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WWE Raw Review & Results (12/12/16): The New Day Make History!


WWE Raw for 12/12/16

Watch: USA Network, Hulu

Wells Fargo Center – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Welcome Wrestling With Words readers to another Monday Night Raw review! Tonight is the go-home show for Roadblock: End of the Line, plus The New Day look to become the longest reigning tag team champions of all time! Let’s hop into the review!

WWE Raw Tag Team Championship: The New Day (c) def. The Club, Cesaro & Sheamus

Raw kicks off with the Tag Title triple threat right away. This was a good match. Things really picked up when Sheamus got the hot tag to Cesaro. Cesaro landed the Swiss 1-9 on Anderson and then took out Kofi and Gallows on the outside. Cesaro got back in the ring to do the big swing on Anderson followed by the Sharpshooter. Gallows broke up the submission and Cesaro got the tag to Sheamus. Cesaro propped up Big E for Sheamus to land a Brogue Kick. Kofi got in the ring and landed a Trouble in Paradise on Sheamus and went for the cover. Cesaro tried breaking it up, but Big E held onto Cesaro’s foot so he couldn’t break up the pin allowing New Day to get the win.

Highlights | The New Day’s post-match interview

Backstage the New Day celebration party begins. Xavier Woods accidentally unloads a champagne bottle in Stephanie McMahon’s face which causes her to storm out of the room. Kevin Owens finds Stephanie later on to tell her that he has an idea for her which she says she will listen to after she gets cleaned up.


Braun Strowman def. Curtis Axel

Strowman gave Axel the work of course, and this one was over quickly. After the match Byron got in the ring to interview Braun. Byron asked Braun about Sami Zayn still wanting a match against him. Braun said that nobody can last more than 2 minutes with him in the ring (editor’s note: thus foreshadowing an incoming stipulation), including Sami Zayn.


Backstage Sami Zayn confronted Mick Foley about having a match with Strowman, but Mick still won’t give in. Sami said that he may not be a fit for Raw anymore and Mick said he will call Daniel Bryan to try to work out a trade between Smackdown Live.


Ariya Daivari def. Lince Dorado (via DQ)

Right at the start of this match Jack Gallagher came out to interrupt things. Gallagher on the mic straight up told Daivari that he was coming out to interfere with the match. Daivari left the ring and to confront Gallagher and the two brawled.


After commercial break Seth Rollins was out to bring us the Rollins Report. Rollins introduces Kevin Owens as his guest. Kevin Owens brought out his own stool and sat on the ramp instead of coming to the ring. Rollins tried asking Kevin Owens about Jericho, but Owens says he has an announcement. KO says later on tonight it will be Jericho & Owens vs. The New Day for the tag titles. Jericho’s theme hits and he comes out on stage to a great reaction. Jericho says he will never tag with Owens again, but Owens says the match is happening either way and they could go on to make history together. Rollins tried interrupting their conversation, but Jericho called Rollins a stupid idiot which got a big pop. Jericho is about to put Rollins on the list, but instead walks his way down to the ring to fight Rollins. Owens follows Jericho and they both start beating down Rollins in the ring. Roman Reigns comes out to save Rollins and after a short brawl Jericho and Owens make their escape.


Backstage Rich Swann is getting interviewed. Brian Kendrick interrupts to tell Rich Swann that the only reason Rich Swann is champion is because of TJ Perkins. TJ Perkins walks in and Swann tells him that Kendrick called him a traitor. This led to Perkins challenging Kendrick to a match right now.

Brian Kendrick def. TJ Perkins

This match was a decent watch, but the crowd got very bored. Brian Kendrick finished this thing with a sliced bread for a clean victory over TJ Perkins heading into Sunday.


Backstage Mick Foley runs into Rollins and Reigns. Mick Foley makes the match between Owens & Jericho vs.The New Day a triple threat including them. However, it didn’t seem like Rollins or Reigns were to happy about being in the match.

Bayley def. Alicia Fox

This match is to continue the small feud between Bayley and Alicia Fox. Alicia Fox had ripped up one of the Bayley bears earlier and then called out Bayley tonight. In a short match Bayley ends it with the Belly to Bayley to win.


Lana and Rusev are in the ring after commercial. Rusev tells the crowd that they’re gonna get to see what Lana and Rusev do behind closed doors. They rolled the clip of Enzo getting beaten up by Rusev last week. Lana calls everyone gullible for thinking they would actually show everyone what they do behind closed doors. Big Cass interrupts to call out Rusev. Big Cass and Rusev fight around the ring until eventually Rusev makes his escape.

They play another video package for Emmalina who was supposed to debut tonight, but it still says that Emmalina will be coming soon.

Sami Zayn def. Jinder Mahal

Sami Zayn comes out for what is to be is last match on Raw. In another quick match, Zayn gets the pin on Jinder Mahal with a Helluva kick. After the match Foley comes out with a SmackDown Live contract. Mick gives Zayn a final chance to change his mind, but Zayn won’t reconsider unless he can get a match with Strowman. Foley tells Sami Zayn that the talent of equal value he’s being traded for is Eva Marie. This blew up Sami Zayn and he went in on Mick Foley. Foley tells Sami to bottle up his anger because he’s gonna need it on Sunday when he faces Braun Strowman. Mick Foley reveals there was never really any trade and Mick was really just trying to bring out the anger in Sami Zayn all along.

Highlights | Sami Zayn demands that Mick Foley grant him a match against Braun Strowman

WWE Raw Tag Team Championship: The New Day (c) def. Kevin Owens & Chris Jericho vs. Seth Rollins & Roman ReignsPro

This was an incredible match. All six men were involved in a massive tower of doom spot early on. Xavier Woods became the hero of this match after he was kicking out everything that was dished out to him. Woods also landed an incredible springboard elbow drop across the ring on Rollins. Jericho covered Woods after a lionsault, but Rollins pushed Owens onto them breaking up the pin. This led to Owens and Jericho getting into a bit of an argument. Rollins ran up and kneed Jericho in the back knocking him into Owens. Rollins then landed the pedigree on Jericho and before he could get the cover Big E pulled him out of the ring and Xavier Woods got an arm over Jericho for the victory.

After the match Kevin Owens and Jericho continued to argue until Owens turned around and took a spear from Roman to end the show.


WWE RAW FOR 12/12/16
  • Decent - 6.0/10


This was a somewhat okay go-home show for Roadblock: End of the Line. There were only two good matches on the show as the rest were fairly short. Although there were some great segments such as the exchange between Sami Zayn and Mick Foley. Overall, decent!



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