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WWW/PITR Korakuen Hall Attendance Tracker: June 2017

In January, we launched the Wrestling With Words/Puro In The Rough Korakuen Hall Tracker. The goal of this tracker to show the attendance numbers in the most used building for professional wrestling in Japan but also present what the trends would be for Japanese wrestling through charts and to show which wrestling shows fans in Tokyo decide to spend their money on.

For the record, here is the data that I collected for the month of June and these numbers are cross referenced with what Weekly Pro Wrestling Magazine reported and each promotion claimed on their website.

1. June 2017 Korakuen Claimed Attendances

The month of June provided the third highest total in 2017 as 15 promotions had shows (with 14 promotions announcing attendances) that would total 21,104 people. ZERO-1 being the lone promotion not announcing an attendance number. Michinoku Pro and Kenta Kobashi’s annual summer Fortune Dream show made their debuts this year as both attracted over 1,300 people for each event. The absence of Kairi Hojo (now Kairi Sane in WWE) showed for Stardom’s Korakuen Hall show as they drew 750 fans compared to the 968 that came the previous month. Pro Wrestling WAVE grew their audience by 200 fans as they held their annual “Catch The Wave” Tournament but still is lowest among the promotions in Japan.

2. June 2017 Korakuen Claimed Attendance Totals

New Japan’s dominance shows as they put in another 5,664 fans into Korakuen, marking the fifth time they drew over 5,000 fans monthly.

2.A 2nd Quarter 2017 Korakuen Claimed Attendance Totals

As the 2nd Quarter came to a close, the dominance of New Japan at Korakuen Hall is clear as day as they have drawn 35,406. Despite the low attendance numbers for shows, NOAH has drawn the third highest claimed total attendance for the year so far with 9,801 fans. All Japan, DDT and Big Japan Pro Wrestling have similar numbers trending towards a shade under 9,000 fans with Stardom drawing 6,306 for the year. For the record, ZERO-1, Diana, Dradition were not included in this pie chart cause the first two promotions usually don’t announce attendance numbers and Dradition announced an obvious false attendance number.

3. June 2017 Korakuen Hall Monthly Average Attendance

Not much as changed with the monthly average except for NOAH being third to last instead of the last place compared to the previous month. With Io Shirai’s absence from Stardom, the joshi group’s monthly average might trend downwards in the months to come.


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