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WWE NXT (February 15) Review & Results

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This week the show started out with a hype video for the “debuting” Tyler Bate and Trent Seven in which the two would be having a WWE UK Championship match tonight in the main event! Also, NXT got a new video package and it is great.

Authors of Pain def. Garrison Spears & Lance Anoa'i

What worked:

  • This was purely a squash match, the jobbers got in no offense.
  • The offense of the AoP gets nastier looking every week.
  • Rezar forcing Spears into the ring was great.
  • The AoP constantly trash talking their opponents adds something to their matches.

What didn’t work:

  • There was nothing wrong with the match, Authors did their job which was to squash Anoa’i and Spears.

Verdict: This was a great squash opener and it made the Authors somehow look more devastating than they already were. I think Paul Ellering helps both of the boys even if it does just seem like he stands there pacing back and forth.

After the match the Authors didn’t stop their attack and hit Anoa’i & Spears with a Super Collider (love that move name).

They then played a hype video for Tyler Bate before the UK Championship match later on in the night. It was mostly just highlights of the UK tournament and him talking about how even though he’s young, he can still beat you up.

Once NXT came back from commercial Percy, Nigel and Tom talk about how Shinsuke is cleared to train again, showing a tweet that says he is preparing for Bobby Roode.

Peyton Royce & Billie Kay def. Liv Morgan & Ember Moon

Last week William Regal told The Aussies that they would face Liv Morgan and a partner of her choosing this week. Liv chose Ember Moon and when her music went the crowd went wild.

What worked:

  • Embers offense is always so crisp and fluid.
  • The Aussies’ heel tactics eventually giving them the win.
  • The Aussies finisher is very vicious looking.

What didn’t work:

  • There was nothing wrong with this match, if anything, it didn’t show enough of Liv’s offense, it was mostly all Ember.

Verdict: While all four of these women are still improving I think Billie Kay & Peyton Royce are doing as well as they’re going to do and they probably won’t get a NXT Women’s championship run before they eventually go up to the main roster. Out of the four I’d say Liv needs the most improvement but I could see all four of them having major success in their careers.

The next segment is a recap of SAnitY’s beat down on Tye Dillinger and the eventual save made by No Way Jose and Roderick Strong. I loved that it took all three guys hitting their strongest strikes to finally knock down Killian Dain, really made him look stronger than most. They then cut to an interview in the Performance Center with Andrea D’Marco, No Way Jose and Roderick Strong. An interesting point of the interview is when Roderick Strong was referring to Eric Young and said “I’ve known guys like him, hell, I might still be that guy”. It was brushed aside but I like that they are acknowledging that Roddy is still pretty cocky, he just has a moral code as well, some may call it a code of, Honor.

After that we cut to the arena where DIY were making their entrance, even after they lost the belts the fans still loved them and showed their support fully. They talked about how even though they loss, it gave them a chance to rebuild and how regardless of the opponent, they will never back down. Out came the AoP with Paul Ellering to speak on that and he told them “two weeks, say goodbye to your loved ones.” Tomasso and Johnny then told each other they loved one another and said they had already said goodbye, do they were ready now! Out came The Revival beating down DIY until for some odd reason, the AoP ran them off. I’m guessing it was because they had attacked the AoP last week and it would have given them a modicum of revenge.

After the commercial break they played a hype video for Trent Seven before playing another hype video for the returning Kassius Ohno. It showed a lot of his old NXT footage but didn’t give an exact time that he would return. We then went to William Regal which announced that next week there would be a #1 contenders triple threat match between Peyton Royce, Liv Morgan and Ember Moon.

Tyler Bate (c) def. Trent Seven

What worked:

  • Tyler Bate got the biggest pop of the night.
  • The match started out very playful, but turned very serious quickly after that.
  • Great German Suplex into Powerbomb into Single Leg Boston Crab combo.
  • The false finish with the Seven Star Lariat was amazing.
  • Both men gave it their all and put on a great match.

What didn’t work:

  • Percy Watson.

Verdict: This match was great and made both men more credible to the American wrestling crowd. Tyler Bate only being 19 and being so good is scary, but Trent Seven held his own and will probably pop up a lot whenever they’re doing WWE UK related things.

  • Very Good - 7.5/10


Overall, the show was very good and it made me excited to see what was going to happen next week, which is what the point of NXT should be, considering their specials are so spaced out. The standouts for the episode were Ember Moon, and of course, Tyler Bate and Trent Seven for that great main event.



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