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WWA4 Supershow 3 Review

WWA4 is an interesting place. The hotbed Atlanta wrestling school/promotion has this awesome FREE supershow to kick off 2016. The show is headlined by Moose facing off against AR Fox, but several of the matches on this card look very interesting, especially after having a small dose of WWA4 from the FIP Fallout shows and watching some of the school’s matches on their Youtube. Odinson and Stitch Osiris looks to be a great match of a big man with a ton of power vs. a smaller, crazy agile Osiris. Black Baron and Fred Yehi is certainly promising as both are very good in-ring workers. There’s even more that looks really fun on this card, but I’ll save it for the review.

Purple Haze vs. Tony Midas:N/R

Joined this one in progress as the stream started 8 mins into it. From what I saw, Haze can really move around, Midas controlled for awhile until Haze used his agility to break it open. Haze almost hada win with a top rope leg drop, but Prince Charming came to ringside and interfered with the count. This allowed Midas to hit a nasty DDT but only for a near fall! Tons of close calls in the last 30 seconds, as this had a 10 minute time limit, but Midas finally hit a cutter out of nowhere with 8 seconds left to win! Really fun from what I did get to see.

Canyon Cameron vs. Kameron Kade: ***1/4

Kade jumps the jeans clad, shovel brandishing Cameron before he even gets into the ring! Cameron then proceeds with the farmer strong style and hits some serious arm drags and takes it to Kade. Kade eventually hit a corner suplex to the farmer and took control again with time winding down. This is crazy fundamentally sound for a match taking place in a wrestling school. Canyon Cameron coming out of nowhere with his crazy frmer style in his jeans is something else, going for the huge upset over more established Kade. 30 seconds left and Canyon has him on the ropes, and plants Kade with the underhook DDT to win! Wow, what a ball of fire this guy was. Kade did fine as well, just a heck of a sub 10 minute match. Must see more of farmer style and Cameron Canyon.

Dark Mon vs. Shadow X: ***

The neighbors in Parts Unknown go head to head…and there’s TWO Shadow Xs!? Uh oh, some crazy mind games…wait a THIRD ONE. The real one reveals himself, but the other two disappear. Dark Marge is HUGE. Shadow X meanwhile is a runt. Big/small dynamics are my thing. Shadow X using his speed to confuse Dark Mon and gain the advantage was fantastic, but Shadow X made a huge mistake sending Dark to the outside, as he dove out to hit him again, and was caught into a death valley driver on the outside! Jesus! That was an awful bump. Shadow just wouldn’t give up though. Dark’s intensity was off the charts, he was SO mad when X tried a sunset flip when Dark Mon went to lift him by the neck into some sort of throw, and turned X inside out with a lariat. The emotions he exhibited in the process were awesome. X moved out of the way of a second rope senton from the big scary monster to gain an opening. Within the last minute, X threw everything he had left at Dark Mon, missile dropkicks, hurricanranas, anything. But Dark Mon finally caught on, put X in the torture rack position and pulled off a back breaker that looked incredibly violent to finish him off. Dark wasn’t done after the match, and planted X with a chokeslam…and then shook his hand? Well that’s different, a sign of respect for taking the beating I guess. Just a well executed big/small match.

Prince Apollo vs. Shynron: **1/2

Oh boy, Shynron is one of my favorite dudes. He’s a hell of a flyer and has done some things I haven’t seen many others doing these days. Apollo seems like a very cocky heel to play off of. Both guys played off the music playing difficulties at the school very well. These guys just went insane already int he opening sequence. Flips, incredible counters, athleticism off the charts. Shynron was putting on an absolute show, but this one kinda fell off the rails after a hot start. Apollo and him started having some clear chemistry/flow issues and Apollo never really shone too bright in this one. Midas interfered with the ref to try and help Apollo, but it ended up helping Shynron as he just hit a very meh splash (he can do MUCH more from the top) and it was over. Too bad how much it cooled off from those first couple of minutes.

Odinson vs. Stitch Osiris: ***1/2

What a way to come back from intermission. Two of WWA4’s finest students, head to head. They teamed together at FIP Fallout, but being on opposing sides should be great. Osiris is another flyer (Hell, he hails from Swanton City for crying out loud) while Odinson is an absolute tank. Always a good formula. Odinson wasted no time and jumped Stitch and legit gorilla press slammed him on the apron. My god. This is just nuts. Stitch came back with a ton of speedy offense and culminated it with a stiff diving forearm to the outside. He went to the well once too many as he tried that again, and Odinson legit caught him in a suplex and dumped him on the floor, followed by a euro uppercut sending Osiris into the post and Odinson just took it to Stitch for a long while. He even chokeplexed Osiris into the corner near where Stitch’s family was sitting. Osiris began to mount a comeback after an Odinson second rope euro uppercut fell way too short and Osiris caught him in a neckbreaker. Very sloppy though. The closing stretch was awesome in the final minute. Stitch went for a sliced bread, Odinson caught him in a fireman’s carry ready to hit the F-10, Osiris countered that and hit some kicks and then Odinson nailed him with a football tackle that made Stitch fly out of the ring. Odinson was knocked off the top rope after spraying something in his mouth to give him power or something, and then Stitch hit a Sliced Bread OFF THE APRON TO THE FLOOR. Odinson’s head legit bounced off the floor. Horrifying looking unsafe stuff. Stitch then flung himself over the top rope to hit a flipping senton, and beat the count out before Odinson to win. Middle part of the match had its awkward moments, but the beginning and end more than made up for it. Odinson crushed Stitch post match and nailed him with a MADE IN JAPAN. Eat your heart out Shingo!

Also, a hilarious note I have to add is their “10 min time limits” are quite “flexible” and often not 10 minutes. It’s pretty great/funny.

Black Baron vs. Fred Yehi: ***1/4

Yehi and Baron are both really great. Yehi is a complete mad man but I love him. Baron is a suplex machine and a very good technician. Two guys with great wrestling ability and amateur background going hold for hold to start. I thought the first portion of the match was a tad lacking emotion, but technicaly sound nonetheless. Both dudes are suplex machines and traded a ton of suplexes. This really got going around the 8 minute mark, where the guys had to urgently try to finish the other off, Yehi coming off particularly strong with his firey offense and high energy. Baron nailed Yehi with a powerbomb with time winding down, but a kick out was had and Baron tried locking in the Stretch Muffler as time expired and this one was a draw! A fine match, both guys were smooth as heck but the emotion/drama really wasn’t there until the final few minutes.

DeATLien and Owen Knight vs. Kiera Hogan and Angel Blackwell: ***3/4

Gotta love the OutKast tribute name for ATLien. Kiera and Angel are the first and only female competitors we see tonight. Angel’s amateur background is amazing and she was taking these dudes to school. Both these ladies are awesome and just were all over these dudes with various great pure wrestling moves and holds, a sight to see. These two guys came in way too overconfident and they were getting taken advantage of. Even their double team moves were great, one move including a drop toe hold of ATLien into Owen’s crotch. Finally, Knight popped Hogan with a dropkick to finally swing some momentum their way. Knight is a true in-ring piece of garbage, spitting at Angel on the apron as he gained the advantage. Kiera’s comeback was great, taking both guys out with a hurricanrana and an arm drag to the outside, but her dive was caught by both guys. Angel then launched herself on top of all three, total madness and break down! Blackwell and Hogan almost had this one when they locked dual submissions on the boys, but Hogan turned on Blackwell out of nowhere, leaving her to get absolutely mauled by ATLien’s codebreaker, and Knight dropping her on the back of her head. What a turn of events. Hogan is the GM of WWA4 so there has to be some reasoning for this swerve. Awesome fun paced tag match!

WWA4 Heavyweight Championship: Blackheart (c) vs. Ashton Star:*1/2

Champion Blackheart is a true 70s punk throwback for sure, mohawk, denim jacket and all, while Ashton Star is the exact opposite in a fur scarf wearing, more flamboyant type. Love this clash of personalities. This just dragged though. Not much emotion whatsoever. Mohawk geek cheated to get the upper hand a few times and slowed it down to a snail’s pace. Ashton made his big comeback, took a huge Rock Bottom on the apron to get cut off though. Blackheart tried finishing him off back in the ring, but Blackheart countered and hit a really terrible looking Overdrive to win the title. Ashton was the clear standout in this very dull match.

AR Fox vs. Moose:***1/2

Oh boy, our main event features two of the school’s current big indie stars. Fox is bound to do something life threatening in this match I’m sure as per usual, and Moose will probably commit said life threatening act. Moose threw Fox around onto the apron several times, Fox was flying over the corner, Moose caught Fox on a dive, only for Fox to hurricanrana him into the post. Just the craziness and stiff bumps you expect from these guys. You even had Fox reversing a spear into a Code Red, albeit a slightly sloppy one. A true “I’ll top you next” type of match. Moose just went to town with a corner bomb and two powerbombs after Fox couldn’t get Moose with Lo Mein Pain as Moose held his weight on the top rope. Fox takes so much punishment, it’s a wonder he hasn’t had to retire yet. Fox ended up coming back with a rolling fireman’s carry, and hit the 450 splash, but ATLien came in and interfered! Everyone started flowing in and we’re getting a ten man tag, declared by Kiera Hogan!

Stitch Osiris, Owen Knight, DeATLien, Odinson & Prince Apollo vs. AR Fox, Shynron, Darkmon, Moose & Black Baron: N/R

Just know most of the guys you saw from earlier in the night were going all out. This was spot fest mania. Odinson, Stitch, Baron, Darkmon, Shynron, everyone was getting stuff in. Stream just gave up a little ways through this, so I can’t really put much judgment on it, just a lot of moves and action happening at one time.

A fun little show from this small ATL wrestling school. The standout matches for me were Kade/Canyon “Farmer Style” Cameron, Odinson/Osiris even with its rough patches was a load fun with the brutality, Moose/Fox and my MOTN was the intergender tag match which left me wanting to see much more of Angel Blackwell and Owen Knight coming off as a very talented heel worker. Definitely check some of this out, Mr. Hughes on commentary for his own school was gold as well. There’s obvious tech issues but hey, they’re just a school running glorified open view training sessions so give them a break on that. There’s obviously a hotbed of talent here waiting to break the big time on the indies, go watch their development.


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