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WWE SmackDown Live (January 10) Review & Results

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WWE SmackDown Live

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January 10, 2017

Raising Cane’s River Center – Baton Rouge, Louisiana 

A recap video shows the conflict Miz and Dean Ambrose have been having over the past couple of weeks leading up to Ambrose winning the Intercontinental Title last week. Dean Ambrose walks to the ring to run his show “The Ambrose Asylum” and announces he is officially entering the Royal Rumble. Tonight’s guests on “The Ambrose Asylum” are the Miz and Maryse who are looking despondent. Miz first tells Ambrose that he’s tainting the Intercontinental Title and ruining his hard work of restoring the title to its former glory, he then announces he is officially entering the Royal Rumble. It’s brought up that last week’s title match should’ve ended in disqualification due to outside interference and that it’s still the Miz’s title and he wants it back. Dean presents him with a participation award followed by “you suck” chants from the crowd. Miz then attacks Dean and invites Maryse to smack him but Dean ducks and she smacks her husband instead leading him into a Dirty Deads.

A video package plays highlighting Natalya’s and Nattie’s rivalry stemming from a sneak attack at Survivor Series. Nikki is walking down the hall before being blindsided by Natayla, getting thrown against the wall.

Natayla vs. Nikki Bella

Back from commercial, Natayla walks down to the ring with a big grin on her face while Nikki walks down holding her left leg before spearing Natalya before the bell. The action spills outside and Nikki hits another spear. Natalya rams Nikki into a barricade and gets the upper hand before trying to run away. The two go back and forth before extra referees come in and break up the two of them, the crowd boos them for stopping the match. Natayla chop blocks the injured leg and puts Nikki into a sharpshooter and the match is a no contest.

Dasha Fuentes is backstage saying that Kalisto would like a match with Dolph tonight and asks Dolph about his actions from last week, he stands silently before walking off set.

Kalisto def. Dolph Ziggler

The bell rings and Kalisto hits Ziggler right away with kicks, and hurricanranas Dolph out of the ring. Otunga talks about how Ziggler has put all this pressure on himself and that pressure led to him snapping last week, JBL counters that top dogs know that everyone hates them and Ziggler is finally realizing that. Ziggler is controlling the match with his grappling skills, using them to keep Kalisto grounded. Dueling “Let’s go Ziggler” and “lucha lucha” chants go through the crowd. Both superstars are looking great in this match, compared to his match with Baron Corbin last week, Ziggler has a meaner edge to himself with a more mat-based offense and Kalisto is showing some good fire. Dolph dropkicks Kalisto but the pin is reversed and Kalisto picks up the win, after the bell he gets rocked by a clothesline. Dolph walks away but stops to look at a chair, he gets back in the ring and starts assaulting his opponent with the weapon. Apollo Crews walks out and also gets attacked by the chair.

American Alpha are in the locker room and are asked how they’re preparing to face the Wyatts. Jordan says as long as AA have the tag titles they are the alphas of the tag division, Chad adds that they’ve beaten them before and they’ll beat them again.

John Cena is backstage and is asked about his upcoming match against Baron Corbin.  Cena puts him over talking about how he’s run through most of the competition since arriving on SmackDown Live. He’s fired up and is ready to show AJ what he can expect at the Royal Rumble.

The Wyatts address American Alpha before their scheduled match.

WWE SmackDown Tag Team Championship: American Alpha (c) def. The Wyatt Family

Bray and Chad start the match with some back and forth action and power moves. Randy tags in and he’s still very over with the audience despite being a heel in the Wyatt Family. Chad hits a senton to the outside. After the opening section Bray and Orton are easily controlling the match, keeping Chad in the ring and wearing him down. Jordon gets the hot tag and takes out Bray and Orton. A distraction lets the Wyatts get the upper hand back. This is a pretty fun, hard-hitting TV match that both teams are having, the only thing that’s taking away from it is American Alpha aren’t getting great reactions on the hot tags–but I can’t heavily fault the main roster audience for not yet going crazy for them. Luke tries to distract the ref again but Orton also looks at him wondering why he’s doing that. Chad rolls up the Orton while his back is turned for the three count and to retain the titles. Luke starts to shout at Orton for losing but Orton is mad at him too.

After the bell the two get in a shoving match before Bray can push them apart and try to talk some sense into them. Luke tries to kick Orton but accidentally hits Bray, after recovering from the kick Bray looks both members in the eyes before storming off, Luke not far behind him.

A Baron Corbin video package plays for his match against Cena tonight. All the video packages for the matches tonight have added a feeling of importance, something missing from Monday nights.

Becky and Daniel Bryan look at tape trying to figure out who La Luchadora is when Alexa walks in and the two women start to argue. Since Becky beat Alexa again, Brian decides to make another title match for next week, but to make sure no luchadoras interfere they’ll be wrestling inside a steel cage.

Carmella w/James Ellsworth def. CJ Lunde

Carmella walks to the ring with James Ellsworth by her side. She’s in a match with CJ Lunde, enhancement talent. James interferes and Carmella wins it. This wasn’t a good match, it would’ve been better off if we didn’t have a match and just an extended backstage segment with Carmella and James.

Backstage Baron Corbin talks about how he doesn’t care about Cena, he’ll make John Cena a liar, it’s his end of days. AJ appears and tells Corbin he’ll be on commentary and he should do his best AJ Styles impression and beat up John Cena. Video plays showing the WWE championship title match contract signing for the Royal Rumble and Corbin’s interference.

John Cena def. Baron Corbin

The two stand across the ring from each before John lays in some hits before getting leveled by a clothesline from Baron. Cena tries lifting Corbin into a fireman’s carry but is unable to hold him up. Corbin starts gabbing at AJ, letting Cena take advantage and throw some punches, not for long as Corbin punches back and throws him back in the ring. Cena starts using tricks and ring awareness to make Corbin slip up. Cena finally starts to rally back after a tornado DDT takes Corbin to the ground and hits the Five-Knuckle Shuffle and Attitude Adjustment for the win. This match felt slightly rushed at the end but served its purpose well enough, Baron is good but John Cena is still John Cena and you better recognize.

  • Average - 5/10


This was an okay episode of Smackdown Live. The tag title match was the best match of the show and the enhancement talent match with Carmella was a real stinker. Story wise this episode was on the stronger side, Becky and Alexa continue their battle for the title with a cagematch in Memphis and Dolph seems to be making enemies with more members of the roster. If you miss this episode don't stress yourself trying to go out of your way trying to watch it.

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