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WWE Main Event (February 15) Review & Results

Mustafa Ali gets ready to hit his Imploding 450 Splash on Tony Nese

WWE Main Event for February 15, 2017

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T-Mobile Arena – Las Vegas, Nevada

Coming in a week late, it’s Main Event review time! I know that all of you eagerly await this review every week so I’m not going to waste my time on silly intros. Let’s get right into this week, shall we? Tom Philips, Byron Saxton, and R-Truth are on commentary for the evening. R-Truth immediately mistakes Byron for Coach so we’re off to a great start.

Jinder Mahal def. Sin Cara**1/2

They say on commentary that Jinder apparently wants to change his name to Hard Body Mahal. I agree with this. Let’s file the necessary paperwork. In a rare moment of Main Event continuity, this match is sort of a continuation from last week. Sin Cara is wrestling Rusev’s tag partner after wrestling Rusev the week before. I actually enjoyed this match slightly more than the match with Rusev. It didn’t change the game, but Jinder seemed like a better base overall for Sin Cara’s offense. Jinder plays a real good heel here as well, really milking the control segment on Sin Cara. Sin Cara’s comeback is awesome. Everything is crisp and fast, and he hits a real nice springboard moonsault towards the end of it. Eventually Jinder gets control back and hits a neckbreaker deal to get the win.

They recap Braun Strowman vs. Mark Henry. This was certainly no Strowman and Big Show ENCOUNTER but I’m a week late. I’m sorry. This actually worked really well for me. Mark Henry was presented a credible gatekeeper and although the match was short, it served its purpose. I said on Sports Entertainment Shrinks this week that Strowman is the first time in a long time they’ve gotten everything right. He’s inserted into the scene exactly as he should be and he’s been protected enough that he’s improved at a great rate. I used to hate Strowman and now I’m all in on him. Reigns vs. Strowman at Fastlane should be a hoot and a half.

The next recap is the Festival of Friendship. The internet and social media have shared all of their thoughts on this segment, and it was super well done. I personally don’t see it as a modern day Barber Shop Window, but it worked. Owens is a HEEL now. Nobody wants to cheer him, and that’s exactly what they needed. Now everyone can get behind goofy list-writing Jericho as the face in this feud. Plus, who doesn’t love Gillberg?!

Cedric Alexander & Mustafa Ali def. Tony Nese & Drew Gulak**3/4

THIS IS WHAT WE CAME FOR, FOLKS! The crowd is dead as a doornail for the entrances, but I’m as hyped as can be. I’ll even deal with watching Tony Nese because this Cedric and Ali team is a thing of beauty on paper. R-Truth predicts that the faces win this because Cedric is from Charlotte. Sound logic. This is actually worked at a slower pace than I was expecting but I still enjoy it. Cedric and Ali both have such a natural charisma about them. They’re magnetic and you immediately want to watch whatever it is that they’re going to do. Nese and Gulak are two of the most effective heels on the Cruiserweight roster. They work this as a straight up formula tag, with Gulak playing face in peril and Ali being the hot tag to save the day. He gets a little caught up on his comeback but it’s still great stuff. Ali is able to hit the Imploding 450 on Nese to get the win.

The last recap is Bayley winning the Women’s Championship from Charlotte. This match is great, but it’s a shame that she’s probably just going to lose the strap back to Charlotte at Fastlane. That paired with the angle from this past Monday being so terrible has me pretty unexcited about the women’s scene. SmackDown gets it, but Raw, at least for me, is floundering on that front.

  • Sub Par - 4.5/10


Overall, the show this week was nothing to write home about. Both matches were just average WWE style affairs. If you're a super big Sin Cara fan, I suppose you should give it a look. Otherwise, you're not missing much by missing this.



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