bones and then a sick tope. Bad Bones even goes to the top to drop an elbow, it looked great. Black Fire nearly wins with a weird move, it was a tiger driver gutbuster type of move, but it looked cool and that’s what matters, dammit. After Wrecking Ball knees, Bad Bones wins.

(Mitteldeutschland Cup 2016 First Round) Franz Engel vs. Ilja Dragunov**3/4

Dragunov is an amazing wrestler, a lot of fun to watch, and his antics are somehow funny, which is not a bad thing at all. A lot of great strikes, Engel hits a cool springboard corner kick. A very short match, maybe only 6 minutes, and Dragunov wins with a Torpedo Moscow. A fun spront, just wish it was longer as there was so much more to be done, still an enjoyable watch.

(Mitteldeutschland Cup 2016 First Round) Big Daddy Walter vs. Mike Schwarz***1/2

Big Daddy Walter really is big and he is great, very entertaining to watch and while being a hoss, he moves speedily. A hard hitting match, every collision on the mat made the ring shake. These two went at it, hitting each other with big strikes and at one point Schwarz hits an awesome backdrop on Big Daddy. Walter hit the ropes, (the whole ring shook) and just sat on Schwarz. Schwarz is bleeding, and it adds a lot to the intensity. After a lariat and some suplexes, he can not put Schwarz down. Schwarz throws Walter off the top and it was epic. They start to brawl on the outside and Schwarz tries to get back inside, but Walter holds him down for a double countout. They brawl on the outside until Absolute Andy comes out to stop Walter from hitting Schwarz with a chair. A hoot. After that, Andy cuts a promo. He called out Jurn Simmons, and he comes out and when he tries to talk he gets met with a “shut the fuck up” chant. Simmons uses the term Sports Entertainment to get maximum heat. They end up setting up a tag match for later on.

Kim Ray vs. Da Mack**1/4

Kim Ray is a very good wrestler, he works a great heel gimmick, and Da Mack is a great face but he is not the best when it comes to his in ring talent. A very awkward sequence where Da Mack tries to leap frog fails, Kim Ray props him up on the Electric Chair but drops him to do a Russian Leg Sweep. A bit weird. It was a very sloppy match, not horrible though. It ended up going a bit too long for what it was and Da Mack wins by rolling up Kim Ray in a very sloppy fashion.

Jurn Simmons and Kevin Roadster vs. Absolute Andy and Marius Al-Ani**1/2

Jurn Simmons and Absolute Andy are feuding for Jurn’s Unified World title. A solid match, really building up that Simmons/Andy confrontation. Al-Ani looked pretty impressive when he was facing off against Kevin Roadster, he hit a sweet enziguiri. Finally Jurn and Andy are in the ring at the same time and Andy beats him up for a bit. Roadster botches going over the rope and it was funny. Simmnons hits his big kick then the piledriver to win.

(Mitteldeutschland Cup 2016 Final) Axel Dieter Jr. vs. Bad Bones John Klinger vs. Ilja Dragunov***3/4

Elimination rules for this bout. Dieter Jr. and Bad Bones teamed up on Ilja in the beginning, Bad Bones throwing Axel into Ilja while he landed an European Uppercut and they hit a double team suplex. Surprisingly, Dieter Jr. was the first to go after getting hit with a Torpedo Moscow, that was very unexpected, but I am not complaining. Ilja and Bad Bones then had a short hoot of an encounter, Ilja has some great strikes. Ilja jumped off the top rope and got caught in a submission. He eventually passed out and the selling was amazing. Bad Bones has won the cup!

For $6.99 USD this is a steal, a very fun show in general, with some matches not being that great but most were fun to watch! For all your wXw reviews, you are already in the right spot, Wrestling With Words!


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