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WWE Main Event Review, Results (November 15, 2016): Episode of the Year


WWE Main Event for Novmeber 15, 2016

Watch:, WWE Network (on a delay)

Mohegan Sun Arena – Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania

We are here on the night of NXT TakeOver: Toronto, but we all know that nobody actually cares about that. The people care about reviews of Main Event! And I’m here to provide all of them for you. Never say that I don’t provide a valuable and necessary service in life. Tom Phillips and David Otunga are on commentary.

Breezango (Tyler Breeze/Fandango) def. The Vaudevillains (Aiden English/Simon Gotch)**3/4

We get full fashion police Breezango here, and this may edge out puffy shirt Breezango. It’s close, but the hats really put them over the edge. Breezango beat the Vaudevillains to get a slot in the Survivor Series tag team match so the Vaudevillains want to avenge that. This is a fun little deal. Both of these teams have great chemistry as teams, and they work well against each other as well. I love shows like Main Event and Superstars because it often feels like these guys just get the reins entirely. Even if they’ve only got six minutes, they’re fully intent on stacking those six minutes. The Vaudevillains up the aggression early, and English is vocal about not being on Team SmackDown. It makes for a nice little narrative that ties the whole match together. Fandango is the hot tag and Breeze plays face-in-peril. It’s weird to write that out but it totally works here. Fandango ends up DOING THE DEAL and hitting the Falcon Arrow on Aiden English after a Supermodel Kick from Tyler Breeze to win the match. Real fun!

The first recap features Roman Reigns and Kevin Owens vs. Sheamus and Cesaro from Raw. To me, the charisma between Reigns and Owens is absolutely undeniable. If the WWE does it the right way, that’s a feud that can go for a long long time. I don’t know if we’re looking at the next Rock/Austin, but I do think that Owens and Reigns match up together very well. And the finish of this match obviously ended with teasing the tension between the two of them with the staredown. This should play nicely into tomorrow night’s five on five as well.

The next thing they recap is the Goldberg and Brock Lesnar face to face from Raw. I’m still excited for this match in the weird car crash can’t look away type of way–but this segment gives me pause. The segment itself was fine. Heyman was a maestro on the microphone as always and Brock and Goldberg were both appropriately intimidating. However, Goldberg apparently tweaked his shoulder performing the spear. This is the risk you run when you book someone who hasn’t wrestled in over a decade. The one thing we know about Lesnar in this current iteration is that he doesn’t hold back. The man has one speed and it features reckless Germans and stiff strikes. I’m just hoping that Goldberg doesn’t hurt himself five minutes in and damper what could already be a disappointing match. I’m holding out hope, but that shoulder was definitely not a good sign.

Luke Harper def. Apollo Crews***1/4

LET’S. GO. This right here is what wrestling is all about. Hot take of the day? Luke Harper is a top five singles competitor on the WWE roster. I cannot wait for this match. This match is great because even though Apollo is a straight up athletic spectacle, Harper can hang with every spot. They immediately go into high spots with missed dives and superkicks on the outside. When you pair that kind of action with Harper’s facial expressions and ability to visually tell a story, you’re guaranteed a winning match. They eventually get into Harper controlling with power offense. Harper stays focused on Crews’ neck before Crews stages a comeback. They end up going into a back and forth and Harper takes Crews’ head off with the Discus Clothesline to win it. Find this match. Watch this match. Enjoy this match.

They recap the Survivor Series Summit with both GMs and Commissioners next. We actually talked a little about on my podcast – The Sports Entertainment Shrinks: about the four of these and how they did. These segments just felt all over the place to me. And it’s ridiculous that Shane is in this match in the first place. And it’s ridiculous that they trot Bray Wyatt out in a SmackDown t-shirt like that should just be normal. I love the lineup for this match and think it could be put in the pantheon of Survivor Series matches–but this part of the build was entirely lost on me. Thankfully, I still have faith in Sunday.

  • Strong Effort - 7/10


This is far and away the best Main Event I've watched this year. Both matches are worth hunting down and watching, and I truly mean that. Harper vs. Crews should be a midcard feud on SmackDown right now and instead Harper is just Wyatt Family muscle and Crews is kind of sort of feuding with Curt Hawkins. It seems like a waste to me, when they're clearly capable of doing so much more. Make sure you give this a watch. It is absolutely worth your time.



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