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WWE Main Event Episode 191 Review (5/24/16)

Welcome back to our weekly Main Event review here at Wrestling With Words. As you may have already noticed, this isn’t Brady, but don’t panic. Brady has parted ways with covering every one’s favorite WWE C Show but I, Rex, will be your new guide. This week’s episode starts off with New Day so get ready for the ride.

Social Outcasts vs. New Day

Xavier Woods is wearing Big E’s singlet. I repeat. Xavior Woods is wearing Big E’s singlet. Kofi offers a Dr. Evil impression and declares they call him “Mini E”. It truly is tremendous. New Day does their New Day thing until they’re interrupted by Social Outcasts who make their entrance in the style of New Day. “Prepare to have a blast, and give it up for the Social Outcasts!” This entire match is being built around the fact that the Outcasts stole Woods luggage, which is why he’s dressed as Mini E. New Day accept the challenge to wrestle Social Outcasts in a tag match in which the winner gains possession of the luggage. What a truly ludicrous way to start Main Event.

In the beginning of the match, Big E tries to teach Woods how to wrestle like him since he’s wearing his gear. He tries to show him how to belly-to-belly suplex people but Woods can’t do it. It becomes clear early that nothing about this match is going to be taken seriously. Eventually it dwindles down into a battle of Bo Trains. It starts to settle down into more of a traditional wrestling match with, you know, wrestling holds and not dance moves. Social Outcasts control Kofi until he wonderfully executes one of his Trevor Lee tribute spots and gets to Woods for the hot tag. Woods runs through the Outcasts with some nice looking offense, removes his straps like Big E would, and finally hits a belly-to-belly suplex on Bo Dallas. Then Woods takes Big E’s usual spot in the Midnight Hour to pick up the victory. Woods has finally proven himself a worthy Mini E and he received his luggage back; justice has been served.

Paige vs. Summer Rae

Paige is all strikes early and is pretty much toying with Summer Rae. Summer looks good here, especially when she hits an AWESOME spinning back kick. She capitalized on the kick and stayed on the attack until Paige caught her trying to deliver the kick again, delivered a fall away slam, and then hit her with the RamPaige for the victory. This was an enjoyable little match. Summer Rae is underrated and Paige can put on a good performance when she wants to. I liked how the ending played off of the move that put Summer in control during the match.

Baron Corbin vs. Jack Swagger

Baron Corbin is the man. A vignette of him cutting a promo plays during the entrance and he’s pretty much saying, “Technical wrestling doesn’t mean shit, I’m here to break necks and cash checks.” Oh yeah, Dolph Ziggler is on commentary but at this point, who cares? Nobody cares about this Corbin/Ziggler program and I haven’t cared about Ziggler at all since Survivor Series 2014. The early points of this match were dull but by the end it had formed into something decent with some nice sequences in the closing minutes. The story of the match was that Corbin would look dominant and then lose his focus by taunting Ziggler and/or the crowd, leaving an opening for Swagger. Ziggler was ridiculous on commentary during this, just screaming into the microphone at times. Oh yeah, commentary also buried Mauro Ranallo at one point for actually calling wrestling moves by their name. How dare he. Anyways, Corbin eventually picks up the win the End of Days.

That brings us down the home stretch for my first review of Main Event here at Wrestling With Words. I hope you had as much of a good time as I did. For coverage of next week’s episode, you already know where to go!


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