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wXw 16 Carat Gold Day 1 Review (3/11/16)

wXw is an awesome product from Germany, and they have been putting on constantly awesome shows. For proof, read my AMBITION 7 review here on the site, as it was a shoot style tournament they ran the same weekend that was amazing. This card showcases the best of the European indies and the US Indies so I was beyond excited to sit down and watch Night 1! Let’s get into it.

David Starr vs. Aaron Insane vs. Tyler Bate vs. Mike Schwartz**3/4

The winner of this match gets the opportunity to enter the tournament if anything happens to another entrant. A very short yet sweet match, Starr was the Starr as per usual and Bate was great too. A lot of fun spots and a brutal fall away slam on the outside. Starr wins with an awesome Product Placement, the perfect person to win. A very short match, clocking in at just over 5 minutes but it served its purpose and got the crowd very hot.

After the match, a video package places for the show and they bring out all the opponents and the trophy to introduce us to the event!

(16 Carat Gold First Round) Big Daddy Walter vs. Zack Sabre Jr.***3/4

These two were former tag partners in wXw, and they are now pursuing single careers in wXw. The early part of this match was very grapple heavy, which Sabre is one of the best at so it was good to watch. Walter was on top after the superb grappling, hitting some powerful moves and nasty strikes. Zack was just crumbling with every chop. After Walter misses a leg drop, and Sabre kicks Walter in the chest, the match becomes a very intense back and forth contest. At one point Walter hits one of the most disgusting lariats, great sell job from Sabre Jr., don’t say that often. Sabre jumps off the top at one point, he gets caught and Walter hits a nasty gutbuster. Sabre Jr. wins by rolling up Walter with a bridge, after the match Walter attacks him. That was a very good match, a perfect way to start off your tournament, made me want to watch more.

(16 Carat Gold First Round) Timothy Thatcher vs. Sasa Keel***1/4

Before the match, the crowd is having some fun with Keel, with some Keel corner signs. This match was beyond hard hitting, a lot of great grappling, this was just a brutal match. The first move is a damn nasty German Suplex from Keel. This was an average Thatcher match, but Keel was a perfect opponent for him. Just some great grappling and strikes make this a good one to watch. Thatcher wins with his snap headbutt.

Toni Storm vs. Leva Bates*1/2

Welp, it’s a Leva Bates match, only thing worse would be a Veda Scott match, but THANK GOD Toni Storm is in this match, she is fantastic. Toni Storm is the only redeeming factor in this sloppy mess. A terrible spear from Leva leads to a near fall. Honestly, I can’t blame wXw for booking Bates, she is a draw due to NXT, and it sucks but oh well. Leva does this weird double knee thing in the corner that does not even hit. Toni Storm hits an awesome suplex into the corner, a hip attack into the corner, and a nasty fisherman’s suplex to win. Storm was great, but it wasn’t enough to save this match. After the match Melanie Gray attacks Storm.

(16 Carat Gold First Round) Ilja Dragunov vs. Mike Bailey***1/2

Speedball is just great guys, #FreeSpeedball. Speedball has awesome kicks and Ilja had awesome strikes. This was an all-out striking war and it was fucking awesome, pardon my language. They run in between corners one point and hit nasty strikes, which ends with Bailey nearly getting the win after laying Ilja down and hitting the Cancun tornado. Ilja hits some nasty lariats. Mike Bailey reverses Ilja’s Moscow Tornado and he eventually hits a reverse hurricanrana. So many close finishes. Dragunov hits the Torpedo Moscow for the win. That was a lot of fun, so many great strikes.

(16 Carat Gold First Round) Shane Strickland vs. Will Ospreay****3/4

Oh my god, what a match. This may be my MOTY so far. I love flippy stuff and this match hit all the right spots. You know it’s a good match when there is a dance off that doesn’t even make you mad. It sort of almost added to it. The end of the dance off was amazing, with them subtly trying to attack each other. It was to All Night Long as the crowd was chanting it, but we got a generic hip hop dub. There was an awesome step up springboard shooting star press to the outside from Ospreay. There were so many highspots that I don’t want to ruin the surprise factor when somebody watches. Ospreay hits a nasty 630 senton to win. I honestly do not know what to say. Sure, I love flips, but dear lord were these guys going above and beyond just that.

(16 Carat Gold First Round) Trevor Lee vs. Angelico***

Oddly, this was one of the weaker first round matches, but it does not mean it is bad. Lee jumps Angelico at the start of the match, taking the match outside for a bit. It was pretty good; a lot of signature moves from both men. A dead lift German from Lee. Great flips from Angelico. Also, I think trying to follow that last match was a bit unfair, so I think that may have led to the feeling of why it was underwhelming. When Trevor Lee is on the ramp, he hits an awesome double stomp, for a 2 count. Angelico hits a crucifix buckle bomb to win.

(16 Carat Gold First Round) Drew Galloway vs. Silas Young***1/4

These two had replaced the two men who had to pull out, Daisuke Sekimoto and Tommy End, which Sekimoto in this tournament would have been something else. This was a brawl. At one point, when they are outside, Drew Galloway gets the fans to hold back Silas so he can chop him, and then they go to the bar, and Drew spits beer in Silas’ face. The contest in the ring is very good too. Silas hits a damn Fijiwara plunge. They go to the top, and Drew just throws Silas off the top. Galloway hits the Future Shock for the win. A very good contest! After the match, Galloway cuts a promo putting over the talent and the company.

(16 Carat Gold First Round) Kim Ray vs. Sami Callihan***

Callihan is on a tear this year, and while this match is not that great, it is still good. A lot of great brawling, Kim Ray also brought his A Game, and his nose was busted after a tope. A lot of signature, great, Callihan maneuvers. At one point, Sami tries for a piledriver, but it was botched and it could have been terrible. Callihan hits some awesome kicks and strikes and gets the win with his diving elbow strike, while Kim Ray was kneeling. Good match and a solid outing from both men.


(16 Carat Gold First Round I Quit Match) Marty Scurll vs. Axel Dieter Jr.***1/2

The beginning of this match was honestly great. These two are embroiled in a heated feud, and an I Quit match is usually a great idea to end a feud or add to it, and leading up to the finish, it was great. Great brutal strikes and some good grappling. But the finish is where this match suffers, Scurll handcuffs Axel’s hand to the rope and Axel just gets out. But he gets him back in them, and just destroys Axel. For no good reason during the beat down, he breaks the cuffs and lets Axel free. And you guessed it, it backfires on him and they brawl all over the ring until eventually, after a bit and some near falls, Axel locks in a sitting double leg nelson to win. That finish was very weak but before the handcuffs stuff this match was amazing.

This was a hoot and a holler to watch, one of the best shows I have seen this year. Every match was good, and Ospreay vs. Strickland was amazing, please go out and watch this when you can! For all your wXw needs and reviews, you are already at the right place, Wrestling With Words.

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