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WWE Raw Review, Results (October 24, 2016): Where’s The List?!

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It’s Brady here to cover Raw full-time, after last week’s Raw ending with the returning Goldberg telling Brock Lesnar he’s not only next, he’s LAST. Now, Brock lesnar is here to respond to Goldberg’s challenge. Plus, Kevin Owens takes on Jericho and Rollins in the main event. Let’s get into it.

Jericho kicks off the show by saying he has bad news. The triple threat match for tonight has been canceled until further notice. Something very bad has happened. Someone stole the list! Oh no, this is a legit criminal act, dammit. Jericho isn’t leaving the ring or letting the show go on until he gets his list back, as he should. Kevin Owens made his way out to the ring and told Jericho that he’s going to help him find the list because he cares about him. But, he will only help him if they work together to take Rollins out tonight. Chris denied him because he’s not doing anything until he has his most prized possession. Stephanie comes out and said she will make it a priority to find his list tonight. But, he will be in the match tonight. Jericho goes off on her. He’s not doing what she says until he has the list! He’s sick of people interrupting him. On cue, Seth Rollins walks out. He has the list. Stephanie tells Rollins to bring the list to her now. Seth tells Stephanie that she’s on the list under stupid idiot. Owens has had enough of this. He knows that Rollins is playing mind games because he’s scared that he won’t make it to Hell in a Cell. Rollins tells Owens that he’s on the list under former best friend. Jericho says it isn’t true. He wants the list back now. Seth Rollins says he will give it back, but he’s also making his own list. A list of Kevin Owens’ body parts that will never be the same again. Rollins proceeds to tell Kevin how he’s going to rip him apart in hell in a cell. And if Jericho wants his list back, he has to come get it. Rollins leaves to end the segment.


Sasha Banks and Charlotte contract signing is tonight.

Enzo and Cass will take on The Club at Hell in a Cell. But Enzo will go one on one with Anderson next.

Rollins is stopped by Stephanie backstage. Stephanie asked Rollins for the list, but Rollins rants about how all Stephanie wants is Owens to remain WWE Champion. Rollins tells Stephanie that he doesn’t have the list anymore. Tell Chris he “left it in the locker room”.

Enzo was doing his entrance gimmick but his mic was cut off by Karl and Gallows. The fun and games are over. Enzo said he has a mic that always works, which was his hand. He did his whole gimmick with the crowd chanting along with them. Very cool.


Enzo Amore vs. Karl Anderson

Decent at best. Nothing too good here but it was okay for what it was. Enzo started off hot. He wasn’t giving Karl any room and he stayed on him from the start. Enzo hit a nasty baseball punch that rocked Anderson but once Gallows got involved, Karl took control off of the distraction. The commercial break killed it because it cut off once Karl was making a comeback. Once we came back, Anderson hit two nasty kicks to Enzo but couldn’t finish him. Enzo started fighting back and almost had this match in the bag. Karl played smart and ducked between the ropes to force the ref to held Enzo back, which led to Karl getting control again. Anderson rolled Enzo up, but Cass gave them a taste of their own medicine and distracted the ref. Cass ended up hitting Karl with a big boot while the ref wasn’t looking, allowing Enzo to pick up the win.

Enzo Amore def. Karl Anderson

HighlightsKarl Anderson & Luke Gallows’ post-match interview | Enzo Amore & Big Cass’ post-match interview

Rusev cut a backstage promo on Roman Reigns. He’s going into Hell in a Cell for his country and family and walk out as champion. Roman will walk in as champion but will walk out CRUSHED.


New Day came out and shamed Sheamus. They praise Cesaro but continue to bash Sheamus.

Cesaro and Sheamus argued in an “earlier today” promo.

Cesaro & Sheamus vs. New Day (Kofi Kingston & Big E)

I never understood why WWE puts matches on that are going to be happening on a PPV six days later. But, they did it. Cesaro and Sheamus were doing good as a tag team here. Not perfect, but a large improvement. The match itself was good. It started off slow but damn sure picked up as time went on. The finishing sequences were absolutely insane and had me popping up out of my chair. One spot had me yelling when Kofi went for a assisted outside dive but was caught in mid air by a Cesaro uppercut. Cesaro and Sheamus picked up the win after a brouge kick to Big E. Great stuff.

Cesaro & Sheamus def. New Day


Goldberg highlights aired.

Jericho was in the locker room looking for the list. He was approached by Titus and The Shining Stars. He turned down their offer to buy what they’re selling. Jinder Mahal interrupted and tried to help him breathe and put his body at peace. He didn’t care about that he just wanted the list.


Dana Brooke cut a promo before the match. She said people have been calling her victory an upset. Which isn’t true. So, she scheduled a rematch to prove it wasn’t a fluke. But, this rematch is an arm wrestling match. Dana beat Bayley with her injured arm. So, they switched arms. Bayley almost won with her left arm but Dana cheap shotted her. Dana attacked her until she was caught with the Bayley-to-belly. Weird segment and the crowd absolutely hated it.


Chris Jericho has not found his list, so he approaches Stephanie to help him. She says he’s too busy to help, so Jericho needs to get focused for his match. Of course, he won’t compete if he doesn’t have the list. But if he doesn’t compete, Stephanie says she will suspend him.

Curtis Axel is in the ring. He says he did Bo-lieve, but now he doesn’t. He has to go back to his roots. And his roots are here, right here in Minnesota.

Curtis Axel vs. Bo Dallas

This was better than expected. Axel was on absolute fire and beat down Bo nearly the whole match. The crowd was 100% behind Curtis and was going nuts for him. Axel looked to end things with a rope hung knee to the face, but Bo slid in and rolled him up to steal a win. We have ourselves a mini-hoot.

Bo Dallas def. Curtis Axel


A Rich Swann vignette aired.

Rich Swann will challenge Brian Kendrick tonight.

A worker told Jericho that they saw someone with the the list around the corner. That person was Braun Strowman. Jericho asked to have it back, but Strowman told him to say please. He did, and Braun gave it back. He said he didn’t see Sami on that list and walked away. Braun touched Jericho’a property. HE’S ON THE LIST!


Roman cut a promo about how he will defeat Rusev at Hell in a Cell.


Goldust & R-Truth vs. The Shining Stars (Primo & Epico)

I honestly zoned out during the beginning of this match because I couldn’t care less. In the end, Titus tried to interfere but it backfired. Goldust and R-Truth picked up the win with an assisted lie detector.

R-Truth & Goldust def. The Shining Stars


Mick Foley is out for the contract signing. Charlotte came out followed by Women’s champion; Sasha Banks. Mick Foley seemingly tried to talk them out of signing the contract. He made sure they knew that if they signed this contract, there is no turning back. Hell in a Cell is one of, if not the most dangerous match ever. Charlotte said that she will go to hell and back and risk everything to win the championship. Sasha said the only thing that matters is the championship and she may have to crawl back up the ramp broken but she isn’t afraid. These two were going at it in a firey promo battle with Mick yelling in the background about what the Cell did to him. Both women ended up signing it. Charlotte told Sasha she will see her in Boston. Sasha told Charlotte she will see her in Hell. Can’t wait for this one.

Rich Swann vs. Brian Kendrick

The highlight of Raw for me every week besides the obvious Braun Strowman is the Cruiserweights. These two did not disappoint. Rich Swann absolutely shined in this match. He was looking phenomenal, while Kendrick was on the defending side of things and it wasn’t looking pretty for him. Every time Kendrick started to mount a comeback, Swann had a answer for all of his moves. Kendrick eventually had Swann in the perfect position for the captains hook, but Swann snuck out of it and cradled up Brian for the pin. Days away from Kendrick getting another championship match, Swann defeated him. All around good work.

Rich Swann def. Brian Kendrick

Highlights | Rich Swann’s post-match interview

Kevin Owens was interviewed backstage. He says he’s very excited to be in the Hell in a Cell. But after Sunday, no one will be fond of the hell in a cell because Owens is really going to put him through hell and leave a permanent scar on Rollins and the fans. There’s nothing he won’t do to keep the Universal Title. On Sunday him and Rollins will go to hell together, and Owens is the only one coming back.

Braun Strowman tried to give Sami a chance to do the right thing. He turned his back to Zayn, and Sami hit him. Braun turned and was slapped. Which obviously fired Braun up but Zayn made him chase him around the ring. Sami caught him with two dropkicks and went for a outside dive but Strowman caught him and smashed him like a bug against the barricade. Braun left. Zayn tried to lure him back, but he wouldn’t come back.


TJP and Kendrick were in the locker room. Brian pleaded with TJ to let him win on Sunday because he needs to win for his career. This is his last chance. TJ ignored him and left.


Brock Lesnar made his way out to the ring to respond to Goldberg. Paul said that the Goldberg chants are starting to piss Brock off. Heyman says that they don’t want this fantasy warfare to happen because Goldberg will be destroyed. Heyman blames Goldberg for the fans chanting in Brock’s hometown. Then, half of the crowd started chanting “Goldberg sucks” which brought a smile to Brock’s face and that was the end of the segment. That was a whole lot of nothing. Weird.


Owens and Jericho talked about being best friends backstage.

Raw Halloween is next week as well as Goldberg being on the show.

Seth Rollins vs. Chris Jericho vs. Kevin Owens

Owens and Jericho thought of a plan before the match and tried to attack Seth but he outsmarted them. It was obvious that things were going to be a handicap style match, even though it’s a triple threat. Rollins kept fighting though and tried his best to keep one man isolated from the other. Rollins disposed of Jericho into the crowd and kept his sights on Kevin. But, Jericho eventually came back in and Rollins was on the losing end of a nasty two on one beat down. Rollins was getting his ass kicked. Jericho and Owens went for a double superplex but Rollins slid out and rolled them both up for the win.

Seth Rollins def. Kevin Owens and Chris Jericho 


Kevin Owens and Chris Jericho beat down Rollins after the match. As Owens was leaving, Rollins fought the doctors off and went back after Owens. They fought down the ramp and around ringside until Kevin Owens powerbombed Seth on the apron.

  • Average - 5/10


Another okay Raw. The only good parts were Jericho and his List, the Cruiserweights and Braun. The main three things that keep Raw almost bearable each week. A decent go home show, but it ended pretty well, peaking past the overfun going into Hell in a Cell. I'm stoked for the Hell in a Cell matches and pray the Hell in a Cell fallout Raw AKA Halloween Raw will be better next week. Editor's note: good luck with that one.



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