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WWE Superstars Episode 367 Review (4/22/16)

Welcome back to yet another WWE Superstars review. As always, I’m looking forward to sitting through this show. With all of the undercard talent getting a chance on these shows; you never know who could stand out. Tonight, we kick things off in a giant way, with Big Show. Let’s get into it.

Big Show vs. Bo Dallas & Curtis Axel

This match went exactly how you’d expect it to go. Big Show over powered the Outcasts the entire time. Bo & Curtis tried everything they could to take Big Show down. Bo Dallas even sat on Axel’s shoulders and tried a test of strength, but that didn’t work. Slater tried to get involved, which backfired and all three were tossed out of the ring. In the end, Big Show hit a double chokeslam and pinned both Dallas and Axel to pick up the win.

RAW Recap aired highlighted by the Ambrose Asylum with special guest Shane McMahon. Then, we saw Roman Reigns & AJ Styles’ promo battle from RAW.

Kalisto vs. Tyler Breeze

This is exactly why I love watching shows like these, for a gem of a match like this. My goodness, these two tore it up from the beginning till end. We saw some great back and forth action in the beginning which eventually fell out of the ring. As they fought at ringside, we saw Kalisto hit a cool variation of the 619. Then, after knocking Kalisto off the apron, Tyler Breeze punted Kalisto and nearly knocked his head off of his shoulders. As the match went on, Kalisto was pulling out all the stops to try to put a end to Breeze, including back-flipping out of a clothesline attempt by Breeze then spin kicking Tyler in the face. We even saw Kalisto hit a 450 splash, which we don’t see often. All the different moves, reversals and a few pin attempts kept this match exciting. After a short, sweet, back and forth battle; Kalisto picked up the win with the Salida Del Sol. Fantastic main event here.

More RAW Recap aired highlighting the main event between Kevin Owens & Dean Ambrose ended the show.

Yet another fun show this week. Kalisto and Breeze might be one of my favorite Superstars matches so far, and the Social Outcasts were entertaining as always. Can’t wait for next week. Thanks for reading.


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