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WWE SmackDown Live Review (04/25/2017)

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WWE SmackDown Live on April 25, 2017

Watch: USA Network, Hulu, WWE Network on a one-month delay

Wells Fargo Arena – Des Moines, IA

Shinsuke Nakamura, now ‘The Artist Known As…’ is the first man out to the ring for an interview with Renee Young but is interrupted by Dolph Ziggler. Renee gets out of the way and the crowd starts a “Nakamura” chant before Dolph grabs the mic and antagonizes him with a fake interview and how Nakamura isn’t who he think he is. Dolph started talking and I hit the mute button, I unmuted when Nakamura bossed Dolph out of the ring.

Baron Corbin vs. AJ Styles

The match has a slow start as the commentary table puts over Kevin Owens current storyline as the new Face of America. Styles has Corbin in an extended headlock before he gets sent to the ropes and kicked to the floor. The two men have managed to wake the crowd up after the disaster of a Ziggler promo from earlier, especially when Styles starts attacking Corbin during his comeback. Styles tries to roll Corbin into a Calf-Crusher from the corner but he holds onto the ropes and forced Styles to change plans. Styles gets on the apron to do a Phenomenal Forearm but Owens gets up from the commentary table and yells at Styles causing a distraction. Styles is still able to win and after the bell, it’s a free for all with Owens getting in the ring and attack both Styles and Corbin, Sami Zayn runs in and everyone hits an attack until Owens is left standing tall over our #1 contender before leaving.

Charlotte is interviewed in the locker room about her SmackDown women’s championship main event match tonight. She has gold running through her veins and she’s ready to rule over her new kingdom and she’s ready to prove to others that she is the greatest superstar in WWE history.

American Alpha vs. The Colons

The Colons are wearing new darker tights to match their darker music, this match does well to highlight the Colons dirty tactics and it helps to get AA a reaction from the crowd. Three and a half minutes in, the crowd starts a “Let’s go Gable” and “Gable” chant, a great improvement from the usual sitting on hands AA gets from crowds when not doing high spots. AA win the match and set the time at 5:17 to set the time for the Beat the Clock challenge.

Rusev has sent in a video stating he doesn’t like Daniel Bryan or Shane McMahon, he told them that he would only show up to SmackDown Live if he gets a title match at Money in the Bank.

Becky Lynch is asked where she stands on Charlotte, she doesn’t approve of her methods but she appreciates that she’s getting results. The interview is interrupted when Natalya, Tamina, and Carmella walk in and Natalya asks Becky where she stands on the Charlotte situation, she’s either with them or against them.

Randy Orton vs. Erick Rowan

This match quickly goes outside to the barricades with Rowan getting thrown into the ring post and dropped on his back onto the barricade before being dumped onto the commentary table. Rowan throws Orton into the steel steps and rolls Orton and himself back into the ring. A kendo stick is the first weapon to be used then a table is set up on the outside, while Rowan is putting up the table Orton pulls the kendo stick closer to himself and he uses it to push Rowan off the apron and through the table. Orton seemingly has the match won when he starts hitting the mat for the RKO but Rowan grabs him and pushes him away, back outside the ring Rowan throws steps into Orton. Rowan sets up a steel chair in the ropes and Irish whips Orton into the corner, Orton stops himself and leads Rowan to run into the chair, Orton hits an RKO and wins the match. 

Post-match Orton says he doesn’t know what a House of Horrors match but he’ll find out at Payback, he promises Wyatt that this match will be his eternal hell. Before it ends Jinder Mahal comes out and talks smack to Orton and continues his “America isn’t tolerant of others” schtick. Orton attacks him but the Bollywood Boyz come out to aid Jinder and they get the upper hand and beat down Orton. We’re then shown that during commercial Jinder and the Bollywood Boyz left the arena in a limousine with the WWE World Championship.

Breezango vs. The Ascension

Viktor starts the match hot with an uppercut to Breeze and he quickly tags in Konnor for a double team move with the pin broken up by Fandango. The Ascension tries for the fast pins to beat the 5:17 set by American Alpha but Breezango beat the time in 2:36 and become the new #1 contenders for the SmackDown tag team championship.

A video for Payback’s House of Horrors match is played.

Naomi is interviewed at gorilla before her match about how much of a threat Charlotte is to her championship, where Naomi’s from you have to be on top to be the best and last time she checked Charlotte isn’t champion. Editor’s note: I adore the gorilla position interviews. Please do it before every main event on TV.

SmackDown Women's Championship: Naomi (c) vs. Charlotte

The match starts off slowly with a lock up into some headlocks, Charlotte tries to walk away and gets her hair grabbed by Naomi but she trips Naomi on the apron and pulls her off to the floor. Returning from commercial Charlotte has Naomi in a headlock and Naomi had a quick comeback before having it cut short with a knee drop from Charlotte. Naomi’s second comeback actually gains traction and she’s able to batter Charlotte with a hurricanrana and her signature quick kicks. Charlotte tries her moonsault but Naomi gets her knees up but is too tired to go for the immediate pin, Naomi finally gets up but Natalya pulls her down and her friends run into the ring and beat down Charlotte.  While this beatdown happens the crowd chants that they want Becky but she’s nowhere be seen as Natalya, Tamina, and Carmella (w/Ellsworth) stand tall.

  • DECENT - 6/10


Another decent episode of SmackDown Live this week that got started by a terrible Dolph Ziggler promo and ended with Natalya and Friends standing tall over their new nemesis, Charlotte. Overall a skippable episode.

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