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WWN Supershow: Mercury Rising Review (4/2/16)

After the disaster that was the stream of EVOLVE 59, but the awesomeness in SHIMMER, I was a little worried going into this show. The card looked great, but I did not know if the stream would even work! The EVOLVE 59 review will be up soon after the VOD releases!

Zack Sabre Jr. vs. Chris Hero****3/4

What a way to start off the show. On paper it should have been a hoot. And it was. Hero gets announced as the Greatest of All Time, and to be honest, I agree, top 10 worker, love his work. Hero paces the ring on the outside for a bit, just getting me all the more hyped. When it got going, my lord the strikes. When they fought on the outside, it was just awesome, including a great octopus hold and both men being thrown into the barricades. When Sabre Jr. went into Sabre Jr. mode, targeting limbs and such, it was so entertaining but Hero returned the favored too. When Hero went for his awesome senton, Sabre Jr. hit an even more awesome arm bar, catching him. There was a great chair spot near the end. So many awesome moves and near falls, including one after a pile driver that had me audibly yelp. Ode to Breaks, pile drivers, everything. After being beaten down with a barrage of elbows, Hero wins. WHAT A HOOT. I loved this match, Sabre Jr. is fucking insane.

Drew Gulak vs. Fred Yehi***3/4

How do you follow that last match, oh that’s right, Gulak vs. Yehi! Starts off with some great grappling. When they hit the bigger moves, it was satisfying and awesome. The selling was quite great too, but once again Yehi loses. He taps out to the dragon sleeper, really great match, just wished that Yehi had finally gotten his big win. After the match, Yehi joins Catch Point and it completely makes up for it to be honest, awesome.

Matt Riddle vs. Tracy Williams****1/4

BRO! BRO! BRO! The crowd chants that as we are under way after that last in ring segment. These guys have had a series of awesome matches. The great grappling, we have come to expect from these two started off this bout. Then we had some great strikes, stiff chops and all. Hot Sauce hit a ton of great transitions and submissions. Riddle hits an Alabama Slam into a leg hook and it was epic. Hot Sauce brings the heat by repeatedly chopping and kicking Riddle. Riddle then hits one of the sickest cross arm breakers and I loved it. Then a top rope brain buster, a crossface and Williams wins. First time Riddle has lost clean.

(Anything Goes) Ethan Page vs. Anthony Nese***

The whole build is that Nese called Page fat and now he is pissed. Ethan Page bantered him every time he was in control, saying stuff like “how is the fat boy now?” I love Ethan Page and in the beginning, I was digging their outside brawl, but the crowd was dead for the most part. Nese really dragged this match down a lot but Page was great!  When a chair falls, Lenny says “Hello Maffew” which made me giggle. There was a fallaway slam onto the chair that was good. Ego shoulda won with a kill shot on the chair but that is nit picking. After a powerbomb through a ladder and a Package Piledriver, Ego wins.

After that match, they have the Terry Funk appreciation segment, and when they bring out the plaque, BAH GAWD it’s Sabu! They embrace in the ring after they tease Funk getting hit with a chair. Then MICK GOSH DARN FOLEY comes out, to a MASSIVE pop. He has the plaque, this was pretty awesome if you ask me. Earl Cooter comes out with Larry Dallas, and does an awesome Dennis Stamp thing with the “I’m not booked” shtick, and then starts to berate all three legends. When they attack the legends they fight back and it is just amazing.

(SHINE Championship) Taylor Made vs. Nicole Matthews**

Luscious Latasha comes out to literally no reaction to challenge for the title. Right off the bat Latasha gets knocked out of the match by an Andrea dropkick. Then Nicole Matthews comes out, and it is hype! She was great at SHIMMER earlier in the day! She was really good in this match too! Some great effort put in by Matthews but this match felt like a filler match. After distraction, an Andrea kick, and a cutter, Taylor retains her title. Typical shitty Shine booking, nothing to see here.

(FIP World Championship) Caleb Konley vs. Maxwell Chicago vs. Gary Jay vs. Jason Cade***1/4

Maxwell Chicago is hilarious, dude is scared of heights, and can’t do a leapfrog in his gimmick, it is amazing. Once he kips up, he gets hit with a kick off the top by Cade. Jay had amazing strikes and it was amazing. This was a pretty funny match, but I was just way too hyped for the later matches. I had some good laughs. Also a 450 leg drop plancha, and a powerbomb to the outside. Some very good spots. Towards the end, it just went full force, every one gave their best. After interference, Konley wins with a top rope Michinoku Driver.

(EVOLVE Championship) Timothy Thatcher vs. Sami Callihan***1/2

These guys had an alright match at the 16 Carat but in the EVOLVE environment, it was a lot better. Thatcher is selling a pretty big arm injury. Started with some great grappling and I really enjoyed it. Compared to their 16 Carat match, which was a Sami controlled battle, this was a Thatcher bout. Even though I prefer Callihan, this was a better match. They did these double bicycle kicks that I really liked.  Every time Thatcher tried to hit a big move, like a saito suplex, he would sell the arm. This did get a bit boring and Thatcher’s booking has been absolutely horrible recently. After a headbutt, Thatcher wins. After the match Catch point comes out and Drew complains about not getting a title shot. After the match Thatcher vacates the title? I am a bit confused. Drew picks up the belt, this booking.

TJ Perkins, Johnny Gargano & Kota Ibushi vs. Tommy End, Will Ospreay & Marty Scurll****1/2

On paper this match just looked wacky, in the best way. Gargano and Scurll traded some holds and had some great grappling in the beginning. Scurll is such a villain, he even eye poked Gargano. When Ibushi and Ospreay were in the same ring, that place erupted. Flips were to be had. Awesome flips, for that matter. End comes in, and awesome strikes happen. Gargano hit an awesome DDT on End where he ends up kicking the other members of their team. When this match picked up my goodness, triple kicks, double topes. A double pele kick from Ospreay. An assisted cutter, cheeky nandos kick. Such a spectacle. So many great spots, and it was very much “lit”. These guys hit all their signature stuff and it was great. It turned into a brawl into the crowd, just amazing. Ibushi and Ospreay were literally battling on rafters. THEY DOVE OFF OF THEM I CAN’T WITH THE HYPE! Ospreay and Ibushi then battle in the ring in an awesome agile sequence with loads of awesome moves, kicks and a great snap German suplex. Ibushi wins after hitting a NASTY Last Ride! After the match, Johnny Gargano puts over everyone and the biz in general. WHAT A HOOT!

After an amazingly hot start, this show just could not get it;s footing again after intermission until the main event. The show overall was pretty good, and the opener is much watch! Thanks for reading, and for all your EVOLVE reviews, you are already at the right place Wrestling With Words. Thank you for choosing us for your WWN Live coverage this weekend.


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