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WWE NXT Review, Results (November 16, 2016): TakeOver: Toronto Go-Home


WWE NXT for November 9, 2016

Watch: WWE Network

Full Sail Live – Winter Park, Florida

It’s the go-home edition of NXT, as we inch closer to a jam-packed WWE/combat sports weekend. We’ll have previews up for all major shows coming soon. For now, let’s focus on this week’s TV.

Liv Morgan def. Peyton Roycen/r

It’s a shame this couldn’t sneak on the TakeOver: Toronto, but it is what it is. The Liv vs. Aussies feud has been a highlight of NXT programming for some time now, with Peyton and Liv finally locking horns prior to NXT’s big show. I hate when feuds transition to matches where the pacing/work doesn’t match the theme of the feud. Here, the girls nailed it from the outset, with Peyton hounding on Liv just like all the past segments showed. Liv got into comeback mode extremely fast as this match had to be rushed (sad face). Liv hit an awesome bulldog then locked in a roll-through guillotine choke. Billie ran it to break the hold up for a DQ. SUPER short match, but it was fun to take in for what it was. It’s obviously there’s bigger and better things on the horizon for this feud plus future matchups. Aliyah was in for the attempted save. The Aussies stood tall hence the “attempt”. Aliyah got chucked into the L.E.D. board in a lit turn of events. The cluster continued as Ember Moon made the save to cement her mark as the true #2 of the division. The line has been drawn, and it’s more evident than ever that Ember needs to take the title off Asuka.


We got transitional stuff like panning to stupid Tom and glorious Corey. Highlights were shown as Andrade “Cien” Almas vs. Cedric Alexander is our main event tonight. Highlights of the Dusty Tag Classic thus far were shown, with a reminder that Paul Ellering will be inside a shark cage, suspended above the ring, during the final match at TakeOver: Toronto. Also, the return hinted at for a few weeks, is next. I already knew what it was going to be. Not fun.

As much as it pains me to say it–The Drifter is back. He serenaded, no bled the ears of Full Sail Live, with his pre-match routine.

Elias Samson def. Nathan Cruzn/r

The return opponent is no other than Nathan Cruz of PROGRESS Wrestling; at that, the first ever champion of the promotion. He’s on an odd excursion, working places such as FIP, in which he faced Martin Stone around this time period. There was nothing redeemable about this match. Samson is such a sore-thumb standout geek compared to the rest of the roster. People complain about Largo. I just complain about Samson being a featured part of the roster. Cruz looked okay, but it was clunky and awkward seeing The Drifter try to get in offense on an overclouds tryout-like Cruz who just tried to make him look good. A running drive-by knee and a finisher later, Samson earned the pinfall victory in his return. I DON’T CARE!


Potential future Queen of Trios: Liv, Aliyah and Ember were backstage explaining how their paths crossed. Ember’s path became theirs. Liv threw the roasts at ’em that fell flat. Liv put out a challenge in which The Aussies gain a third member to face them in a trios match. In an ideal world it’s Emma. It’ll be someone else. Decent promo in which Aliyah did nothing but watch, which was…odd. I look forward to the rest of the storyline.

A sweet sit-down interview combined with highlights aired for DIY, ahead of their match vs. The Revival, 2/3 falls at that, this Saturday. It was a good touch like NXT always puts on feuds in which don’t always get the time to do backstage segments or in-ring stuff. I love the hardcore music choice for NXT production, whether it’s the new Parkway Drive theme song for TakeOver, or video package usage. It gives it a jaded edge that matches the product in many ways.

A similar package aired for Dillinger vs. Roode, with an EXCELLENT story being told of Dillinger finally making it to WWE–through OVW, being a champion, (facing Cena for the WWE Title, although that wasn’t included) and being the superstar initiative call up in WWECW, only to take 3 straight losses, to names like Super Crazy and Finlay. He was then released. It was the perfect setup for Roode to ego it up, saying how he’ll destroy Dillinger and ruin him again, etc. Really sound package that I hope plays on the PPV feed on Saturday.

Andrade Cien Almas def. Cedric Alexandergood

I’m so glad they finally went with the direction of Almas as a heel. It’s what he was born to do. This started off as a chess match with Almas continuously portraying the tranquilo lifestyle, avoiding Cedric’s offense at all costs. This transitioned into Cedric trying to get in control, hitting a baseball dropkick and ramming Almas into the steps. Hence: Cedric was most definitely not tranquilo. Almas did a GREAT heel troll, faking out a corner dropkick, instead doing a massive slap. This doubled as a mini grudge match and a spotlight for Almas’s new character, which hasn’t been able to be showcased in ways on programming as of late. Almas played up the new (way more paralleled to La Sombra) personality only to actually get in tons of offense, trying to put away Cedric, especially with crisp arm work. Cedric was on the comeback, hitting a HUGE dive and the signature top rope plunge for a kickout. Almas got fed up and went for kill only to be snapped into a Lumbar Check. The story told was that Cedric could never get a pin after that. Almas hung Cedric up on the ropes, then hitting an arm-wrap DDT for the pinfall victory. This was a good match, not quite as good as the first time around, with methodical build that paid off. You could tell Cedric had to hold back. This was, as alluded to, an Almas showcase for the most part.


We got a solid video package to cap the show off, previewing the Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Samoa Joe match this Saturday, in the main event of a sold out Air Canada Center in Toronto. The feud has been great, the contract signing last week was top class, and I expect them to tear the house down. If you know the story, the video package reiterates it–with Joe’s reign of terror over the roster leading up to their final showdown. That does it for the show this week.

  • Average - 5/10


NXT falls right in the middle this week. It did nothing to be impressive, but it provided reassurance of everything going down at TakeOver: Toronto. Plus we got to Liv it up with a fun DQ finish expanding into a trios challenge, Almas and Alexander had another good match--showing that maybe Almas will feel natural finally, being pushed in a natural character. With all the music and video packages came more hype for the weekend. You best believe I'm fired up for TakeOver: Toronto, Survivor Series, PWX X16, and everything else that's packed into this weekend. Al will have the TakeOver review. Corwo will have previews up shortly.


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