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WWE SmackDown Review for 3/10/16 – A Wrestling Outré

My pro-wrestling love is at an all time high. I got to watch a bunch of matches today, culminating with Sami Zayn vs. Samoa Joe in a fantastic 2/3 Falls match, then switching gears to recording a podcast about my favorite match ever; and now getting to write about my favorite WWE program. Life is good for me, and with Spring Break around the corner, things are looking to be in excellent shape. I hope SmackDown looks to extend its “A show” vibe this week, with Sami Zayn’s first appearance on SmackDown ever happening as he joins Kevin Owens on MizTV. No more rambling about my life, or CWF, or potentials, let’s get into the show itself!

Pyro open which always gets me fired up. SmackDown emanates from Millauke, Wisconsin this week, as we’re 48 hours away from Roadblock. The main event pits The Usos, Dean Ambrose & Dolph Ziggler vs. The Wyatt Family.

“And FYI, your years of main eventing WrestleMania are far, far, far behind you.” -Sami Zayn to The Miz

MizTV opens the show, as Miz is already in the ring after the pyro and plug. The power of production everyone. Miz talks about the two’s friendship and we get a RAW recap of Sami Zayn saving Neville from Kevin Owens apron bomb. Ole chants interrupt Miz trying to question Sami. Miz puts Sami’s journey to the WWE over as one of the most compelling stories he’s ever heard, and Miz joked about pitching it to Seth Rogan. Sami went to explain how he’s gotten here when Miz cut him off — asking him to fast forward to his friendship with Kevin Owens. Miz explains “content and drama = must see TV.” Sami resets and explains the history between the two has lasted 13 years, and they’ve taken their feud all over the world, as partners, enemies, friends, and explains he was the best man at Kevin’s wedding. Sami doesn’t know what happened, and it was inevitable that Kevin got to the WWE, and he explains Kevin turned on him the same night as his debut, causing tons of injuries that contributed to Sami taking time off. Miz sarcastically dismisses the story and with a shit-eating grin on his face, introduces Intercontinental Champion Kevin Owens. His music doesn’t hit, but finally it does and he’s out. Just because the answer isn’t the one Sami wants doesn’t make it not true; as Kevin did what he did because it was best for business and himself. Kevin puts the mah on the chalkboard, explaining that Sami got signed 2 years before him and Kevin made his RAW debut a year before him. Personal = what Sami has done to him at the Rumble and on RAW, and Kevin labels himself as the victim. He’s not the victim just yet, and the first thing Sami’s going to do is beat him for the Intercontinental Championship — plus he’s going to do it at WrestleMania! Owens thinks it’s laughable that Zayn thinks he belongs anywhere near the Intercontinental Championship. On the Kevin Owens show, Sami Zayn is nothing. Zayn chucks chairs out of the way and invites Owens into the ring. Owens walks away, sickened with the fact that Zayn thinks he’s in his league, but out comes Neville to stop him in his tracks. Neville explains he has unfinished business with Owens, and the Intercontinental Championship would look mighty fine around his waist. Neville is not an approved guest on MizTV, and Miz explains if anyone has earned a shot, it’s Miz. Miz explains that whilst they were main eventing Bingo Halls, Miz was main eventing WrestleMania. As Sami Zayn was about to deliver the last message to Owens regarding the Intercontinental Championship, The Miz attacked from behind. Looks like we have a tag team match, playa!

Sami Zayn & Neville vs. Kevin Owens & The Miz

This really happened. I can’t get over how cool this was to watch, and even if it wasn’t a barnburner, it did a massive favor in extended the Intercontinental Championship picture and feud between Owens and Zayn. A lot of the match had Neville being worked over, as Kevin Owens refused to step in the ring at the same time as Zayn. Zayn got a lot of his offense in, and with Mauro on the call, it was a picture perfect combination. We got the Tornado DDT, we got the exploder in the corner, and we got a clean Helluva Kick to The Miz as Sami and Neville picked up the win; what is important however, is how we got there. Even though we had awesome limbwork going on in the beginning of the match with the two trading grasps on Miz’s arm, that never paid off in the grand scheme of things as Neville had to fight through Miz and Owens to get the AWESOME well received hot tag to Zayn. Zayn hit all aforementioned moves as Owens walked out on not only Zayn, but partner Miz, as after a near fall roll-up on Zayn we got the win that makes Sami look like a million bucks — building the match everyone on the face of this planet can’t wait to see on the grandest stage yet.

Goldust is in a bathroom stall, asking if someone “can help a brother out?” Truth so happens to be in the same place at the same time. Apparently the Golden Truth are all about being in the same bathroom at the same time. Truth explains he was the lifeguard and the pool Goldust dropped his kids off at. “Hard but fair, sad but true, you have what I need partner, and I have what you need!” Truth gives Goldust toilet paper and refuses his tag team offer. TEAM. THEM. UP. ALREADY. God dammit!

We get a few minute recap video of Ambrose/Triple H stuff from RAW promoting their match at Roadblock.

Brie Bella vs. Summer Rae

Lana’s on commentary sat on the announce table. Really short match, but surprisingly decent. Summer Rae kept throwing Brie around in a fit of rage, even to the point of chucking her sideways into the damn barricade! We got a really good sequence at the end that saw Brie go for the running knee to Summer drapped on the ropes but Summer moving and a reversal roll-up sequence until Brie locked in an ugly looking (as per usual) YES! Lock for the win, Post-match, although Brie finally delivered the knees to Summer in the same position, Lana hit the X-Factor yet again standing tall over everyone. Actual passable content here.

Same Shane McMahon video package that aired on RAW airs.

Chris Jericho is out. Chris Jericho is pissed. Dad is mad folks. Jericho mocks the fans for booing him. When they had the chance to cheer for Jericho, they didn’t. They chose AJ Styles. The fans made Jericho feel like a piece of trash like (points to the can) in that garbage can. He reminds the fans he’s the best in the world (not literally as he blew up within 10 minutes of a pay-per-view match). Durability, never being hurt, new ideas like Money in the Bank, yet the crowd still chants for AJ Styles. The fans can GO TO HELL if they chant for AJ Styles. Even though Jericho was involved in one of the best RAW matches in history (HYPERBOLE ALERT,) the fans pick AJ Styles over him. Jericho explains that new guys disappear after 3 months because they can’t keep up with Jericho, and that Chris Jericho is not the next big thing, but the only thing in WWE. Styles burned Jericho, and now Jericho is going to burn back Styles. Jericho is going to stand here and watch AJ Styles’ career burn and fade away. I am dead. Jericho literally just lit the Y2AJ shirt on fire in a trash can. I’ll pretend it’s the Fozzy discography for added effect. He’s going to be the one to light the fire(?) Jericho mocks AJ Styles chants as a flame burns in front of his face. The fans chant Y2J back at them and in general. What? Alrighty then, that is it for that. Well done snarky Jericho.

Big Boss Man Hall of Fame video package and reminder.

Lucha Dragons (Kalisto & Sin Cara) vs. League of Nations (Wade Barrett & Sheamus) (w/Rusev)

This match had the weirdest set of circumstances set in action that were placed around it. First of all, Jerry Lawler kept saying “The Lads” in the year 2016. Secondly, Sin Cara randomly decided to become Battle Liger Jr. in his all black attire that completely differentiates himself from the Lucha Dragons gimmick. Third, Wade Barrett proved he’s most likely the rumored MMA-dream chaser by pulling out some of the stiffest sounding offense I’ve heard on TV recently, shooting on Kalisto. Sheamus was pretty stiff too. An alienated fact in itself which is weird sounding is…Sin Cara got the hot tag, and ate the pin anyways. The finishing sequence was cool with Sin Cara flipping Kalisto over the ropes in a Somersault Plancha to get rid of Sheamus. Rusev shoved Sin Cara off of the top rope onto his still most likely injured shoulder as Barrett hit the Bullhammer for the win. I cannot believe this all happened. To top it all off, Lawler insulted Kalisto by calling him a “gamer,” explaining he’s probably undefeated on WWE 2K16. What the fuck.

“There they are, the lads!” -Jerry Lawler

AND, to top it all off, after a few shots of Ryback staring at the backstage TV watching the match, post-match cuts to the fade out and him immediately reacting in an interviewer with JoJo. He explains two little men can’t beat two big men, but they should be proud of themselves for putting up a fight. He feels sorry for them because from a physical and genetic standpoint, not all men are created equal. That’s it.

We get a looooonnnngggg break from actual things happening as we get a recap of all things Shane/Vince and the buildup to Shane McMahon vs. Undertaker at WrestleMania. This episode is flying by as we get ready for the main event of the evening.

Renee Young is with The Usos. The Usos were only 10 years old watching The Dudley Boyz and are used to their aggression whether it’s new found or not. Two grown men have no respect for The Dudley Boyz. Ziggler and Ambrose walk in to a nice pop canned or not. Ziggler explains there’s always going to be repercussions for his actions, and Ambrose explains tonight is about Wyatt Hunting. Wyatts first, Roadblock second, he explains as he’s going to die trying to win the title from Triple H.

The Wyatt Family vs. Dean Ambrose, Dolph Ziggler & The Usos

Look, I’m not going to lie to you. This was hard to pay attention to, but this was better than you think it’d be. It was a mix of spots and impact moves, with the constant Strowman cameo in the match that legitimately pops me. Ziggler is always great in these multi-mans and that’s the position he should be in because these are the situations in which he is most consistent. He threw tons of dropkicks. The finishing sequence to this tag was bonkers. At one point I thought Ambrose was just going to clean house on Rowan and pick up the win, but all hell breaks loose. Harper broke up a pin on Rowan via Ambrose, Uso enzuiguri to Harper, Uranagi to an Uso, two superkicks to Strowman but Strowman killed Ziggler. Bray was about to lift him and traingle suplex an Uso but it came full circle as Ambrose flipped out of a powerbomb, goes for a Lunatic Lariat, but transitioned into a Dirty Deeds anyways! Whew. Babyfaces stand tall to end the show and Dean Ambrose looks extra strong for his WWE World Heavyweight Championship match vs. Triple H at Roadblock this Saturday!

The only word that can sum up SmackDown this week is weird. This was a show based around wrestling show, but so many bizarre twists and turns made this fun yet other-worldly to take in. The League of Nations vs. Lucha Dragons match itself was enough to label this show as a WTF, but also we had Lana doing a wrestling move again, the wackiness of the main event, and how crazy it is to see Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens continue their feud on WWE main roster TV. Oh, and Ryback staring at a TV eventually making fun of luchadores. And the cherry on top is heel Jericho burning a Y2AJ shirt in the trash can whilst making such remarks as calling himself Best in the World and explaining that if you cheer for AJ Styles you must go to hell. This is still the A show to me, as even though this week dipped in quality, it was able to hold my attention unlike most RAW’s.

SmackDown this week is “A Wrestling Outré.”

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