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WWE Superstars Review for 2/12/16 – Riding Into the Sunset

Welcome back to our weekly review of WWE Superstars. Last week’s show saw the newly-formed team of Mark Henry and Jack Swagger defeat former NXT Tag Team Champions The Ascension. Plus, Stardust picked up a pinfall victory over Zack Ryder. This week’s episode of Superstars comes to us from the Key Arena in Seattle, Washington, where Daniel Bryan recently announced his retirement from professional wrestling. The somberness showering fans in attendance combined with a less than stellar card could make this week’s show rough to watch.

The Ascension vs. Fandango and Damien SandowNR

Continuing with the theme of last week’s show, we open with The Ascension in tag team action. Sandow comes out to his old theme song, which I’ve missed dearly. Viktor and Sandow start the match. Heels get the heat on Fandango for awhile before he’s able to execute a beautiful sunset flip in the corner. Fandango makes the hot tag to Sandow, who nails Konnor with a flurry of offense, including the Cubito Aequet (Elbow of Disdain), which was enough for a near-fall. Essentially a squash match, so there was nothing memorable.

Zack Ryder vs. Stardust**1/2

As you’d expect, the match began with a few holds and deep arm drags. Ryder clotheslined Stardust over the top rope before delivering a dropkick through the ropes. Ryder went after Stardust while he was propped up on the ropes, but Stardust sent him crashing to the outside. When we come back from a commercial break, Stardust is in control. Ryder regroups with a missile dropkick from the second rope, but soon falls victim to a superplex. Zack eventually made his big comeback and hit a Rough Ryder for the win. The action was solid, but inconsequential at best. Upon rewatching this match, I liked it a bit more than the one they had last week.

After the main event, we get a recap of Daniel Bryan’s heartwarming retirement speech from last Monday’s Raw.

The 50/50 booking has found its way into the lowest echelons of WWE programming. Superstars typically consists of a squash match and a decent main event. This week’s show was just that; average.


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