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WWE SmackDown Live Review: Drafting the Future

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages. Tonight, Wrestling with Words proudly presents to you it’s WWE Brand Extension Draft Coverage! Along with our written, and LIVE review here of all the draft night action, we’ll have several post draft grades for each brand and a little preview of what myself, the current SmackDown reviewer, and Brady, our current RAW reviewer, expect to see from our respective brands going forward. If that wasn’t enough, we’ll have a post-draft podcast too covering all of the action. Are you ready? I know I am!

*The following review was done live, in real time.*

WWE Brand Extension Draft – Quick Results


Pick #1: Seth Rollins
Pick #3: Charlotte
Pick #5: Finn Balor
Pick #6: Roman Reigns
Pick #8: Brock Lesnar
Pick #10: The New Day
Pick #11: Sami Zayn
Pick #13: Sasha Banks
Pick #15: Chris Jericho
Pick #16: Rusev (w/ Lana)
Pick #18: Kevin Owens
Pick #20: Enzo and Cass
Pick #21: Karl Anderson & Luke Gallows
Pick #23: Big Show
Pick #25: Nia Jax
Pick #26: Neville
Pick #28: Cesaro
Pick #30: Sheamus
Pick #31: Golden Truth
Pick #33: Titus O’Neil
Pick #35: Paige
Pick #36: Darren Young (w/ Bob Backlund)
Pick #38: Sin Cara
Pick #40: Jack Swagger
Pick #42: The Dudley Boyz
Pick #44: Summer Rae
Pick #46: Mark Henry
Pick #48: Braun Strowman
Pick #50: Bo Dallas
Pick #52: Shining Stars
Pick #54: Alicia Fox
Pick #56: Dana Brooke
Pick #58: Curtis Axel

SmackDown Live

Pick #2: Dean Ambrose
Pick #4: AJ Styles
Pick #7: John Cena
Pick #9: Randy Orton
Pick #12: Bray Wyatt
Pick #14: Becky Lynch
Pick #17: The Miz (w/ Maryse)
Pick #19: Baron Corbin
Pick #22: American Alpha
Pick #24: Dolph Ziggler
Pick #27: Natalya
Pick #29: Alberto Del Rio
Pick #32: The Usos
Pick #34: Kane
Pick #37: Kalisto
Pick #39: Naomi
Pick #41: The Ascension
Pick #43: Zack Ryder
Pick #45: Apollo Crews
Pick #47: Alexa Bliss
Pick #49: Breezango  (Tyler Breeze and Fandango)
Pick #51: Eva Marie
Pick #53: The Vaudevillians
Pick #55: Erick Rowan
Pick #57: Mojo Rawley
Pick #59: Carmella

SmackDown Live starts off with Daniel Bryan and Shane McMahon coming out, ready to begin the picking. We’re running with a rare, four man commentary team tonight, with Michael Cole, Mauro Ranallo, Jerry Lawler, and Byron Saxton manning the table tonight. Stephanie McMahon is being drowned out by a thunderous chorus of boo’s, only to be redeemed by the obligatory cheap pop of Mick Foley for the good folks of Worcester, Massachusetts. That being said, with the first pick in the 2016 WWE Brand Extension Draft, Monday Night Raw selects…Seth Rollins! After trading some barbs and Shane McMahon calling Seth Rollins “Crossfit Jesus”, Dean Ambrose is announced as the first pick in the draft for SmackDown Live! Hell of a way to start off the draft. As we go further down the list, RAW selects the first NXT pick of the draft at Number Five, taking the former NXT Champion Finn Balor! Finally, the draft shenanigans end, and we start off the show hot as all hell!

John Cena (w/ Enzo & Cass) vs. Luke Gallows (w/ AJ Styles & Karl Anderson)

In a very odd twist of events, SmackDown continues on the left side of my screen on the USA Network while commercials play on the right side. I guess they’re testing out this whole commercial free gimmick? I’m all about that, honestly. John Cena is being worked over by Luke Gallows as Popeyes introduces me to their slow simmered red beans and rice. As we return from commercials, Mauro Ranallo’s sweet, angelic voices reminds us that we’re back live on the USA Network. Luke Gallows is certainly very good in executing the oft-repeated mantra of The Club: beating up John Cena. Not for nothing, however, Mr. Cena connects with four of the five moves of doom, with Gallows wiggling free of an attempted Attitude Adjustment. The Club and Enzo & Cass enter the ring in the midst of the match. Enzo and Cass dispatch of Styles and Anderson in short order, opening the door for Cena to connect with an Attitude Adjustment, sealing the deal and giving his trio some momentum heading into Battleground this Sunday. As far as opening matches goes, it was a relatively inoffensive affair that served the purpose of getting this feud some face time going into Sunday’s pay-per-view.

Champions vs. Challengers: The Miz (w/ Mayrse) & Rusev (w/ Lana) vs. Darren Young (w/ Bob Backlund) & Zack Ryder

Following the carnage that ensued in the Wrestling With Words Draft Headquarters over the next few picks, we head straight into a Champions versus Challengers match. The Miz and Rusev are looking to put their respective challengers in their places before the championships are up for grabs in just five straight days. Miz & Rusev have the early game going their way, working over Zack Ryder until he gets the hot tag off to Mr. No Day’s Off, Darren Young. Young goes on a roll, connecting with a Gut Check on Miz. Rusev gets involved, as does Zack Ryder, which leads to a pretty sweet spot in which Rusev throws Zack Ryder up enabling him to hit a Rough Ryder on The Miz. Following some outside dives, Darren Young locks in the Chicken Wing on The Miz, leading to a victory for the challengers. Will Ryder and Young be able to have this same success and walk away from Battleground with championship gold? Who knows.

Xavier Woods (w/ Kofi Kingston & Big E) vs. Bray Wyatt (w/ Braun Strowman & Erick Rowan)

Xavier Woods has seen some shit in his lifetime, guys. Bray Wyatt clearly terrifies Woods, and after some rather uncomfortable few minutes of Xavier Woods being entranced by Wyatt, we erupt into fisticuffs. Bray Wyatt is punishing, borderline abusing Xavier Woods. Woods rallies back, connecting with a huge knee to the jaw of the Eater of Worlds. Woods pops up for the Honor Roll, but is planted with Sister Abigail, paying his penance against Bray Wyatt.

Kane vs. Kevin Owens

I was pretty amped to see a nice old fashioned brawl here, but it didn’t happen thanks to Sami Zayn running in and causing chaos. That’s a shame, I really did want to see that match too. More draft picks for us, I guess.

Sasha Banks vs. Dana Brooke & Charlotte (Handicap Match)

Dana Brooke locks it up with Sasha Banks to start it up, with Sasha bringing it to the greener Dana with the greatest of ease. After a little bit of bruising and bullying by Sasha, she goes to lock in the Banks Statement, not noticing a tag out to Charlotte. Charlotte runs in and connects with Natural Selection, sealing the victory for her team.

Cesaro vs. Chris Jericho

Jamming another match in between some of the draft picks. Chris Jericho and Cesaro have had a very back and forth affair in this match, with neither really pulling up any sort of advantage. Jericho pulls out some pretty uncharacteristic athletic moves, including a frankensteiner. Cesaro is able to score with multiple uppercuts and get the Cesaro Swing going, but it isn’t enough to put Jericho away. Cesaro goes for his springboard uppercut, but connects with a Codebreaker, putting away the Swiss Superman. As we return from our commercial break, Natalya and Becky Lynch are beating the unholy hell out of each other.

WWE Championship: Dean Ambrose (c) vs. Seth Rollins

Seth Rollins is gunning for Dean Ambrose. He wanted to walk away with the WWE Championship last night on RAW, but that was not the case, as we’d later learn on the WWE Network. Seth Rollins has had Dean Ambrose in various headlock varations for the majority of this match, with the match spilling to the outside, eventually leading to Rollins being launched into the time keeper’s area. I’d honestly be lying if I said that this match was any different, or for that fact, any more interesting than the match they had last night on Monday Night RAW. The fact of the matter is that, at this point, it’s a carbon copy of the match they had last night. Rollins is tossed to the outside after failing at a Pedigree, with Ambrose connecting with a dive on the outside, following an elbow drop onto Seth from the top rope. Eventually, Seth Rollins hits a superplex, tries to roll through for another big move, but Ambrose reverses it into a Dirty Deeds for the clean as daylight win. Just to repeat what happened: one of the number one contenders to the WWE Championship, which is being contested on a pay-per-view in FIVE days, just lost clean as a whistle on live television. I’m not really sure what else I can say.


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