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WWE Superstars Episode 370 Review (5/13/16)

Welcome back to another WWE SuperStars review. Looking forward to what looks to be another pretty great show. In the main event, one of WWE’s hottest young new stars in Apollo Crews takes on Stardust. But, first we kick things off with the ‘Swiss Superman’ Cesaro taking on Bo Dallas. Lets get into it.

Cesaro vs. Bo Dallas

This match didn’t really pick up until a few minutes in when Bo Dallas started a Bo-Train with Curtis Axel, but ran into a uppercut. From there, things got way more enjoyable. Bo Dallas brought out that beloved me streak that I can’t get enough of, and Cesaro was on a roll as usual. Dallas tried his best when he brought out a bit of a mean streak by covering Cesaro with the apron and beating the hell out of him, as well as a few other little shots he got in. But, once Cesaro turned things around, he was unstoppable. From uppercuts, to Cesaro swings, to Sharpshooters, Bo Dallas took a beating then tapped out, giving Cesaro the victory. Short match, but a very fun little opener once it picked up.

Editor’s Note: Read Trask’s post in ‘Match By Match’ on this. We’re pissed Brady didn’t mention Cesaro’s Los Ingobernables tribute.

RAW Recap aired highlighted by Paige vs. Charlotte then Chris Jericho vs. Big Cass.

Apollo Crews vs. Stardust

I really enjoyed this match. I know these two had a pretty good match a few weeks back on RAW, but this surpassed that. Apollo brought out some cool new moves and flips from his arsenal, but Stardust was the STAR here. Wow, this guy was being a true heel. Showing no respect for Apollo at all, he slapped him around, took cheap shots, and even worked over the bad left shoulder of Apollo which he hurt early in the match. When I say Stardust worked the shoulder, I mean it. He kept targeting it every chance he had and it was a beautiful thing to see. Apollo was also great at selling the fact that he was truly hurting which gets a big thumbs up from me. This could possibly be one of Apollo’s best matches on the main roster so far. Both men did what they needed to do and it worked out great. In the end, a spinning sit-out power bomb keeps Apollo Crews undefeated. Good stuff.

More RAW Recap aired highlighted by Darren Young & Bob Backlund, and the six man elimination tag match.

Week after week these shows continue to deliver and this was no different. Two solid matches here. The opener was very short but really fun, and the main event was great, not too lengthy but not too short. Great work from Stardust here who shines in his match and props to Apollo for doing what needed to be done. I can’t wait for next week and more unique match-ups on these C-shows. Thanks for reading.


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