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WWE Talking Smack Recap (October 25, 2016): Never Boring!

Read our review of the SmackDown Live episode (Oct. 25, 2016) that coincides with this Talking Smack recap.

Another week brings us another chance to talk smack. In what is quickly becoming appointment viewing for me, Renee and Daniel Bryan joined us again from the Talking Smack HQ. Renee said that since Halloween falls on Monday this year the day before Smackdown Live that she wanted to declare November 1st Canadian Halloween. She claimed that they do Halloween all week in Canada, to which Bryan called shenanigans. Bryan asked what costume she was going to wear since she hadn’t planned anything and she said she could pick something quickly, at which point Bryan inserted his foot into his own mouth and said that women are unable to make split decisions, but promptly realized what he said, tried to deflect saying he was not Donald Trump and was told to move on. Awkwarrrrd.

The first guest of the evening was Kane, who was just “thrilled” to be on the show. He was still salty after taking an RKO from Randy Orton, who lured him into believing he showed up to start a beef with Bray Wyatt, but he was just “a snake in the grass” as Dusty would say. They speculated on whether or not Orton had joined the Wyatt Family, and Kane said there would be a price to pay either way. A pissed off and hurt Kane is a dangerous thing.

Daniel Bryan is still hype, brothers, about the Hype Bros, who almost killed the Talking Smack territory last week, brothers. He put over their performance against The Ascension tonight and said he’d love to have The Ascension on Talking Smack, so that should be a… thing. DBry’s love of the environment combined with The Ascension’s obsession with The Wasteland drew them together, and what an odd pairing that will be. If Bryan’s comments are to be taken as gospel, expect Konnor and Viktor on next week’s show.

Next, up, the Tag Team Champions of the World* (*Smackdown version), Heath Slater and Rhyno joined Daniel and Renee, who want to know who the “hottest” team was. They immediately said Fandango was pretty hot, which threw Renee off, even though she started it. Financial genius Heath Slater showed us his genuine Puerto Rican stocks that he purchased from The Shining Stars, looking like they were printed at Kinko’s. Heath let us know that he paid 500 American dollars for these totally legit stocks. Even Rhyno could see that he was robbed. Rhyno and Bryan joked that the stocks may someday be worth as much as Daniel’s Ken Griffey Jr. rookie card. 1980s kids, you get it. Young ones, look it up. When asked if they can beat the New Day, Heath immediately said: “Dag-gone right!” When asked how they will rally the troops at Survivor Series, they offered “Free cheese whiz and crackers for all,” plus watching Rocky and Spartan movies.

Daniel Bryan then put over Nikki’s use of the STO that she learned from her man, Big Match John. They also showed a clip of new team captain, Nikki, getting attacked post-match by Carmella, who is clearly not a fan.

Last but not least, James Ellsworth joined the show. They showed clips from tonight’s SmackDown Live, where Dean Ambrose was disqualified after he threw AJ out of the ring and into Ellsworth. Ellsworth’s temper got the best of him as he Hulked up and delivered No Chin Music to AJ on the outside of the ring, which gave the ref no choice but to disqualify Dean. He admitted that he deserves to be punished by Dean for killing his opportunity at being the #1 contender for the belt and said he felt terrible since Dean was always good to him. He felt that he did wrong and wouldn’t blame him if he didn’t accept his apology. Bryan told him that there was a lot of positive so far in his WWE career and they hope to see more of him in the future.


Overall, this may not have been the most hard-hitting, exciting episode ever of Talking Smack and it may have ended on a bit of a downer, it still holds my attention easily and doesn’t get boring. Looking forward to another fun episode next week.

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