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WWE NXT Review (05/03/2017)

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WWE NXT on May 3, 2017

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Full Sail University – Orlando, Florida

Danny Burch vs. Killian DainSquash

Dain out with Sanity, while Burch was in the WWE UK Tournament, and wrestles on the indies as Martin Stone.

This was a squash, but an entertaining one that both made Killain Dain look like a monster, hitting his big boy moves, while Burch got a decent amount of shine, not enough to make this a non squash, but enough to leave me wanting more from him.

Heavy Machinery vs. Two JobbersSquash

Heavy Machinery committed some good ol’ murder here, and it was spectacular, I could watch that all day, especially when they hit their Fallaway Splash and Crossbody combo finisher.

Post match, Heavy Machinery cut a promo, noting that they have finished their jobber appetizers, and are ready for the main course, The Authors of Pain. I love how organically built the Heavy Machinery push feels.

Backstage, Bobby Roode gives pointers to Kona Reeves.

#DIY get interviewed about the comments made by Heavy Machinery. Tommaso says Heavy Machinery are big guys, who rhyme and have size. Gargano brings up that they’ve won the prize in the past and are owed a straight up rematch. Tommaso welcomes the competition but the line for title shots starts behind them.

Hideo Itami vs. Kona ReevesSquash

This is Hideo’s NXT TV return match after his injury

We got an OK squash, though Kona Reeves got too much offense in for my liking, especially since Hideo has only recently returned, but at the end of the day​, Hideo still destroyed a jobber.

We get a Drew McIntyre vignette, noting how he was Vince’s “Chosen One” and that ESPN covered his return.

We get part two of the “Who is Roddy Strong” promo videos. This covers his family and Wrestling experiences. This is incredibly well done, and possibly the most I’ve ever connected to Roddy Strong, my only complaint is that I wanna see some of these on the main roster.

Backstage, William Regal is captivated by that story. Bobby Roode is there but isn’t paying attention. Regal brought him there to discuss his next opponent. Roode interrupts to say that Hideo is reckless and can’t just go around injuring the face that made Orlando the most watched TakeOver. Regal decides that next week, Hideo goes one on one with Strong to determine a new number one contender.

NXT Women's Championship #1 Contender's Battle Royal***

Entrants: A debuting Candice LeRae, Lacey Evans (formerly Macey Estrella), Billie Kay, Rachael Evers (Ellering) Peyton Royce, Nikki Cross, Lola Gonzalez, Kimber Lee, Liv Morgan, Ruby Riot and Ember Moon.

This was a solid and watchable battle royal for the most part, that, like most battle royals, got better as less people were in the ring, though Gonzales, an Amazon of a woman, looked good when she was in early, and Peyton/Billie were good heels throughout. Ember Moon looked great, and the final three seemed really promising, Cross, Moon and Riot. Then Asuka came, nearly killed Moon when Asuka threw her out and and Ember hit the guardrail, and we have the match decided on a no contest.

Asuka nearly kills Ember by launching her outside. She goes straight towards the guardrail and lands awfully. Asuka also takes out Ruby and Nikki, saying no one is ready for Asuka. Asuka skips to the back, leaving all three women hurt. Nikki says “Asuka” over and over, then laughs when she sees Ember injured. William Regal comes out and is pissed. Asuka will put the title on the line against Ember, Ruby and Nikki at TakeOver.

WWE NXT ON MAY 3, 2017
  • Strong Effort - 6.0/10


A solid episode, we got some angles set, fun squashes and stuff set for next week. I do enjoy the directions for all the divisions with new people, and Hideo being built up.



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