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WWE Raw Review: The Calm Before The Draft’s Storm

Hey guys, Danny here and I’ll be reviewing RAW for the next two weeks then Brady and I will alternate from there.

Battle Royal for #1 Contendership to the Intercontinental Championship

We actually start consecutive RAW with a match as this is a Battle Royal to face Miz at Battleground and the geeks are in there. Miz cuts a promo before the match and we’re off and running. They debuted Darren Young with no entrance and no nothing. The Usos are a ripoff of the Young Bucks and they’re bad at it. The final six are Del Rio, Young, Bubba, Apollo, Baron and Ziggler. Young eliminated Bubba. Apollo eliminates Del Rio. Corbin eliminates Ziggler. And Corbin and Apollo eliminate each other making DARREN YOUNG your number one contender. He had no entrance, no pomp, no circumstance, just a guy.

There is an ad for Lesnar and the Wyatts and New Day at their compound.

Shane and Stephanie are arguing about who should run each show and Seth comes in and feels Vince should talk about the Reigns controversy and comes up with the Rollins Report.

Brock Lesnar at UFC 200

They talk about UFC and Brock Lesnar’s win and pimp the Brock vs Orton match. They play a clip from the press conference and announce that Orton will be on the highlight reel at Battleground.

Ryder shoves Rusev and then Sheamus attacks him, Ryder vs Sheamus next.

Zack Ryder vs. Sheamus

Zack Ryder has some less geeky music. They go after each other and Ryder hits an Apron Dropkick.  Ryder is dominating before Sheamus hits a clothesline.  Back and forth we go.  Brogue Kick, 123, Rusev comes down and Ryder and Rusev go at it and Rusev hits the Accolade.

Enzo and Cass vs Gallows and Anderson announced.

Breezango vs. Lucha Dragons

This is two geek tag teams going at it. I don’t know how to feel about it. Kalisto botched a springboard. Breeze hit the Ospreay kick and got the win. Boring.

The Rollins Report featuring Roman Reigns

Rollins not shockingly got a baby face pop and says he’s got a scoop for us. He calls out an investigative reporters and says he’s got an interview with Reigns. And it was Rollins asking questions with previous clips of Reigns interviews. This is absolutely hilarious. He’s really bodying him here and it was great. Rollins is a goat and his promo work has been fantastic. Ambrose comes out and doesn’t get as big of a reaction as Rollins. Rollins says Ambrose’s  reign as champion was a joke. He said nobody could beat him and he could sneak up on him at Battleground. Who’s the best member of the Shield, Seth says. He says his fairy tale is going to end. Ambrose says he’s on top of the world, he’s going to prove to everyone he’s the backbone of the industry. He goes on to explain he’s known Rollins for a long time and he’s done crazy things to get it and he will do that to keep it. He said if Rollins wants a one on one he can do it any time. Next week is better for Seth. And the segment ends with Seth on the ramp.

Next week Seth vs Dean for the Title was announced.

Sami Zayn comes out to join the commentary team. Owens demanded that Sami be removed from commentary and Stephanie complied.  Owens comes out and then they separated them after Sami attacked him. Vince gets interviewed and says he’ll announce the commissioner of Smackdown tonight.

Kevin Owens vs. Cesaro

This is a match the whole internet cares about as KO faces Cesaro. These two always work well together and this was good for what it was. Owens really likes those chinlocks.  This has been really good, what did you all expect. Owens hit with an Argentine Neckbreaker for the win. Owens rants to the commentary team and Zayn comes out of no where and tosses him back in and Cesaro swinging him.

They look back on last week’s angle with Enzo and Cass. The Club does bad Allen Iverson impression and then they said  they will beat up John Cena at the ESPYS.

Heath Slater vs. Titus O'Neil

Why is this match happening? This is two geeks going at it, ugh. This was JAM, just a match, between two JAGs, just a guys. Clash of the Titus 1-2-3 and he wins.

Renee with Sasha here. She cuts a promo on Dana Brooke and she is just Sasha.

The Wyatts vs New Day at the compound is next.

This could either top the Final Deletion in being really bad or being really good. They go back to the clip of last week with Xavier freaking out. There are girls in sheep masks and the lights turn on. Here are the Wyatts beating  the ever living shit out of the New Day. Bray beats up Xaviers. They’re battling it out. I’m liking the brutality here. Now the Wyatts are beating them. Xavier makes the save. Xavier and Bray battle. Then all three on one with Bray. Then three on three, the children in sheep masks come back. Follow the buzzards and they go off. That was amazingly well done.

The Club (Karl Anderson & Luke Gallows) w/ AJ Styles vs. Enzo and Cass

The Club and Team Bada  Boom come out after that awesomeness. Cass cuts a promo how everyone wants his spot and how they will earn it. They use the numbers game and they said they’re going to come after the Club. AJ responds with John Cena isn’t here. Then they call the Club SAWFT. Then they go to a match after the break. Enzo and Karl are working well with each other. Tag to Gallows and he’s doing his thing. More working over Enzo as we go to a break. Enzo hits a DDT to Gallows and tags Cass who has a great hot tag. Bada Boom Shackalacka and AJ gets involved. John Cena gets involved after they surround Enzo and the odds even up.

They advertise Balor vs Nakamura and the CWC. What a time we live in!?!

Sasha Banks vs. Dana Brooke

They flash back to last week. Sasha gets a good reaction coming out. Dana mocks Sasha and here we go. Sasha punches Dana and she moves away from the firecracker. Dana is not ready for this life. She has two left feet but she didn’t too bad. This is actually pretty good, Sasha is doing a good carry job. Bank Statement and the tap out by Dana gives Sasha the win. Charlotte cut a promo and tells Sasha to face Dana on SD and she’ll maybe consider a title shot for Sasha.

Vince McMahon Reveals the SmackDown Commissioner”

It’s time, who is the damn commissioner of Smackdown. We’ve been waiting for weeks to find this out and had to go through many dumb segments with former GMs. Now we find out.  Here we go!!!!! Shane comes out first and before he says anything Stephanie comes out. They do a stared own and then Vince comes out and gets a great reaction. He says he’s disappointed in both Shane and Stephanie and he bashes both. They mention the Hell in a Cell. They want competition and they have to convince him why they should be running SmackDown. This is great dysfunction between the family. Shane says that he would bring the change that the business. He brings up in his heart that he tells him how he feels without kissing his ass. Vince cares less what he thinks. A drum-roll ensues and he says Shane McMahon is the commissioner. Stephanie runs RAW. He wants competition so badly. Shane and Stephanie names a General Manager for each show. They circle around and Stephanie and Shane cuts a promo on each other. Steph slaps him and Shane kisses her on the cheek. Shane thanks Detroit as Raw goes off air.


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