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WWE Superstars Episode 372 Review (5/27/16)

Welcome back to another WWE Superstars review. Last week we had a decent show, let’s see if this one can top it. Women’s action kicks us off, so, let’s get into it.

Summer Rae vs. Natalya

Pretty bad match, to be honest. They seemed like they were rushing, but it wasn’t a short match so it felt weird. But, things started to slow down and once they did; Natalya picked up the win via Sharpshooter. Meh.

RAW/Extreme Rules Recap aired.

Viktor vs. Zack Ryder

Viktor is sporting a new look here. He has full red, black and sliver face paint. Very creepy. As for the match, Zack Ryder was killing it. This guy is so damn good on the C-Shows and it’s a great thing to see. Viktor also was looking impressive. Viktor was hitting hard and kept on Ryder the whole match, but Ryder just wouldn’t give up. Then, Viktor made a mistake and caught a Broski boot in the face, then Ryder finished him off with a Elbro drop. Pretty fun match.

More RAW Recap ended the show.

Solid show overall. One bad match, one good match. Hopefully things on the C-Shows start getting a little more exciting. Thanks for reading.


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