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WWE Main Event Episode 184 Review (4/5/16)

One of the many plus sides of having a Hulu account, is having access to Main Event! Welcome to the start of my weekly Main Event reviews! Awesomely enough, New Day come out and deliver a great promo as per usual. Kofi does a hilarious impersonation of Dr. Evil.

The New Day vs. The Ascension***

A lot of goofing around from Big E, slapping his booty then trying to slap Viktor’s. He gets out of that attempt but he can’t escape it any longer and gets some booty slaps. There was even a Unicorn Stampede! Big E throws Kofi over his head as he dives to the out side. *Commercials* We come back and the New Day are still in charge. Finally Ascension get some offence in, a lot on Kofi while he was on the apron. Big E gets in and hits some bootylicious offense. After some interference, The New Day win after hitting a Midnight Hour. A very good TV Bout!

Paige cuts a promo on her opponent tonight Emma, saying they were the first women ever on the network but she let time pass her by while she did great things. Brothers it’s a damn shoot.

Baron Corbin vs. Fandango*

One of my favorite things regarding WrestleMania was Big Banter winning the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal. It was a sweet surprise. He is now permanently on the main roster and that is an awesome thing. A pretty loud NXT chant happened during this match. Fandango got some moves in early on, but Corbin got way more in after that, and he hits the End of Days for a quick victory.

After the match there is a recap on all the Roman Reigns happenings from the last week, including WrestleMania and RAW.

Paige vs. Emma***1/2

Battle of the one word names, these two have had a couple of good matches in NXT. Besides very loud spot calling from Paige, this was a pretty good TV match! Emma was so damn good in this match, when she is the heel, it is great. There was an awkward spot after ducking a clothesline but these are just minor gripes. Paige takes a nasty apron bump. Emma hits the Emmamite Sandwich for a near fall. After a Rampaige, Paige wins the contest.

A very good episode of Main Event, and a great way to get started in this weekly series. For all your WWE and Main Event reviews, you are already in the right place Wrestling With Words. Thanks for reading!


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