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WWE Superstars Review (Episode 353)

Welcome to my first review of WWE Superstars. This week’s show comes to us from the Smoothie King Center in New Orleans, Louisiana. After losing to R-Truth and Goldust, The Ascension looks to regroup in our opening bout.

The Ascension vs. The Dudley Boyz*1/2

Viktor and Bubba Ray start the match. Ray traps Viktor in the corner, but he reverses and proceeds to deliver several uppercuts. Viktor then goes for an Irish Whip of his own, at which point Bubba delivers a Back Suplex for the first near-fall of the contest. A tag is made to D-Von, who bounces off of the ropes and hits a headbutt on Viktor. After being distracted by Konnor, D-Von gets laid out by an STO. Viktor makes the tag, and Konnor hits for another two-count. Eventually, The Dudleys hit a 3D on Konnor, giving them their fifth win over The Ascension since October. This was your standard Superstars opener. Not much to see here. After the weekly Raw recaps, we go to the main event, which is a rematch from the previous edition of Superstars.

Tyler Breeze vs. Jack Swagger***

Breeze opened the match with his usual shtick. Swagger went for a German Suplex early on, but Breeze was able to escape by grabbing the ropes. At one point, Breeze went to recline on the ropes, but Swagger threw him across the ring, following it up with a clothesline to the outside. While Tyler was trying to recover, Swagger taunted him by lying on the top rope. Breeze kicked Swagger off of the apron and we went to a commercial break. When the show returns, Breeze is targeting Swagger’s left leg and locks in a Single-Leg Boston Crab. Swagger makes it to the ropes and prevents Breeze from locking in Figure-Four by sending him flying out of the ring once again. Breeze gets back into the ring and rolls out of a Patriot Lock, only to be leveled by a lariat. Tyler goes for the Unprettier, but Swagger is able to reverse it. Breeze goes for a Crossbody and Swagger catches him in mid-air. Tyler gets the knees up when Jack goes for a Swagger Bomb. Afterwards, Breeze hits an Enziguri for a near-fall. Swagger then submits Breeze with the Patriot Lock. 50/50 booking at its finest. This was good, perhaps the best Superstars match I’ve seen since Cesaro vs. Harper last July.

Post-match, JoJo interviews the newly formed Social Outcasts. Heath Slater introduces each member of the group, and they all deliver their catchphrases. Slater then proceeds to plug the Royal Rumble, saying that these four men will make history. I doubt that.

It’s baffling how far Breeze’s star has fallen in such a short period of time. In the aftermath of Summer Breeze’s illogical split, the once great NXT mainstay finds himself unable to achieve victory in the lowest tiers of WWE programming. The main event is worth checking out if you’re a fan of Breeze or Swagger. Swagger has been putting a lot of work in on Main Event and Superstars lately, and this show was no exception.


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