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wXw AMBITION 7 Review

wXw is a great product out of Germany, they had a great 16 Carat tournament that you all need to see. Let’s hope for another great tournament in AMBITION 7. This is a shoot style tournament, where people can only win with submission and knockouts. wXw is a fantastic, hard working promotion that deserve your support!

(AMBITION First Round) David Starr vs. Sasa Keel***1/2

This was a great opener, a good introduction to the tournament. A lot of great banter, David Starr was the Starr of this match, pun intended and he was great with awesome grappling. Keel won after knocking Starr out which was nasty. A fun choice for an opener. These two did not have a lot of chemistry, but they made it work and it created a good and fun experience. I thought it was a great one, and I liked it.

(AMBITION First Round): Big Daddy Walter vs. Timothy Thatcher***

I love me a good ole Thatcher match, and this was a good ole Thatcher match. Walter was great in this one too, Thatcher won with a nasty arm bar. I think this was a pretty good match. A Thatcher match is always good and with an awesome opponent and it wasn’t as good as the first match but still very good.

(AMBITION First Round) Mike Bailey vs. Axel Dieter Jr.***1/4

Going in, I was not sure how Mike Bailey would be in shoot style, but boy was he very good. He was also wearing trunks, not tights, what an odd sight, very weird to see. He had some awesome strikes, two great submission in the arm bar and triangle choke. Dieter Jr. ended up winning by making Bailey tap out in a very competitive contest. I love how short all these matches have been, it is great!

(AMBITION First Round) Bobby Gunns vs. Zack Sabre Jr.***1/2

Now I was very excited to see Sabre Jr. in a match/tournament like this. And this was a typical Sabre Jr. match without the end parts there they pick up. Some great master class grappling from both men, made this match kind of believable. A great arm bar transition from Sabre Jr. after Gunns slaps him in the face. Gunns got Sabre Jr. in a nasty looking sleeper to get the win and move on. After the match Gunns tells Sabre to go home and there was some fine banter I chuckled at.

(AMBITION Semi-Final) Sasa Keel vs. Timothy Thatcher***1/2

Match starts off hot with an awesome saito suplex takedown from Keel then back to the superb grappling. At one point Keel Alabama slams Thathcer which in this tournament felt weird but I loved it. He also hits a German Suplex, that nearly knocks Thatcher out, but he gets up, but when gets hit with two more for a ref stoppage. Awesome finish to this match! This was a great grappling affair that had a bit more of traditional wrestling offense and it helped this one out a lot, to make it feel special.

(AMBITION Semi-Final) Axel Dieter Jr. vs Bobby Gunns***

This felt like a much more aggressive match, every time each man was on the ground they would go for multiple slaps and strikes. This match probably had the most ground game up to it besides the Sabre Jr. match Gunns was in. It got boring at some parts in the middle because they were not doing much but it was still a good match! Gunns wins with some sort of cool looking arm bar.

(Superfight Match) Dominic Brackner vs. Rico Bushido***

Bushido was rocking rasta gear, the colors and a weed leaf on his attire. This was a much more standard MMA match, a lot of stand up fighting. At one point, Bushido thinks he won, so he goes crazy and hops on the turnbuckle but Brackner gets up at the 9 count. Bushido was laying on some nasty strikes, and after being suplexed by Brackner, the fight was more even. A lot of close knockouts, especially after Brackner got dropped on his head by Bushido with a suplex. After being a Bushido dominated match, Brackner won by making him tap to an arm bar. This was the longest match on the whole show clocking in at 9:57.

(AMBITION Final) Sasa Keel vs. Bobby Gunns***

The match started off hot with Sasa hitting a nasty suplex, and then taking Gunns down and landing nice strikes. Keel was very impressive in this bout. At some points he was throwing around Gunn like he was nothing. After hitting 5 throws, and going for another, the ref had to stop it. This was one of the weaker bouts, but it was still a VERY fun watch! After the match Keel cuts a promo, but I do not know German but I would assume it was a very babyface promo as the crowd ate it up.

This was an awesome show for people that like grappling and even MMA. All these matches went sub 10 minutes and the time I spent watching it flew by. I would recommend seeing this whenever, as it is not a long watch and has some fun matches on it!

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