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WWE 205 Live Review & Results (12/6/16): Flying Kendrick

Rich Swann urges his way out of the Captain's Hook in his title defense against Brian Kendrick. / Photo credit: WWE

WWE 205 Live for 12/6/16

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Houston Toyota Center – Houston, Texas

After successfully capturing the Cruiserweight Championship in last week’s main event, Rich Swann defends his title against the former champion, Brian Kendrick. Also scheduled for tonight is another rematch from last week, as Ariya Daivari goes one-on-one with Jack Gallagher. Let’s dive right in.

We get a video package for Rich Swann, highlighted by his emotional Cruiserweight Championship victory over Brian Kendrick in last week’s main event.

Noam Dar def. Cedric Alexander

Alexander was his usual impressive self, hitting a number of flashy moves in-between Dar’s control segments. Dar viciously targets Alexander’s arms throughout the match, repeatedly driving them into the mat and taking advantage of any situation he can. Alexander fought valiantly, but he ended up coming up short in a good opener. Dar has a few timing issues that often make him look out of place. For example, when Dar threw Alexander into the ring post in the lead-up to the finish, it seemed like Alexander had to take an extra step to get there. We get a post-match interview with Dar, who says he “Just signed a big-money contract with WWE.” In closing, Dar dedicates his victory to Alexander’s plus-one, Alicia Fox. I didn’t care much for Dar’s promo. The problem isn’t that his dialogue came across as childish, but he cut this promo moments after a match in which he was portrayed as being relentless. Those two traits don’t mesh well.


A Mustafa Ali video package aired.

Backstage, the Cruiserweight champion, Rich Swann, is shown with another former titleholder in TJ Perkins. Perkins wishes Swann good luck, and hints that he’d like a title match down the road.

Ariya Daivari def. Jack Gallagher

Daivari continues his assault on Gallagher’s left leg, which he injured this past Monday on RAW. Gallagher continues to wow the crowd with his unorthodox escapes from holds, and there were a few callbacks to their match from last week. So far, Daivari has been used to make other competitors look good, but he did a nice job of aggressively targeting the knee and coming across as Gallagher’s equal here. While this was a bit too short to get going, it was enjoyable while it lasted.


A video package for Lince Dorado aired.

Cruiserweight Championship Match: Rich Swann (c) def. Brian Kendrick

Tom Phillips hosts a pre-match interview with Kendrick, during which Kendrick says he’s focused on regaining the Cruiserweight Championship. Much like last week, Swann got a chance to show off his agility, but we saw a different side of Kendrick, as he held his own against the high-flyer, giving him some depth as a performer. Swann also showed off his own wily veteran instincts, countering a Sliced Bread off the apron by pushing Kendrick into the ring post. This was a hard-hitting, brutal encounter that never quite reached the level of their first match, likely because the crowd only reacted to the big spots. It looked like they were setting up a future triple threat between Swann, Kendrick, and TJ Perkins, who was on commentary for this match. A brawl broke out between Kendrick and Perkins after the match, and Swann attempted to break things up.


WWE 205 LIVE FOR 12/6/16
  • Decent - 6/10


Although this week's show was a step down in terms of match quality, it furthered storylines in the cruiserweight division and began to set up matches for the future. If you're pressed for time, be sure to check out the Cruiserweight title match between Swann and Kendrick.



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