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WWE Live Road to WrestleMania: White Plains, NY Review (3/19/16)

My friend got me these tickets for my birthday, and I was so excited, any chance to see live wrestling is great! Especially not having to take a train into the city! I was on the risers, one step from the ground, which meant I had a great view of the ring. Check out Brady’s review of Hershey, PA’s show just a few days before this show!

Ryback vs. Erick Rowan

Oddly good. Rowan was the star of this one, even though Ryback was the face. Rowan was great at playing to the crowd as a heel and Ryback got the crowd behind him, even though he’s been playing a heel on TV, the crowd popped so hard for him. Lots of big man offense from both, and an awesome crossbody from Rowan. Ryback won with a Shellshock.

Goldust vs. Bo Dallas

Fun one for the crowd. Lots of pandering. Curtis Axel was with Bo, and they cut a promo on how this city sucks, I always love those promos. Axel interfered quite a bit. Goldust won with a sunset flip, which made Axel and Bo mad, so they attacked Goldust. R-Truth makes the save to a massive pop. They then dance around for a bit, inviting a few kids to the ring too. Nothing great, but it was a lot of fun, which is good, and all that should matter, it made the crowd happy!

(United States Championship) Kalisto (c) vs. Dolph Ziggler vs. Rusev

What a match. Rusev shined in this, hitting multiple brutal kicks. Lana was with him, maximizing his heel heat, with USA chants booming throughout the County Center. A pretty fun spot in this with a bunch of super kicks. Kalisto gets the pin off of Rusev after a Salida Del Sol. Man, I wished this match made tape, a lot of fun.

Sin Cara vs. Diego

Diego is alive? That was a surprise to me. He played the heel in this, attacking Sin Cara from the jump, spending at least 5 minutes with a brutal beat down of him. Then Sin Cara made a flippy come back, with springboards and dives to the outside. Sin Cara wins after a Swanton. Nothing terrible, but obviously filler.

Becky Lynch vs. Naomi

A pretty boring match, which was gonna end quickly but Tamina ran in and stopped Naomi from tapping out. Naomi got DQ’d, and they beat down Becky. That led to the next match as Sasha Banks came out for the save, which was another huge pop.

Becky Lynch & Sasha Banks vs. Naomi & Tamina

A back and forth contest, but was probably my second least favorite on this show, my first was the last one. Sasha and Becky locked in dual submissions for the win. Another thing of note in this match was I felt pretty bad for Tamina. I know she is not the best, but some people in the crowd were just rude, including people saying her father was better than her, and he is innocent. Also plenty of “Tamina is a man” stuff, but she handled it like a pro and even bit back, which I loved!

Big Show & Kane vs. Braun Strowman & Bray Wyatt

Gosh, this was a lot of fun. The reports of Wyatt having a back injury seem to be untrue, as he was for most of the match, taking a lot of back bumps. I thought this match would bore me, but man, they knew how to play to the crowd and send us home happy! Big Show got the win for his team after hitting a KO punch. After the match, Big Show’s music would not play, and he was having fun with that. All these men look like monsters in person, and when they hit each other, it looked like planets colliding.

Overall, I had A LOT of fun at this show. House shows are always so much fun, as the wrestlers seem to have fun too, which creates a lighter atmosphere.


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