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WWE 205 Live (February 21) Review & Results

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Welcome back to another 205 Live review. Tonight is looking pretty solid after the fallout from the Cruiserweight Championship contract signing from Raw. We know that Gallagher will be taking on Tony Nese, and I’m sure Neville will make his presence known. Also, the fallout from Brian Kendrick attacking Tozawa should be interesting. Let’s get into it.

Brian Kendrick def. Akira Tozawa

Speak of the devil, we get a match between the two to kick off the show. Tozawa was on fire immediately and was dominating Kendrick. Kendrick though is so smart and while he was on the outside, Tozawa tried to pull him in but his head was bashed off the ring post. Kendrick was using the ring as an advantage every chance he got, including scraping Tozawa’s head across the LED apron. Kendrick was viciously on a warpath, but Tozawa got out of the captains hook and mounted a big comeback. After a nasty forearm shot, knocking Kendrick out of the ring; Tozawa hit a suicide dive strictly just using his head. Devastating. Kendrick again though used the ring as his advantage and crawled under it, but when Tozawa tried to pull him out, he ran his head into the apron again. Kendrick then pulled Tozawa half-way under the ring and wrapped his foot around the ties that keep the mat down. Due to this, Akira Tozawa was unable to get his foot un-tangled and was counted out. Kendrick got the win in smart fashion.

Brian Kendrick was immediately interviewed backstage. He was asked if things with Tozawa were over, but he says they’re not over just yet.

Noam Dar was interviewed about Rich Swann dedicating his match to Alicia last week, but the interviewer called Swann, “Cedric Alexander”. Wow. Noam said it isn’t a big deal because Alicia is still his and tonight HE will dedicate his match to Alicia Foooooooxxx.

Noam Dar def. Mustafa Ali

I’ve been saying that Noam Dar is the most improved since all of the Cruiserweight stuff has started. He really shined again here and was bringing a good fight against Ali. Yet, Mustafa is still one of the most exciting guys in this division. Both men battled back and forth with the upper-hand changing throughout the match. Dar though, started to fire up after pulling a fast reversal on Ali. The beautifully executed running kick came shortly after and Noam Dar picked up a victory. His first victory since being with Alicia, and I’d like to point out that Alicia Foooooxx was not there due to being sick. Interesting. Bad luck charm? I think so.

We get a video package for a new superstar arriving in the Cruiserweight division; it’s none other than the 205 Live commentator, Austin Aries. He will be competing in the ring soon.

Jack Gallagher def. Tony Nese

What a main event these two put on. A guy with the strength of Tony Nese is nearly unmatched in this division, but Jack Gallagher showed off his freaky odd strength to keep up with the powerhouse of 205 Live. Nese was bringing the power, and Jack brought it right back, for example; Nese was locked in the tree-of-woe and suplexed Jack off the top. But, Nese was trying to get his leg un-caught and Jack got up and suplexed Nese off the top rope in a giant way. A competitive battle right to the end is what this match was. Just up until Jack Gallagher pulled off a headbutt and his signature corner dropkick, which is enough to take out any man. And three seconds later, Gallagher was your winner. Very good match to cap off a very good show. Surprisingly, Neville didn’t appear and the show ended there.

WWE 205 LIVE - FEBRUARY 22, 2017
  • Great - 8/10


This was such a great show for wrestling. Brian Kendrick and Tozawa kicked off the show in such awesome fashion. Though a short match, it was so good and Kendrick pulled out such smart wrestling moves and really outsmarted Tozawa. Also, we continue to see Tozawa become one of the most beloved guys on the roster. Noam Dar & Ali went head-to-head in a very entertaining match that really showed that both men can be top stars in WWE. The main event as well showed off both competitors skills and showed why Gallagher deserves to be the #1 Contender. I could keep rambling, but all I can really say is you should definitely check this out if you can. Amazing 1 hour show.



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