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WWE Superstars Episode 365 Review (4/8/16)

Welcome back to another WWE Superstars review. This is the first post-WrestleMania Superstars, and it looks to be a good one. I love seeing a good mixture of Superstars on these C-Shows, especially people that aren’t on WWE TV much. But, today we get a good mix of both when we see Ryback take on Fandago, and Bo Dallas take on United States Champion; Kalisto in a non-title match. Two matches that look promising on paper, so hopefully they’re promising on the actual show. Let’s get into it.

Of course we kick things off with a look back at the mega show that was WrestleMania 32, right before getting into our first match.

Fandango vs. Ryback

This match did not go the way I expected it to go. Of course, seeing these two match up on paper you would think Ryback would absolutely destroy Fandango. Well, that wasn’t the case. Fandango gave Ryback a fight and Bryon Saxton even made the comment on commentary that maybe Ryback was off his game, because Fandago was giving him a run for his money. Fandango even tried for some pins during this which really surprised me. But, finally; Ryback started to fire himself up and dominated Fandango for a good bit of time. Then, in a surprising turn of events; Fandago fired himself up, getting the crowd on their feet, hitting a few chops, clotheslines, and even hit Ryback with a nice looking enzuigiri, then a spinning heel kick for another near fall. Fandango went to the top rope to finish the match, but he was knocked off the top, and hit with a shell shock, leading Ryback to the victory.

Well, that was nice little back and forth match that really surprised me. Props to Fandango for standing out here.

We then see some Raw highlights, including Vince McMahon letting Shane McMahon run Raw for the night. Next, we saw more WrestleMania highlights and Zack Ryder defending his newly won Intercontinental Championship against The Miz on Raw.

Kalisto vs. Bo Dallas

Before the match, the Social Outcasts cut a promo about how they could’ve won the Andre Memorial Battle Royal, but they didn’t because of Bo Dallas. They blamed him because he had to do his “stupid” Bo Train victory lap during the match. Suddenly, when the crowd started cheering for it, the Social Outcasts changed their minds and did the Bo Train victory lap, until Kalisto interrupted with his entrance.

What started off as a back and forth contest, with Kalisto having a bit of the edge, quickly took to a one sided affair when Bo Dallas brought out his more aggressive side, and it was such a thing of beauty. I already love Bo Dallas, I think he’s a fantastic character and competitor, but when he brings out the fire that’s in him, it really makes things more interesting. Bo kept Kalisto grounded and kept the crowd on his side, getting a enormous reaction when the Social Outcasts did the Bo-Train during the match. Bo Dallas looked to have the match in the bag, but he let the crowd get to him and let Kalisto mount a comeback. After a spiral of Kalisto’s offense, he hit Bo with the Salida Del Sol, kicking Axel and Slater off the apron in the process, and picked up the win against Bo Dallas. Very solid, short, competitive contest.

More Raw replays aired highlight by Roman Reigns’ promo and the Main Event match replayed to end the show.

Another solid show here. Very surprised about the opening match, especially the fact that Fandango really shined here. Also, very happy with the result of the main event. Kalisto is great as always, and Bo Dallas bringing out his aggressive side was so much fun to watch. Looking forward to matches like these each week, so be sure to come back for more. Thanks for reading.


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