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WWE Main Event Episode 185 Review (4/12/16)

I started reviewing Main Event last week, and it was a pretty solid episode! A short blast of people you don’t see have matches that long, and it was very cool to see matches like Emma vs. Paige and the New Day vs. The Ascension. So let’s get into it!

Kalisto vs. Heath Slater***1/4

Slater has all his normal compadres with him, and they roast Kalisto, saying they don’t like Luchadores and he is a Sugar Face, whatever that is. It was pretty cool to see Slater get a good amount of moves in, and he also did a Bo Train so that is sweet, but Kalisto kicked him. Kalisto was just flying around the ring. After the commercial break, we see Kalisto getting out of some corner punches and tried to hit a dive on the outside. But he gets distracted by the Social Outcasts and then gets smacked in the back of the head. Kalisto mounts a comeback, corkscrew and short spike rana. He goes for the SDS but Slater pops down a spinebuster. He hits a SDS while jumping off of Axel and gets the win. The longest I have seen a Slater match go in a while, not complaining at all, a VERY solid contest. Best part of Main Event is seeing people like Slater shine. After the match, they show them bickering, and then Bo decides to stop them and lay out an open challenge. Crews answers!

Apollo Crews vs. Bo Dallas*1/4

Crews’ Main Event debut, I was pretty hyped! He hits a dropkick to get the action started. Bo mounts some offense, and the Social Outcasts try to interfere, but they got ejected, and their reactions were amazing. It was not much longer until Crews was in Crews Control and hit his finisher, that toss powerbomb he uses, to get the win! A good showing for Crews, short bout but still fun! For a squash, very good.

After that we see a RAW Recap, showing off the Styles/Sami bout, and the Wyatt/Reigns and LON face off. I already watched this stuff but it is a cool touch, that may have gone on a bit too long.

Kevin Owens vs. Dolph Ziggler***1/4

I finally get to review a match of my favorite in the WWE while on the main roster! KO is easily my favorite wrestlers on the roster and in general, besides Corbin, King of the Banter. Ziggler on the other hand, much like Dean Ambrose, is one of my least favorite’s, but these two always have solid matches. The match starts off with a headlock from the master! Owens rolls out to tell Rich to shut up, but Dolph capitalizes and attacks him but he gets thrown into a barricade before a commercial. When we come back, we hear that during the “break”, Owens hit a senton. Owens hits the off the ropes chin lock that makes me pop every time. The banter while in the head lock is amazing. The action picks up and is very entertaining, it got so damn good. Owens gets a 2 count on a big boy splash!  Ziggler avoids a Pop Up Powerbomb and then hits a super kick for a near fall. Owens finally puts Ziggler away with a nasty looking Pop Up Powerbomb. After the match KO steals Rich’s phone and Jerry Lawler starts to freak out with amazing laughter. What a way to send us off.

A very good episode of Main Event, I had so much enjoyment in watching that. Slater looked like a star, and KO and Crews looked amazing. For all your WWE and Main Event reviews, you are already in the right place, Wrestling With Words, thank you for reading!


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