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WWE Superstars Episode 369 Review (5/6/16)

Welcome back to another WWE Superstars review. Tonight looks like a action packed night when Apollo Crews taking on Heath Slater. Plus, we kick things off with a returning superstar going one on one with a superstar who’s having one of his last matches in a WWE ring. Let’s get into it.

Darren Young vs. Damien Sandow

Nice little opener we had here. Darren Young looked better than ever in his return match. But, something else caught my eye. Damien Sandow brought out some intensity I’ve never seen from him before. He was screaming at Young, stomping and clubbing the hell out of him, and even rubbing his face against the mat repeatedly. I would’ve loved to see this Sandow all of the time. Sadly though, we won’t. Once Darren mounted a comeback a few minutes later, he ended up hitting Sandow with a gut buster and winning the match. For one of Damien Sandow’s last matches, he sure tried his best with the time it got. Thank you, and goodbye Sandow.

RAW Recap aired highlighting the McMahon’s and the United States Championship #1 Contenders Battle Royal.

Apollo Crews vs. Heath Slater

Pretty solid match here. Crews was in control from the beginning and every time Slater started to mount a comeback, Apollo Crews would immediately put a stop to it. That was until Bo & Axel got involved, causing Crews to lose control of the match for a good bit of time. Heath Slater was on a roll and looked to have this match in the bag after a series of big moves. But, after Heath tried for a corner splash, Crews moved and got back in the drivers seat. Apollo ended up taking out Bo Dallas & Curtis Axel, then finished Slater off with a spinning sit out power bomb. The undefeated Apollo Crews racks up another win for his record.

More Raw Recap aired, highlighting the main event of Raw to end WWE Superstars.

Good show here this week. Nothing too good, but nothing bad. Just a fun little show to watch, and it was great to see Darren’s one on one return. Also, very sad to know that this was one of Damien Sandow’s last matches. Also, it was great to see Apollo Crews in action, and the social outcasts were entertaining as always. Hopefully next week’s show is even better. Thanks for reading.


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