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WWE Main Event Episode 186 Review (4/19/16)

Welcome to this week’s WWE Main Event review. I’ll be taking over the duties of Main Event now, so this should be fun. Now that I’m reviewing Main Event and Superstars, I get to see even more C-show action. Plus, we’re kicking things off with WWE’s hottest new star, Apollo Crews! Let’s get into it.

Apollo Crews vs. Curtis Axel

Apparently this match came upon us due to Twitter beef between the two. We saw on Raw when Apollo defeated Slater, that was supposed to be his last match with any member of the Social Outcasts. Well, I guess not. But, I don’t mind because this was a good opener. Curtis Axel was showing a nasty side of himself that I love to see guys bring out, and it was working. Crews had the upper hand in the beginning of the match, but after Axel knocked Crews off the top rope with a big boot to the face, Axel turned things his way. Jerry was calling Crews a “Dumb Rookie” the whole time, playing off of Axel who kept yelling at him and calling him a rookie. Axel was playing a perfect heel here (no pun intended), which was so good to see. I was so surprised that Curtis Axel was dominating this match as much as he was, but once Crews turned the match back in his favor, Axel couldn’t stop him. Curtis Axel kicked out of two big moves, but after Apollo Crews delighted the crowd, he finished off Axel with his spin out powerbomb and won the match. Fun little opener, Crews was so over.

Alicia Fox vs. Summer Rae

I love being nice, but damn this match sucked. I tried to think of something good to say but I couldn’t. This was way longer than it should’ve went and quite boring. Summer Rae picked up the win. Nothing to this at all.

RAW highlights showing AJ Styles and Roman Reigns interactions on the show aired.

Big Show & Kane vs. Erick Rowan & Braun Strowman

This was a nice hoss tag team match to finish off the show. I’ve seen these four tear it up at a house show, and this was no different. Strowman and Rowan looked strong against Show & Kane here which is great to see. Strowman took Big Show down with one shot, but Kane couldn’t take Strowman down with three clotheslines, which was weird, but okay then. Strowman and Kane though did beat the shit out of each other which was fun to see. After being beaten down by the Wyatt’s, Kane finally got away and the crowd exploded for a Big Show hot tag. All four men ended up in the ring, which ended up with Big Show back dropping Rowan, then Rowan was double chokeslammed to finish the match. Kane and Big Show picked up the win in a solid main event.

Solid show for my first Main Event review. I’ll be honest, it wasn’t the best show, but it was just enough to keep me entertained. Hopefully next week it’s better, and I’m looking forward to writing these weekly. Thanks for reading.


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