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Al (@thearonath) – Co-founder of Wrestling With Words, part of the Wrestling With Games team.

Alex (@NOAHS_SAVIOR) – Host of Ringside Revolution. Blogger of Joshi.

Andrew (@JustShillinglaw) – One-third of the Sports Entertainment Shrinks.

Bill Thompson (@MOTYPod) – Occasional match blogger.

Brady (@Brady_W_W_W) – Author of The Hardcore Files series. Blogger of WWECW.

Brandon (@BrandonWagemann) – Occasional columnist and show blogger.

Brock (@NotBrockJahnke) – Author of Brock Hates Wrestling. One-third of Sports Entertainment Shrinks.

Corwo (@The_Corwo) – Editor and social media manager.

Dan (@ReigninDan) – Part of the Wrestling With Games team. Blogs about bad wrestling and Joshi once in a blue moon.

Dan (@danscotti) – WWW’s resident fantasy booker. One-third of the Sports Entertainment Shrinks.

Evan (@EvanLWeston) – One-half of the Wrestling With Reaction team. Blogger for Cena Sunday.

Garrett (@garrettkidney) – One-half of Your Taste is My Taste and #VeryMadOnTheInternet. Editor, day to day operations help, and blogger/contributor.

JML (@TheJML_) – Author of the 2017 Korakuen Tracker. Blogger of Joshi.

Larrikn (@Larrikn) – Part of the Wrestling With Games team.

Marcus (@rickydreamboat) – Part of the Wrestling With Games team. The host of the Wrestling With Games show. Contributor.

Mika (@MikaVillas) – Usual co-host of Ringside Revolution. One-third of FOW Radio.

Quentin (@qt_moody) – Part of site admin. A host of many former podcasts on the audio network. Contributor.

Parm (@beybladeparm) – Blogger of all types of wrestling.

Patrick (@YellowManPA) – The host of FOW Radio and Wrestling With Reaction.

Pincente (@ThePincente) – Co-founder of Wrestling With Games. Writes as much as Goldberg wrestles in 2017.

Sam (@concrete1992) – Host of We Don’t Know Wrestling. Blogger for WDKW 100 and The Decade in Indie.

TKD (@TKD_117) – Lucha Underground (and lucha, in general) blogger

Trask (@traskbryant) – Founder of WWW. Co-host of Your Taste is My Taste and #VeryMadOnTheInternet. Contributor.


Carl (@carlitosway745)

Eyean (@skrongstyle)

Harry (@harryaaron)

Izzac (@Izzacwrestles)

Jamesie (@jamesie_2015)

Matt (@MattTheMouth)

Morten (@MortenVH

Papa Hales (@MikeHales9

RealHero (@RealHero12089

Rebecca (@wordsofbex)

Rex (@rextycoon

Timothy (@luchaundead

T Millionaire IV (@TMillionaireIV

Tuna (@ElHijoDelSimon)


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Founder of this weird world. Purveyor of generally ~POSITIVE~ pro wrestling takes. If you see a show preview, it's likely me. If you see odd fantasy booking, it's Dan, but possibly me too. Vancouver born and raised. Your sports fandom section is inserted here (BC Lions fan). Enjoy being terrible at video games. We have a side project for that! Don't do as many podcasts as I used to, but you can listen to the bi-weekly 'Your Taste is My Taste' adventure with Garrett. That just about wraps up my long ass bio. Wanted to see how much you'd actually read on here. Or am I just a bad writer? You'll never know, but what you do know is that you should keep it locked to Wrestling With Words.


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