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WWE Superstars Episode 363 Review (3/25/16)

Welcome back to another WWE Superstars review. After last week’s fantastic main event match; which included Tyler Breeze, he’s back again this week to take on a person we haven’t seen in a while on our television screens; Jack Swagger. Also, the current U.S. Champion, Kalisto is in action. So, let’s get into it.

Tyler Breeze vs. Jack Swagger

Yet another great showing from the C-Show Prince, Tyler Breeze. During the beginnings, Swagger was fired up and the crowd was loving it. As the match went on, Breeze slowly started to take control after some great back and forth action that showed off some of Tyler’s new moves; including a vicious knee strike that I thought could’ve ended the match, but it it didn’t. They both traded some great counters and near falls throughout the match but after Tyler Breeze missed a enzuiguri, Jack Swagger grabbed his leg and locked in the Patriot Lock, picking up the win via submission. Tyler Breeze is getting so good and I’m so glad he’s showing off his skills on Superstars for me to see. Swagger was the same old Jack Swagger, but seemed to get a good reaction which is always great to see.

Raw Recap as usual, first highlighting the feud between Roman Reigns and Triple H, then showing recap of the Shane, Vince, and Undertaker angles.

JoJo does a backstage interview with Kalisto. She asked him about his match with Ryback at WrestleMania. The Ascension interrupted the interview. Konnor told him that his Road to WrestleMania ends with him.

We see recap from SmackDown when Kalisto bumped into Ryback. This led us into the main event.

Kalisto vs. Konnor

This match wasn’t as good as I expected it to be, but then again; it had Konnor in it. Basically the whole beginning and middle of the match was Kalisto trying to get around Konnor with his speed, but it ultimately ended up with Konnor over powering the United States Champion. Viktor got involved a few times, costing Kalisto the comeback but in the end, Kalisto finally got the upper hand and took out both members of the Ascension. First Viktor with a suicide dive, then Konnor with the Salida Del Sol from the apron into the ring for the win. Quick match, not much to say really. But, Kalisto is still great.

We see more Raw recap then we go back to see the Raw main event between Dean Ambrose and Braun Strowman to end the show.

Overall, another good show. Though there was one good and one bad match, that’s usually how this show goes. Plus, at least in the bad match we got to see Kalisto. But, I really enjoy seeing guys like Breeze and Swagger on these shows so let’s hope WWE keeps that coming. Come back next week for more Superstars action. Thanks for reading.


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