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WWE Superstars Episode 361 Review (3/11/16)

If you read Trask’s Main Event review, then you should know that I’m taking on a new challenge of reviewing WWE Superstars. I’ll be the first one to admit; I’m not a regular C show watcher, but, in recent weeks there have been a few hidden gems on these shows. Specifically, Zack Ryder has been having fantastic matches, as well as The Miz. Tonight, luckily, they’re taking on each other, and we have some tag team action later in the show. Let’s get into it.

Zack Ryder vs. The Miz

Yet another great C show performance from both these men. Was this a 5 star classic? No, not at all. Not even a 4 star match. But, it was a nice paced, back and forth match with a few near falls and cool moments, including Zack Ryder pulling out a move he recently put in his arsenal; the elbow drop which Miz kicked out of at a late two. The finishing sequence was very good. Seeing as the match could go either way at this point, Zack went for the rough Ryder, which was reversed. Ryder then went for a inzeguri, which was also reversed and Miz caught Ryder with the skull crushing finale for the victory. Very excited to be reviewing Superstars each week if we get matches like this.

Raw recap time. We take a look back at Shane McMahon’s surprise return from two weeks ago, and Vince McMahon disowning his son, and smashing the picture from this past week’s Raw.

After this, a shorter version of Y2AJ vs. New Day from Raw aired.

The Usos vs. The Ascension

Again, another solid match tonight. Definitely not as good as the opener, but not bad. I take nothing away from the Usos; who were on fire during this match. I really, really began enjoying the Usos ever since they returned from Jey’s injury. On the other hand, the Ascension did a decent job, but Viktor seemed to get winded very fast during his time in this match and that took a toll on the pace, which seemed to come to a dead stop every time one of the Usos started to fire up. Konor was doing better, but as a heel, of course he was working rest holds and not doing big, flashy moves. Towards the end, Jimmy Uso got the hot tag and it looked as if finally the Ascension started to get into the match. But, it was too late. The Usos picked up the win after a big splash from Jimmy.

Hopefully next week, the action is this good, or even better. Very excited to see the so called “mid carders” battle it out weekly.

A recap of the Dean Ambrose and Triple H segment from Raw closed out this week’s show.

Overall, my first Superstars viewing was a good one. I can’t wait to see more and more solid mid card matches every week. Zack Ryder has really improved, as well as the Miz and I’m glad they did. Usos were great tonight, unlike the Ascension, but towards the end, they finished it off in decent fashion. Come back weekly for more WWE Superstars reviews! Thanks for reading.


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