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WWE Main Event Episode 180 Review (3/8/16)

I’m back in the saddle with some C show action. I will never be able to explain to people why ‘Main Event’ is an A show like I can with SmackDown, but I’m glad I’m able to review these shows weekly to showcase either hidden gems or colossal skips. Also as an announcement, from now on, starting this weekend our very own Brady will be reviewing Superstars so I don’t have to do everything around here WWE related sans RAW. I’m excited to kick things off with Episode 180, featuring a match that’s already gotten buzz from those that have watched the show in Zack Ryder vs. Tyler Breeze. Let’s get into the show.

Side note: I find it cool how there’s continuity bridging the gap between SmackDown and Main Event for me. I will be able to watch both, most likely on the same night, knowing they were taped in the same arena in reverse sequential order from what I watch them in.

Tyler Breeze vs. Zack Ryder

I’m glad this was the first Main Event match I’ve had the pleasure of reviewing. This was an example of two really polished in-ring talents getting tons of time on a minor show to put in work. Unless if I think higher of the AJ Styles vs. Tyler Breeze house show loop matches, this is Breeze’s best match on the main roster thus far. They tore the C show house down with tons of near falls and unique twists and turns. Never will you see this happen on any main roster television. Ryder managed to stay in control for a lot of the match, taking a slippery slope towards his win because he had to deal with snobby Breeze who’d get out of certain situations to piss him off. The best spot of the match was the fact that it was almost an in-match callback. At the start of the match Ryder hit a dropkick through the ropes, and after went for a dive spot in the same place, but Breeze guided Ryder’s nuts onto the skirt of the apron. Even though he was placed in some holds, Ryder was on the comeback. After a catapult into the ringpost, and a Broski Boot finally hit, Breeze still kicked out! Ryder went for the Rough Ryder, but Breeze catapulted him over his head although Ryder still managed to pick up the win after a top rope elbow. Great work and just a notch below Ryback/Rusev and Slater/Ryder for a C show Match of the Year contender.

Renee Young is with Paige and Natalya. Tonight they’re teaming up to take on Tamina and Naomi. They’ve had a very rocky relationship but Paige has always had respect for Natalya. For one night only there’s no shame in the game to have a cat lady as her partner. Natalya calls Paige the Miley Cyrus of the divas division, explaining that we all need to tune into Total Divas to see that side of her. Natalya says it’s time to make a statement as we’re on the Road to WrestleMania but Naomi and Tamina interrupt. Naomi agrees with the statement point, but for “Naomina” and their WrestleMania moment. If they have to step over those two to get there, then so be it. Paige asks them to back their claims up in the ring tonight. Solid segment to build up the main event tonight.

“Bo Dallas, you’re our last hope brother.” -From the Social Outcasts, sincerely

Social Outcasts are out and have live mics. Ryback has beaten Heath Slater, Adam Rose, and Curtis Axel these past few weeks. Axel explains they’re going to take Ryback down “YEET?” They explain it as him saying “he?” What is going on? Bo puts over everyone’s catchphrases, and explains he loves being a Social Outcasts, yet he’s taking on Ryback alone. He’s about to go off on a tangent on the Big Guy, but out he comes hungry as ever.

Bo Dallas (w/Social Outcasts) vs. Ryback

I remain consistent to provide the opinion that Bo Dallas has the best ring gear in WWE. Especially now that he has OUTCAST splattered across his singlet. This was a unique squash match! This is now my favorite short match in WWE this year. It had its identity and stuck to it, plus Ryback gave some of the craziest flare on his big guy offense ever and took his time to sell for Bo. Right away it looked like a squash match but Bo Dallas got on the comeback, delivering neckbreakers and the like to Ryback. Even then, that wouldn’t be topped by a great showing on the outside as the numbers game finally paid off (only for a short bit) for the stable. Bo managed to not only throw Ryback into the steel steps, but also give him a lariat on the mat! Unfortunately though, Bo’s tenure came to an end with a CM Punk running knee strike and a ridiculous 15 seconds of ground-based UFC stoppage punches from Ryback; plus a Shell Shock to seal the deal. So much fun. Did I mention I love C shows?

Paige & Natalya vs. Naomi & Tamina

Paige and Natalya rubbed their noses together to put over the CRAZY element of their team. Solid featured match this week. Nothing more, nothing less, just a good little divas showcase. Paige was the workhorse of the match whilst Natalya played the role of hot tag after spending a tiny bit in the match in the early stages. Really good finishing sequence that saw Paige sell a headbutt, get cut short on a hot tag, only to be tortured more by Naomi, and grabbed by the hair at the last second at another hot tag attempt. However, Paige used a headbutt of her own on Naomi and managed to tag Natalya in! Slingshot atomic drop, facebreaker dropkick, bodyslam, but the Sharpshooter was stopped and Tamina took out a potential save in Paige. Discus clothesline to Tamina and Natalya backed into the Rear View as self-proclaimed “Naomina” pick up the win. Solid work with a really great finishing stretch that made a lot of sense. Paige continues to get back on the radar as a consistent worker in the division and Naomi proves she’s a hidden gem heel especially when given time to do her thing.

Main Event was a fun way to fill up an hour this week. It was arguably the best WWE main roster product this week around, and provided 3 types of variety: a workhorse match, a fun squash match, and a neat classic tag match. Ain’t nothing wrong with that, as I almost am able to call this the A show since it delivered and gave solid-really good match quality.

Ain’t nuthin’ but a C thang.

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