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WWE SmackDown Live (February 14) Review & Results

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WWE SmackDown Live for February 14, 2017

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Honda Center – Anaheim, California

Tonight’s episode starts with a highlight video from last Sunday’s Elimination Chamber PPV. Our new WWE World Champion, Bray Wyatt, walks out to the ring without Randy Orton by his side and is showered with “You deserve it” chants from the audience. He speaks of Sister Abigail telling him that this path wasn’t going to be easy but she never lies and neither does he, he knew that this day would come. Stand in his way and you’ll burn in the fire. Not long after Bray welcomes us to the Era of Wyatt ,the lights come on and John Cena walks out to confront Bray. Before he can even speak Cena is booed, once he gets on the mic he congratulates Wyatt before saying that he has brainwashed the audience into chanting “You deserve it”. Cena takes issue with the people chanting Wyatt deserves it because no one deserves anything, they need to earn it like he earned a rematch for the WWE World Championship and he wants that match right now. Former champion AJ Styles walks out with a mic saying Cena shouldn’t get a championship rematch before he does, being John Cena doesn’t mean he gets to line jump here but AJ realizes that this isn’t even about Cena it’s about AJ Styles. AJ’s confident in his ability to defeat Bray in a match and now he wants a rematch for the title, GM Daniel Bryan walks out and makes it a triple threat for the world title.

Highlights | Bray Wyatt receives custom side plates for his newly-won WWE Championship

Dean Ambrose is walking around backstage yelling Baron Corbin’s name asking where he is.

American Alpha def. The Ascension

Gable starts the match off showcasing his grappling and amatuer wrestling background to minimal fanfare from the crowd, the crowd makes some noise when both teams throw fists at each other and the Ascension are thrown outside. Viktor and Konnor are preventing Gable tagging in Jordan, building up the Jordan’s signature hot tag later in the match, with chin locks and irish whips. Jordan is tagged in and gets one of the loudest reactions AA have gotten from a SmackDown Live  audience since their main roster debut. American Alpha get the win, but the festivities are cut short when the Usos get on the titantron and tell them to watch out.


James Ellsworth invites Carmella to dinner for Valentine’s dinner but Ambrose’s yelling cuts him off. Ambrose looks at the two and tells James that Carmella is just using him, Carmella doesn’t appreciate the slander and tells James to stand up for her. Daniel Bryan walks up seeing the conflict and asks what’s going on, Ambrose explains that he can’t find Baron Corbin and he wants to beat the crap out of Ellsworth right now. Bryan quickly agrees and wishes Ellsworth luck.

James Ellsworth w/ Carmella vs Dean Ambrose

Ellsworth and Carmella are in ring talking waiting for Ambrose to show up for their match, after the music plays for a minute Baron Corbin walks out carrying Ambrose and the two start fighting on the stage, ending with Ambrose going through a production table.

Highlights | Is Dean Ambrose scared of James Ellsworth?

Daniel Bryan and Nikki look over tape of her and Natalya’s constant out of ring fights and tells her that they need to stop the fighting. Natalya walks up and after not much talking the two start fighting again, Bryan gets angry and yells for them to stop. Since neither woman can seem to stop attacking the other they will have a Falls Count Anywhere match next week.


Baron is stopped backstage by a reporter and is asked for an explanation. Corbin says Dean Ambrose is the reason he doesn’t have a championship and now Dean is on his way to the hospital, why, because Baron Corbin.

Ziggler is interviewed by Renee Young backstage, Dolph has been a sore loser but now the only sore losers are Apollo Crews and Kalisto. All of the new wrestlers are here thinking they can replace him but Ziggler is far from being done, no one steals the show like him and nobody steals his place.


Mickie James def. Becky Lynch

Mickie James goes after Becky’s left arm again just like she did at Elimination Chamber, and like on Sunday the match is very grapple and mat heavy. After constant roll ups Mickie rolls out of the ring and gets heckled by Becky to get back in the ring, when she does she attacks Becky a couple times before losing control of the match again. As if for revenge on Sunday for beating her arm Becky is working over Mickie’s left arm before kicking her off of the apron. Halfway through the bout Becky has most control with slow glimpses of Mickie punishing her opponent. The match ends when Mickie lands outside and plays possum telling the referee that she may have dislocated her shoulder, the referee looks away to call a doctor over, giving James the perfect opening to hit Becky with a Mick Kick for a three count and the win.


Naomi is out in the ring with Renee Young to celebrate her title win but it starts with some sad news that Naomi has suffered an injury during her championship match, but she’s been through injuries before in her eight-year-long career and an injured knee won’t stop her from bringing the title home to Orlando at WrestleMania. Alexa walks to the ring to ruin the festivities and claims Naomi is probably faking the injury because she knows that she wouldn’t retain the title in a rematch. Alexa tells Naomi that she has one week to give her a title rematch or she’ll beat her up and down the ring and get the SmackDown Women’s Championship back.

Alexa Bliss interrupts injured SmackDown Women’s champion, Naomi

Bray Wyatt(c) def. John Cena & AJ Styles

AJ Styles and John Cena walk to the ring and wait for the champion to make his entrance, once Bray is down the ramp and blows out his lamp the lights come on and Luke Harper is ringside! Luke Harper beats down his former leader is taken away from multiple referees but it looks like the damage has been down to Bray. Returning from a commercial break we see AJ and Cena in the ring fighting each other, Cena goes for the Five Knuckle Shuffle but Bray grabs his ankles and drags him outside. Cena is thrown into the steel steps and AJ hits Bray with a high Phenomenal Forearm and gets control of the match after bringing Bray inside the ring. A second Forearm lays out Bray but Cena runs in and AA’s AJ for a two count, while he’s distracted Bray grabs Cena and hits hims with a Sister Abigail but AJ breaks the pin. No punches are being pulled in this TV main event, we’re seeing signature moves and hard-hitting offense in this title match and the intensity is felt through the TV. A second commercial break ends and when we return to the match Bray is laid out on the announce table and AJ jumps from the barricade to the table, whatever we missed from the commercial was great because the crowd is hot. Cena pulls AJ into the center of the ring and applies a STF, AJ appears close to breaking but Bray Wyatt sentons onto both men and gets control of this match back into his hands. Camera cuts to the crowd show many people deeply invested in this match and its many near-falls. The Era of Wyatt continues after a hellacious match that included a pre-match beatdown from a former family member and  a beating from two of SmackDown Live’s  best. Randy Orton finally makes his appearance after Bray’s title defense to remind him that as the Royal Rumble winner he has to face Bray at WrestleMania but as long as Bray is his master he refuses to do so.

Highlights | Randy Orton vows not to engage WWE Champion Bray Wyatt at WrestleMania

  • Great - 8/10


Another strong episode of SmackDown Live capped off by a barn burner main event. We've now had two weeks of great episodes and with a Falls Count Anywhere match that'll hopefully be better than Nikki and Natalya's Elimination Chamber match and a possible women's title match next week we hopefully get a good episode next Tuesday.

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