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WWE NXT Review (04/05/2017)

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WWE NXT on April 5, 2017

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Amway Center – Orlando, Florida

After what can be described as an interesting and altering TakeOver: Orlando, it’s back to weekly action on NXT! While this episode will likely serve as more of a recap, as post-TakeOver episodes tend to do, we’ll be treated to at least a couple of good matches on tonight’s episode as the road to TakeOver: Chicago begins!

Peyton Royce (w/ Billie Kay) vs. Aliyah

I’m not really sure what that god forsaken noise was that Aliyah came out to, but I’d prefer if she went back to her previous entrance theme. Peyton Royce has been fairly dominant in all of her recent showings, and you won’t hear much complaining about that from me as personally, I enjoy Royce more than I enjoy Kay. This bout would prove to be no different as Royce is able to dispatch Aliyah with relative ease in about five minutes with a fisherman’s suplex.

We get a recap of the eight-man tag match that started TakeOver last week, as well as the NXT Women’s Championship match between Asuka and Ember Moon. Both of those matches were able to deliver, and if you haven’t seen them yet, take a look at our TakeOver: Orlando review.


Heavy Machinery (Tucker Knight & Otis Dozovic) vs. The Bollywood Boyz (Gurv & Harv Sirah)

If you listen very closely, you can hear Trask screaming into the midnight sun over the fact that his favorite tag team, The Bollywood Boyz, are back on NXT. Dozovic is a big, big fella, and an impressive one at that. This is my first look at Heavy Machinery, as I was admittedly behind a bit on weekly NXT going into TakeOver: Orlando. Interestingly enough, The Bollywood Boyz are working as a heel team here, which isn’t to say it doesn’t suit them. Gurv & Harv manage to get in a nice flurry of offense before Knight is tagged in to put an end to the Bollywood Boyz. Knight & Dozovic pick up the win here with a really interesting finishing maneuver. Dozovic had Harv in the set-up for a World’s Strongest Slam, when Knight goes leaping and crashing into the back of Dozovic as he goes down for the slam. Not sure what you would call that other than devastating and effective. Thanks for coming, Gurv & Harv.

Time for another recap, this time on the fantastic elimination tag-team match for the NXT Tag Team Championship between Authors of Pain, DIY, and The Revival. I can’t really say anything about that match other than it’s must-watch material. From that, we go into a recap of the NXT Championship match between Nakamura & Roode, with a little bonus footage of Bobby Roode being a cheeky little bastard. Drew McIntyre was front row for the NXT Championship match at TakeOver, and he’ll be in action next week on NXT!


Oney Lorcan vs. El Vagabundo

Unfortunately, Elias Samson has “returned” as El Vagabundo. There aren’t too many people that I dislike as strongly as Samson in NXT, thankfully. His character is boring and un-engaging, which is to say nothing of his in-ring performances. Thankfully, Oney Lorcan is here to beat the crap out of El Vagabundo. Lorcan is a really entertaining guy, in my opinion. There’s something cool about his throwback, kick-your-shit-in style. Everything he does has the perfect amount of intensity behind it, too. While El Vagabundo has control of almost the entire match, Lorcan builds up a head of steam and fells El Vagabundo after unmasking him to reveal Elias Samson. Time for you to drift away, Elias Samson. After mouthing off to a female security guard, Samson is dragged off to end this week’s episode of NXT.


  • Average - 5.0/10


As is customary with post-TakeOver NXT, this one served as more of a recap while managing to sprinkle a few matches in between the lines. All in all, it was an inoffensive show that serves as a nice refresher as the road to TakeOver: Chicago begins.


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