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WWE Main Event Review – Just a Guy Who Smiles

Main Event's new announce team

WWE Main Event

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June 14, 2016

Mississippi Coast Coliseum – Biloxi, MS

Becky Lynch vs. Summer Rae

It still makes me smile every time I hear a WWE ring announcer say “women’s division match.” Oh, and I guess David Otunga is going to be on commentary for Main Event now, he made his debut here. I love watching both of these girls work on the C shows. Becky is the most underrated of the Four Horsewomen and Summer Rae is just severely underrated period. Summer is a great heel, one of the best in the women’s division. She’s cocky, she heckles the crowd and she’s great with her facial expressions. I hope she becomes a more serious threat in the division someday. This is what you would expect with some nice near falls. Becky won with the Disarmer. Both girls worked hard here, a nice little match.

Renee Young interviewed Apollo Crews and he said that Sheamus is just a bully. The Dudleys interrupted him because why not. Apollo said his smile isn’t going anywhere. (Looking at you HBK.) They talked trash. It was whatever. Apollo should probably still be in NXT.

Jack Swagger vs. Viktor

Jack Swagger has been putting in solid work on Main Event and Superstars for the past year and Viktor is just a guy who’s sort of meandering around while his tag team partner suffers the consequences of a suspension. So this makes for an interesting match up. This match was fun to watch when Swagger was on offense, gator rollin’ VIktor around and suplexing him all over the place. Unfortunately, it was a bore when Viktor was in control, which was a majority of it. This match was a drag, until the last minute or so. Viktor’s offense gets vicious all of a sudden and Swagger catches him in mid-air for the Patriot Lock and the win.

A hype video played for Reigns and Rollins’ title match at Money in the Bank this Sunday. WWE is usually really good with these kinds of things and this was a fine video. Nothing wrong with it. I’m fired up for the match.

Bubba Ray Dudley vs. Apollo Crews

Fun fact: Bubba Ray Dudley is one of my favorite trash talkers of all time. A king of the banter in the ring he is. Every match I’ve seen him in he’s always running his mouth. Bubba Ray Dudley always.. wait for it.. wrestles with words. Buh-dum tiss. (I’m so sorry.) This match ended up being pretty decent, although for a good while I thought it was going to be meh. It’s a little dull at first but it gets better as it goes on. The Bubba banter is there, Apollo did a good job and D-Von even took some furniture to face. At one point Bubba gets Apollo insanely high up in the air on a Bubba bomb, it ruled. Apollo wins after a standing moonsault. Apollo is fine in the ring, but right now his character work leaves a lot to be desired.

Overall Thoughts:

This was a decent episode of Main Event. I would say skip Swagger/Viktor and watch the other two matches. Nothing here is must see though. Come back next week for another review of WWE’S Main Event!

Until next time, folks.


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