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WWE NXT (February 8) Review & Results

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Excuse this awfully late review. Josh will be taking over NXT duties going forward. Let’s have some fun while I’m at the helm for the last time, with NXT TakeOver: San Antonio fallout. We’re back at Full Sail with new commentary — Nigel McGuinness replacing Corey Graves.

SAnitY (Killian Dain & Alexander Wolfe) w/ Eric Young & Nikki Cross def. The Bollywood Boyz (Harv Sihra & Gurv Sihra)

What worked:

  • The booking of the match was akin to how the outlook of the stable is right now.
  • Bollywood Boyz got TV time, way to go my guys!
  • Dain ran through the Boys in what was a handicap match.
  • Dain uses the One Winged Angel as his finish.

What didn’t work: 

  • Nothing bad. Complete squash.

Verdict: This match was a solid way to kickoff the show, and would be far from the last time SAnitY would appear. The Bollywood Boyz did a good job as enhancement talent. This was a driving force to continue to assert Killian Dain as the monster in NXT.

Nikki was amazing post-match, screaming “GIVE ME ASUKA” and driving herself crazy. Eric Young cut a promo as SanitY “will put you in your place.” “At TakeOver, I humbled you.” Tye belongs with them.

Liv Morgan def. Billie Kay w/ Peyton Royce

What worked:

  • “They were bullied in high school themselves, so they’re just paying it forward.” -Nigel McGuinness on Kay and Royce.
  • It kept good energy throughout.
  • Billie was really good trash talking Liv at points.

What didn’t work:

  • The ref gave Peyton interfering, lending her hand which led to the finish, a five count. Crooked, weird reffing.
  • Liv getting a win on Billie so soon after The Aussies failed at TakeOver stings, but doesn’t matter much.
  • Too short.

Verdict: This was more to set up next week’s match rather than be an in the moment or one-off. It was okay, with brightness shown during Liv’s roll-up sequence and Billie’s STIFF clothesline out of nowhere. The ref giving Peyton a five count to let go on interference is stupid.

Tye Dillinger is interviewed backstage. He says hell no to joining SAnitY. He was about to talk about the Royal Rumble when he was jumped by all of SanitY, and brought back into the Full Sail Arena from backstage. PAPA HALES WAS ON CAMERA!!! Dain hit his crossbody on Tye in the ring to keep him down but Roderick Strong and No Way Jose were out for the save. This sets up tonight’s main event.

William Regal announces that next week Tyler Bate will defend the WWE UK Championship for the first time on NXT vs. Trent Seven. Shortly after The Aussies busted through the office. They demanded a match vs. Liv Morgan next week. They will face Morgan and a partner of her choosing next week. They laughed Regal off, insinuating that Liv doesn’t have any friends anyways.

They showed a Nakamura Twitter RT from the WWE NXT account regarding his injury update but Tom said Nakamura tweeted it. You dun goofed, Phillips.

The Revival (Scott Dawson & Dash Wilder) def. Heavy Machinery (Otis Dozovic & Tucker Knight)

What worked:

  • The match up on paper is enough to leave me satisfied.
  • Nigel continued to be fantastic on commentary his first night in, explaining how Machinery are like Authors of Pain Jr.
  • Great tag work from both teams, seamlessly.
  • Tucker Knight reminds me of Mojo Rawley in terms of energy levels.
  • There was a chase back in ring via Wilder for Scott to hit his DDT for the win.

What didn’t work:

  • Not long enough to give *****.
  • Not enough Revival in trouble, although them dominating prior to their AOP program is good enough.
  • I wish this was on a TakeOver, or is someday.

Verdict: This was a neat enhancement match that still got Heavy Machinery over as prospects to watch for the future. Otis and Tucker did a spot where they swapped Dash by throwing him and catching him back into a bear-hug in mid-air. The psychology of Revival paired with the unexpected agility/big man combo of Heavy Machinery is awesome, and I hope to see more of it in the future. It really was a preview of what’s to come with Revival vs. AOP.

Revival stepping over them with their two time symbol was great. We were treated to a post-match promo. They are the MVPs of NXT, Mercedes Benz of tag team division, and the best tag team in the world. They already setup their Orlando TakeOver match with Authors of Pain, insinuating the match is already “set” by calling the date out. They’re going be nothing but a footnote to the Revival. Top guys out only for AOP’s music to hit. Revival left only to comeback and ambush AOP. Good segment.

A special video highlights Tyler Bate. Even though he’s 19 he has two hands that’ll knock anyone out. The only numbers he cares about are 1-2-3.

We got an “I told you so…” themed promo from the new NXT Champion, Bobby Roode. It was a really great promo, as he reached a load of subjects, including going over who Nakamura beat, and how he was the only one that he didn’t beat. He pranced around the ring, looking everywhere to look in the arena, and most importantly treating that belt like a king. It was flamboyance on a whole new level. This isn’t we are NXT anymore. This is simply glorious. Keep putting Roode on the mic and he will deliver.

We get a special video package on Trent Seven, Bate’s opponent next week. Moustache Mountain came up here but didn’t come up with Bate involved as a tag team. It’s more so a trademark of WWE’s for Trent. Would be better if they played up their run as partners, etc.

Tye Dillinger, No Way Jose & Roderick Strong vs. SAnitY (Eric Young, Killian Dain & Alexander Wolfe) w/ Nikki Cross

What worked:

  • Strong looked a million bucks and was booked as such.
  • Tye as face in peril was the best choice.
  • Dain’s crossbody is being treated like a finish.
  • Young getting the scraps for the pin was excellent.
  • Nikki was treated as being equal to men, taking out Strong from the match.

What didn’t work:

  • Was mostly a yawn.
  • Jose was protected to the point where he didn’t do anything.
  • This still wasn’t long at all, while it benefited the really good end, it didn’t have structure to go off of.
  • There’s already a looming “meh” at times about SAnitY. Maybe it’s just me.

Verdict: This was a bare minimum okay main event. It did what it needed to, but wasn’t entertaining until the finish. The highlight was Nikki Cross taking out Roderick Strong. SAnitY continue to be booked well which is a good takeaway from anything they’re involved in.

Confusion sets in with the faces as SAnitY stands tall on the ramp to end the show.

  • Average - 5/10


NXT for January 8 was a stale cup of Joe that still got its job done. I look forward to things in the future for the brand, but this episode wasn't all too much, other than an obvious "first one of the taping" that sets president for the future rather than focus on stacking up the now. We're always going to get these if NXT stays the way they are with how they produce their show. If you really want to watch things from the show, make it Revival vs. Heavy Machinery and Bobby Roode's first promo as NXT Champion.


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