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WWE Superstars Review – Tandem Chaos

Lucha Dragons appear on Superstars this week

WWE Superstars

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June 24, 2016

Talking Stick Resort Arena – Phoenix, AZ

Welcome back to another WWE Superstars review. With such a hot tag team division in the WWE right now, everyone is looking to get a shot at the New Day’s WWE Tag Team Championships. Well, tonight we have four teams potentially looking to impress and be in the running as we see two separate tag team matches tonight. First, we kick things off with The Golden Truth taking on The Ascension. Let’s get into it.

Golden Truth vs. The Ascension

Hey, look! Konor is back. Sadly. No diss towards him but I was really liking Viktor’s singles run and I looked forward to more great singles matches from him. Oh well. This was a decent match. Nothing too good. Viktor shined here, but sadly he’s back to his old ways in losing. Konnor took the pin after the lie detector from R-Truth. Really nothing special. Eh.

We saw some Money in the Bank and RAW recap featuring the AJ Styles and John Cena feud.

Dudley Boyz vs. Lucha Dragons

We get a Money in the Bank pre-show rematch here. To be honest, I didn’t really pay attention to their match at the PPV, so I’m assuming this match was better. Kalisto used his size and speed to get around the Dudleyz, which caused some tension between the Dudleyz, especially when Kalisto ducked under a clothesline and Bubba hit D-Von. Once the Dudleyz got back on the same page, this was a nice back and forth match. D-Von teased tables after the crowd chanted for them, but they didn’t pull them out. D-Von said “Screw You” to the crowd, causing some major heat. The Dudley Boyz started to distract the ref, double team, and cheat their way into the drivers seat. Kalisto couldn’t catch a break for the better part of this match. But, when Sin Cara finally got the hot tag; it was all down hill for the Dudleyz. A Salida Del Sol followed by a Dragon Bomb from Sin Cara picked up the win for the Lucha Dragons. Solid stuff.

More Raw Recap ended the show highlighted by Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns.

Overall this was a decent show. One match that I can only describe as “meh” as well as a solid main event. But nothing was good. Hopefully things start to pick up here on Superstars and we get good match-ups. Should be interesting to see how things go once the brand split happens. We shall see soon. Thanks for reading.


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