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Introducing The WWW 2002 Project

Coinciding with the weekly SmackDown Six podcast on the site, a show that covers weekly WWE from 2002, welcome to the WWW 2002 Project, which kicks off tomorrow, February 20.

WWW 2002 is a deep-dive of wrestling from around the world from 15 years ago. Every week there’s already a SmackDown Six posted, so Trask & Rex thought, why not go all in on the time period? It allows them and staff who participate to watch through the year, at the same pace of the podcast, in a weekly-monthly span alongside when the audio is posted. There’s some catch-up to be had, but both the project and SD Six will be caught up to the current timeline soon.

Here are the new additions to the site as part of this staff-wide project:

  • There is a WWW 2002 HQ on the site, at, where you can find all content relating to the project–podcasts, reviews, editorials, and more.
  • There are going to be brand new podcasts to add to the year in review, alongside SD Six:
    • SmackDown Six Extra, reviewing the month that was in wrestling (e.g. January, February)
    • ROH reviews
    • CHIKARA reviews
    • CZW reviews
    • NWA Wildside reviews
    • AND MUCH MORE!!!!
  • There is going to be written content as well, featuring our Ringside Revolution duo writing about the WWE women’s division, Joshi, etc from the time. Not only that, but Trask & Rex will also be doing T-Rex Review (I know, abysmal), reviewing matches and shows from the time. There will also be tons of lucha look-backs from Parm and Quentin. All this and much more from the written realm.

A lot of staff will be actively Tweeting up their journey through the year. Be sure to use the hashtag #WWW2002 on social media while joining us.

We’re very excited to spice up the retro content portion of the site with this deep dive. There are NO sacrifices being made to our current coverage. This is the cherry on top of what we’re doing. All current 2017 reviews, podcasts, coverage in general will remain the same. We love wrestling, that’s all.

JOIN US ON OUR JOURNEY! In the time machine we go.


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