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wXw 16 Carat Gold Day 3 Review (3/13/16)

wXw is quickly becoming one of my favorite promotions, they have constantly delivered on every show I have watched. So let’s see if this passes that test. Finally getting around to Day 3 and I was so hyped, so let’s get into it!

(16 Carat Gold Quarter Final) Angelico vs. Drew Galloway***

Galloway had to leave on Day 2, so he will be wrestling the Quarter Finals today, and if he makes it to the finals it will be 3 matches in one night. This is a pretty weird styles clash, Angelico is a luchadore while Galloway has that brute strength. Angelico kept being evasive but when caught, he would get reverse Alabama Slammed and many other moves. Angelico even kicks out of a Future Shock DDT! Angelico hits an awesome Crucifix power bomb onto the turn buckle for a very close near fall. A spinning Future Shock puts away Angelico. A good opener, only 6 minutes and a good way to start the show. Galloway demands his next match right now, he has gotten no sleep in between all that time too.

(16 Carat Gold Semi Final) Drew Galloway vs. Axel Dieter Jr.***1/4

Galloway hits a big boot almost immediately after the bell, and hits some nasty looking chops including ones that the fans helped with. Dieter Jr. is getting booed, it seems like he is the German equivalent of John Cena, a babyface that gets pushed very hard. After almost every move he did, there were boos, even after a nice looking suicide dive. There were chants similar to Let’s go Cena and Cena Sucks, it was very weird. Galloway had a sweet reversal to Axel’s block buster attempt. Galloway hit an awesome top rope air raid crash, but it was only a 2 count! Dieter wins after getting a comeback and hitting a Regal Plex in a very good match, and when he won, the crowd had a chorus of boos waiting for him.

(16 Carat Gold Semi Final) Zack Sabre Jr. vs. Sami Callihan***3/4

On paper, this looked so good. High paced and the intensity was in your face, Callihan hits some good strikes early on but Sabre Jr. answered with a sweet Liger Bomb. Callihan was so damn awesome in this match, he has some of my favorite strikes on the indies. He was focusing on Sabre Jr.’s leg and viciously attacked it. Zack then tries to grapple with him, and it is great, as per usual. The joint manipulation of Sami’s hand was nasty. Zack kicks at one of the Cuerno Killer! Two Dragon suplexes can’t even keep Sami down, but he gets hit with a Penalty kick and loses. A great fast paced match!

Big Daddy Walter, Mike Schwarz & Timothy Thatcher vs. Die Schilds (Bobby Gunns & Vincent The Beast) & Silas Young**3/4

A fun match, nothing all that great. Gunns brings a cigarette to the ring which made me laugh. Thatcher barely grappled in this bout which was a bit weird. Die Schilds were pretty fun though, but nothing to really go crazy about besides that I liked the Silas and Thatcher interactions. Gunns hits a great German Suplex, and they get the win off of Mike Schwarz. Average match but it was fun at least! After the match Walter goes crazy and slaps Mike and attack Toby even though he is hurt.

Aaron Insane & Toni Storm vs. Kevin Roadster & Melanie Gray**1/2

No intergender here, straight up mixed, men fight men, women fight women. Storm and Gray are in a feud currently. An alright match with a funny ref spot, where he accidentally gets kicked in the dick. Toni hits an awesome barrage of strikes. But it was kind of boring to me. After a Fisher Woman Suplex, Toni Storm gets the win for her team. A skippable match, but nothing offensive!

(wXw World Tag Team Championship) Cerberus (Dragunov & Nero) (c) vs. David Starr & Shane Strickland***

Over the course of the weekend, I have become a pretty big fan of Ilja Dragunov, just a crazy dude. Starr and Strickland are awesome everywhere else and in these shows. They should tag more, as this match was good and they were great at Night 2! It was a bit sloppy but it was still good! After being beaten down, Strickland finally makes a tag to Starr and Starr was awesome! Strickland hits a damn Death Valley Driver on the apron. After a Torpedo Moscow from Ilja, Nero grabs the pin and gets the win to retain their tag team titles. A very solid bout! After the match, the Sumerian Death Squad come out.

Da Mack vs. Emil Sitoci vs. Kim Ray**3/4

This was a #1 Contendership match for the wXw Shotgun title. Kim Ray is really good, his match with Mike Bailey was very solid! The Rotation were supposed to be in this but Emil tombstoned him on the ramp. The match was alright but nothing amazing. At one point, Ray just throws Sitoci onto the rope, right on his crotch. I felt like I should like this one a lot more, but it just did nothing for me. Da Mack ends up winning in about 7 minutes with his jumping cutter, Mack Magic on Ray, skippable, but still alright.

(wXw Unified World Championship) Jurn Simmons (c) vs. Tyler Bate*1/2

This was only 4 minutes and should have been way longer. Bate is such a great talent, this was a waste. A back and forth match in 4 minutes is just not really that and this was sadly the worst match of the whole weekend. Was not even the wrestlers fault, just the time constraints. Bate hit some cool looking kicks, similar to the ones Simon Gotch had done once before. This would have been better off a squash. Simmons hits his kick and then hit Karsten Beck’s move, the piledriver for the win.

Marty Scurll & Trevor Lee vs. Mike Bailey & Will Ospreay****1/4

What a hoot! Scurll and Lee on a team heeling it up? Just dope! Lee as a heel is awesome and he was mimicking Scurll. And Ospreay and Bailey are 2 of the most likable babyfaces. Awesome sequence including a headscissors and chickenwing attempt from Ospreay and Scurll. When they were in the ring together, it was great, and same with Lee and Bailey. Bailey hits those awesome kicks that he usually does. This was just a lot of fun, and awesome. Lee hits his Shooting Star Press Bodyslam that I will always and forever pop for. Same with the Cheeky Nandos kick. There were some sequences similar to the Ospreay and Scurll match at Revolution Pro, which is not a bad thing, as it was one of my best matches of the year. Scurll ends up tapping out Bailey, what a hoot!

(16 Carat Gold Final) Zack Sabre Jr. vs. Axel Dieter Jr.****

Battle of the Super Juniors? Jokes aside, this was a great match, and a fitting way to end the tournament. They hit some awesome moves early on then the grappling was on point. Once again the crowd hated Dieter Jr., which was quite weird to hear sometimes as he acts like such a babyface. This may be a divisive match but I really dug it. The two Penalty Kicks were cool to me, ZSJ has great Penalty Kicks. Zack gets Axel in the Jim Breaks Special, gets the win and the crowd goes truly mental. Zack just seems to win a lot of Indie Tournaments these days. After the match, Sabre Jr. put over the European scene on the mic and wXw, as well as saying that he will challenge for the title ASAP.

Overall, while not as good as Day 1 and 2, this was still a good show. One match that wasn’t good at all, but two that were complete hoots make up for it. I would go and watch this whenever you can, mainly for the last 2 matches. You’re likely to see this if you plan on/have been watching 16 Carat Gold anyways. For all your wXw reviews, you are in the right place, Wrestling With Words.

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