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WWE Raw Review – The Champion’s Asylum

Big Johnny returned!

Welcome to the other half of your RAW reviewing team as Brady is out and I’m in. You’ll get a very blunt and entertaining review. I don’t go blow by blow like Big Dave but I am a direct and we’ll thought out reviewer. Now onto the show.

RAW starts off with an Ambrose clip almost forgetting the title in a cab. The intro video plays and then Dean Ambrose is there in living color. Dean was soaking up the crowd and a “you deserve it” chant breaks out. He talks about the night in Vegas and makes a Cleveland Cavaliers championship celebration joke and says the story of last night at the pay per view. We get an Uncle Dean’s lesson of the week of what goes around comes back around. Dean calls himself the dude and says it doesn’t matter what you call him, he’s champ. Roman Reigns comes out to rousing boos. This is going to be interesting. They mentioned on commentary that all three members of the Shield held the title. Roman says Last night was not my night, it was your night. He asks how good did it feel to cash in on seth? Dean replies I would of cashed in on you. You can’t wrestle chants and Roman takes a shot at the male demographic. Seth comes out and cuts an empashioned promo. Then they talk about who’s going to face Dean. Then Shane comes out and talks a bit about the draft and makes the match between Seth and Roman for the number one contendership

Sami Zayn vs. Kevin Owens

Why are they doing this match? This is a pay per view quality match and it’s better that they do a pay per view match where they can throw all their shit together.And calling it the end of the feud is fucking laughable. This company just baffles me. They did cool stuff and Zayn won when Owens went for the pop up powerbomb and Zayn rolled him up. Then they continued the feud as Kevin attacks Sami and then Sami beats in him and they do a pull apart. Ugh, this is pitiful that this feud doesn’t mean shit to them and means the world to a lot of fans.

Owens and Zayn get separated in the back.

John Lauranitus came out and he talks about himself and the draft. Shane saves the day and they alluded to Shane running SD and teased Big Johnny running RAW which the latter will never happen. Enzo and Cass come out and Enzo and Shane have a shuffle off and Enzo cuts his promo. They talk about Johnny Ace being irrelevant and make jokes about the Dynamic Dudes before spelling out SAWFT.

Enzo & Cass vs. The Vaudevillians

They showed Enzo almost dying in the ring again. Can we stop with this bullshit? Enzo could of been hurt more seriously and they’ve replayed the spot too much. JUST STOP. They did the same formula that works, Enzo gets the heat, hot tag to Cass, Cass runs wild, and they hit the Bad Boom Shackalacka for the win.

AJ Styles comes out to explain his win over John Cena. AJ Styles says he should be happy but it was tainted by brothers to him. It didn’t go down the way it should and wants an Gallows and Anderson apology. They come down to the ring perplexed. Anderson gave an explanation that they were trying to help. AJ demanded they apologize and they apologize to him and John Cena. He was begging Cena to come out and he comes out and stays on the ramp. John Cena says he doesn’t believe it. And they apologize and trying to convince Cena. Cena says he respects the win but he says AJ has no balls and no word. AJ says they did you a favor and wants John Cena to fight either Anderson or Gallows. Then he makes Anderson vs Cena right now after some banter.

Karl Anderson vs. John Cena

On paper this match sounds awesome. But with all the shenanigans before the match, this could get pretty ugly. They keep panning to the ramp. And John hits the five knuckle shuffle and the AA. Then The Club hit the Magic Killer and Styles hit the Styles Clash to end the segment.

Seth cuts a total baby face promo. He talks about last night, how he beat Roman fair and square and how Dean is a cockroach. He said he beat Roman last night and again tonight.

Becky Lynch cuts a promo, was very emotional. She’s going to look out for herself, no apologies  and then Nattie attacks her from behind and says she’s looking out for herself now.

Baron Corbin vs. Zack Ryder

Two months ago Zack Ryder won at Wrestlemania. Boy have things fallen from grace. Big Banter however won a feud with Dolph Ziggler and would win this squash with the End of Days.

They aired a video package about WWE and PPTV and the new Chinese signee.

Wyatt return package, here comes the glorified job guys of the WWE.

Paige interview as this confirms that her arrest was a work. Paige and Charlotte and Dana have a banter session.

WWE Women's Championship: Charlotte (c) vs. Paige

Paige finally gets an entrance for the first time in months. Charlotte had modified Flair robe on, really trying to distance herself from father huh. Charlotte has one of the best moonsaults in the game. Paige hit the Rampage and Dana puts Charlotte’s foot under the rope. Charlotte would hit the Natural Selection for the win. Post match Charlotte attacks Paige and then Sasha comes out to a rousing ovation. Attacks both Charlotte and Dana to end the segment.

Another Devry University behind the scenes commercial airs on the pyro.

The Wyatts are here and interesting to note no Harper during this return. Bray swings around the lamp and blows it out. Welcome back chants fill the arena. Did you miss me Bray beckons. He claims that they’re stronger than ever. Then the New Day of all teams come out. Ugh, this is going to be a feud. Xavier says that Bray that he blabbers too much. They talk about how the Wyatts are negative and their positivity is why they have the WWE Tag Team Championships. Then Bray responds with a New Day Falls chant to bruptly end the awkwardness.

Another Life Lessons from Backlund segment. He says never take advice, he makes orders. Backlund is hilarious here.

Lana introduces Rusev and he comes down the isle. They cut to the back and interview Titus and he says don’t you ever disrespect his family.

Rusev vs. Titus O'Neil

Titus wails on Rusev right away. They are just pummeling each other. Loving the intensity here. Titus Chotheslines him over the barricade and the match never got started.

The Miz Report as he bashes the entire staff for not giving him quail.

Chris Jericho is in Shane’s office and they talk about Dean Ambrose and the draft.

Seth Rollins vs. Roman Reigns

Dean Ambrose joins the commentary table. Is there going to be a distinct winner or are they going to do the idiotic thing and do a triple threat at Battleground. Hopefully they make a good decision. Why are people chanting You Can’t Wrestle at Reigns? He’s a good worker, just he’s forced down our throats. The chemistry between these two is unbelievable. It honestly bothers me that Reigns works his ass off and gets disrespected by most fans. And they do a double count out finish and then Shane comes out and makes the Shield triple threat at Battleground. Then Dean DDTs both Seth and Roman ad he stands tall at the end of the show.

I don’t know how to feel about them blowing their load too early but what I know is that it will be good. That will do it for RAW this week, you can listen to me on Get in the Ring Thursdays from 11 to 1 on www.montcoradio.com and www.wrestlingwithwords.com.


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