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WWW Roundup: Extreme Rules, BOSJ Final Review & Dominion Preview, more

It’s the latest WWW Roundup with Quentin Moody and Trask Bryant, encompassing the week that was in pro wrestling.

-Apologies for the bigger file than usual, still working on it. P.S., if there’s a little bit of echo, do your best to filter it out. Not sure how bad it got.
-The intro to the Roundup is blkswn by Smino.

2:44 – BOSJ Final review/discussion of individual performances
19:03 – Dominion preview/THE BIG THEORY on the main event
50:36 – Extreme Rules review
1:00:03 – Bayley rant/girls need role models in wrestling too
1:30:35 – PWG Nice Boys (Don’t Play Rock ‘n’ Roll) review
1:46:02 – WCPW updates
1:51:20 – CWF 80’s week/latest Worldwide review & thoughts on the build to Absolute Justice
2:08:51 – Rapid fire featuring new VOD services, “new era” CZW, and notes from NXT

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